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Citrix: Application Related Session Failure Reporting in Citrix Director 7.15

Citrix Systems
Reporting session failures specific to an application launch or a running application is made easy with Citrix Director 7.15. A XenApp and XenDesktop administrator uses Director to monitor failures but finds it difficult to determine why a session failed, it could be due to issues in the XenApp and XenDesktop stack or with the application. […]

VMware: Dive Into New VMware Workstation 14 & VMware Fusion Updates

Andy Morris is a group product line marketing manager for VMware EUC, managing the personal desktop and applications portfolios. Prior to VMware, Andy was VP of product management at Abaca, and worked for AppSense, LogLogic and IBM. Andy holds a computer science degree from DeMontford University. We’ve announced some pretty big updates to our flagship […]

Microsoft: Significant Improvement Using FSLogix

In a recent article on, Dealing with Outlook search in non-persistent environments (under the Office 365 in RDS and VDI deployments topic), the results of the RDS Gurus report comparing FSLogix Office 365 Container and native User Profile Disk roaming solution is examined. THE ISSUE A common issue customers face with their non-persistent (pooled) Remote Desktop Services environments is handling […]

IGEL to Showcase Powerful Endpoint Management Solutions at VMworld 2017 US

IGEL Technology
IGEL’s software-defined thin and zero clients are intuitive, secure and scalable, purpose-built for VDI, and compatible with VMware® Horizon 7 IGEL, a world leader in endpoint management software for the secure enterprise, announced today that it is featuring its powerful unified endpoint management software, IGEL OS™-powered thin clients, zero clients and all-in-one thin clients solutions […]

Citrix Cloud Connector & XenDesktop VDI ARM Templates

Citrix Systems
I am pleased to announce the availability of the Citrix Cloud Connector ARM and Citrix XenDesktop VDI ARM templates. In a previous blog post, I talked about using the Azure ARM Template to orchestrate your entire Citrix Resource Location. After the post was published, there were quite a few requests for a way to provision just Citrix Cloud Connector or XenDesktop […]

Citrix & Samsung w/ DeX – Unpack A New Way To Work

Citrix Systems
It’s been a few months since I visited the Samsung offices in New York to help unveil the new Samsung S8 mobile phone along with their DeX station. Now, that event was for analysts and, as you can probably guess, the reaction was very positive and filled with lots of “oohhs” and even a few […]

Bi-modal IT – Facilitating Your Journey – Part 2

In our previous article, we discussed the deployment types within IT which tend to fall under two modes, known as Bimodal IT (read part one at bi-modal-it-facilitating-your-journey.html in this post we will discuss how these can be adopted from the perspective of the end user and how we can facilitate the transition from Mode 1 […]

Top 20 VMware Horizon View articles for July 2017

Provisioning or recomposing a linked clone desktop pool fails Removing invalid linked clone entries automatically using the ViewDBChk tool in VMware Horizon View 5.3 and later versions Removing a standard (replica) connection server or a security server from a cluster of connection/security servers Confirming that the userinit string is configured properly Cleaning up after an […]

FSLogix Secures $1 Million Credit Facility From Silicon Valley Bank

FSLogix, a leading innovator in engineering the enterprise class virtual workspace, today announced that it has successfully closed a $1 million debt facility from Silicon Valley Bank, the bank of the world’s most innovative companies and their investors. The credit facility is a working capital line of credit for up to $1 million that will […]

Citrix NetScaler SD-WAN: A Successful Citrix Internal Deployment

Citrix Systems
Is Citrix using its own products the way that our customers are? Of course! Are we using NetScaler SD-WAN to build an enterprise WAN with only Internet links? Yes, we are! Did Citrix IT have reservations deploying newer technologies like SD-WAN? Yes, but apprehensions were addressed by positive results. Citrix deployed NetScaler SD-WAN as a […]

New from Citrix – Citrix Profile Management 7.15 LTSR

Citrix Systems
Citrix Profile Management keeps optimizing the way you manage your Windows user profile. Stability is a key priority for many enterprise customers, and we have received many requests to make Citrix Profile Management a Long Term Service Release component. In response to that need, Citrix Profile Management has evolved from a compatible component to a […]

FSLogix: Solutions for the Digital Workspace, Office365, Citrix & VDI – Podcast Episode 287

In episode 287, Douglas Brown interviews Jim Moyle, Technical Evangelist at FSLogix. Jim and Douglas discuss what’s new at FSLogix around their Office 365, App Masking, and Java offerings. Jim also shares with us why he joined FSlogix along with his views of the state of the EUC world, DaaS, Citrix, and much more. About […]

Citrix: Don’t Leave XenServer in the Box – Get Trained Today!

Citrix Systems
Citrix XenApp/XenDesktop licensing includes XenServer Enterprise edition, which is provided as an entitlement at no cost. But the #1 hypervisor for XenApp and XenDesktop can’t benefit your environment unless you implement it. That’s where the newest Citrix Education course comes in. CXS-301: Citrix XenServer 7.1 LTSR Administration is available starting August 28. This five-day course: […]

Citrix: Available Now: Linux VDA 7.15 LTSR!

Citrix Systems
Since Citrix released the first version of Linux Virtual App and Desktop support in 2015, our Linux VDA has evolved dramatically to enable more and more use cases and support various Linux platforms and versions. Therefore, the number of new customers and customers who have expanded their Citrix deployment using our Linux VDA is increasing […]

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