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Devolutions Server Overview Video

A quick overview of Devolutions Server. The Devolutions Server is a self-hosted repository for Remote Desktop Manager and Password Vault Manager. See how you can store and share your remote connection settings, virtual machine connections and any other sensitive data. You can find out more information about the Devolutions Server at: Download here: […]

Remote Desktop Manager Free vs Enterprise

Obviously, RDM Enterprise has more features and functions than RDM Free, which makes sense – one is available for purchase, and one is available for free. However, unlike some companies in the IT solution space whose “free” edition is tediously restrictive and virtually useless, RDM Free is fully functional. We want as many people in […]

The History of Programming

Are you a student of history? If so, then you may know when the Magna Carta was signed, or who fought at the Battle of Waterloo. But how sharp are your mind and memory when it comes to the history of programming? Personally, it’s something that I wanted to learn more about – especially since […]

March Poll: What’s Your Favorite Movie?

And that brings us to the March poll. This month, we’d like you to run through your enormous hard drive of a brain, evaluate all of your beloved movie, and pick the one that you think is the best. We would also like to know which classic you’ve seen far too often. One such classic […]

Devolutions Web Login for Edge

Recently, we took a look at the new Devolutions Web Login, which is a handy browser extension for Remote Desktop Manager and Password Vault Manager. Installing Devolutions Web Login on Firefox, Chrome, Opera and IE is simple and takes a few seconds. However, if you’re using Microsoft Edge, there are a few more steps since […]

February Poll Results: What Are the 3 BEST IT Mobile Apps You Use For Work?

Last month, we asked you to share your personal list of the 3 best IT apps on Google Play and in the App Store. As we had hoped, the response was great. Also as we had hoped, while many of you kindly commented that you would have put RDM on your list, you just as […]

Wayk Now Remote Desktop Support Tool Roadmap 2017

About a month ago, I posted our annual Roadmap, which is an overview of the innovative and exciting developments that we have in store for 2017. As you may recall, I mentioned that Wayk Now would have its very own Roadmap – and here it is! About Wayk Now Wayk Now is our new remote […]

Remote Desktop Manager Startup Checklist for Individual Users Enterprise edition

Last week we shared the Remote Desktop Manager Startup Checklist for Teams. But what if you’re a single user? Don’t despair, we haven’t forgotten about you! Behold: the Remote Desktop Manager Checklist for Individual Users! (Please note that this checklist is also ideal if you’re setting RDM up for small groups of up to 3 […]

Remote Desktop Manager Overview Video

A quick overview of Devolutions Remote Desktop Manager. See how you can easily and securely centralize and consolidate all your remote connections, credentials and passwords. Download here: Free 30-day trial available here: You can find out more information about Remote Desktop Manager at: This video is from the fine folks at Devolutions

Remote Desktop Manager Startup Checklist for Teams

Step 3– Select Your Security Provider It’s important to select your security provider before importing or creating any data in your database so nobody can read your entry configuration data, even when people have direct access to your database. Regardless of the security provider you select, the passwords stored in your database are always encrypted […]

Remote Desktop Manager User Spotlight: Thomas Higgins

“Extensive built-in security that supports easy-to-implement best practices is why I believe RDM is the best solution for organizational use.” Some of you may recognize Thomas as one of the more active community members here on the Devolutions blog. We’re always happy when he can take time from his busy schedule to share his comments, […]

February Poll – What Are the 3 BEST IT Mobile Apps You Use For Work?

As you may recall, last summer we asked you to share your favorite IT Tools. The response was so amazing that it inspired us to create a big list of more than 50 must-have IT tools. Well, this month’s poll is kind of along the same lines. Instead of telling us about the tools you […]

January Poll Results: What’s at the Top of Your 2017 CRAZY List?

I hope that your 2017 is getting off to a great start! As you may remember, last month we asked you to share the CRAZIEST thing you hope to do or achieve this year. Now, since the definition of “crazy” means different things to different people, we weren’t quite sure what to expect. All we […]

Why is a database upgrade sometimes required when using Remote Desktop Manager?

The reason for the upgrade is to ensure that new RDM features, such as a new tab or new connection logs, are properly added to your database. Moreover, if the new version of Remote Desktop Manager modifies your database, then an upgrade is required. But when your advanced data sources aren’t affected, there’s no need […]

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