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How to Build Smaller and Faster Virtual Appliance

While building a new server product of its own kind, we chose virtual appliance as the package. During the development phase, we configured thin disk to save space. But for our beta customers to try out, we decided to switch to thick disk for better performance as the product has to do lots of processing […]

VMware vShield drivers renamed in Guest Introspection drivers

The vShield Endpoint drivers are renamed as Guest Introspection Drivers. In VMware Tools there are two drivers available: NSX File Introspection Driver (vsepflt.sys) NSX Network Introspection Driver (vnetflt.sys) These drivers can be installed separately now and allows you to install the file driver without installing the network driver. To install the vShield Endpoint Thin Agent driver […]

Gartner: Administrator Experience Matters!

In the world of end user computing, the refrain that everyone – including VDI vendors, DaaS providers, ecosystem partners, and even thin client manufacturers – is singing at the top of their lungs is about user experience.  And for good reason: good user experience is the foundation for not only user satisfaction, but also user […]

Wyse vWorkspace and WSM Integration

The latest offering of Wyse vWorkspace (version 8.6) includes the Wyse Streaming Manager (WSM) as a fully integrated optional component. The WSM installer is seamlessly incorporated into the vWorkspace installation process and can be installed with or without vWorkspace, The integration of WSM into vWorkspace brings the ability to stream application and user profile layers […]

Wyse vWorkspace High Availability

The latest release of Wyse vWorkspace (version 8.6) includes quite an array of improvements. One of which is the ability to configure high availability (HA) natively. Until now, Microsoft SCVMM was a required 3rd party tool that had to be installed separately if one wanted to configure their vWorkspace VDI environment for HA. With this […]

Understanding Citrix Ready Certification and Thin Client Performance

Citrix Ready
A few days ago a user (Vikash Jhagroe) posted this blog about the Citrix Ready HDX Certification program. This is in fact something the Citrix Ready team are looking to re-design to clear up the confusing current situation. Vikash has to some extent done a good job of explaining the situation, the information on-line is […]

PowerShell Module for Wyse vWorkspace 8.6

Good day, Below you will find a download link for the latest release of the Wyse vWorkspace 8.6 PowerShell Module. vWorkspace 8.6 PowerShell x64 This release provides PowerShell automation for an 8.6 virtual desktop environment and provides the following additions* to the existing 8.5 PowerShell module.  Hyper-V Full clone support  Permissions can now be […]

RDP Latency – Yes, Virginia, You Can Track It Now…

But you’re going to need to deploy Windows Server 2012 to do it Several weeks ago, I gave a really fun talk at BriForum about the hidden benefits found inside Version 8 of the Remote Desktop Protocol – specifically, the fact that for any given RDP 8 connections to a Windows Server 2012 (or Windows […]

Using NetScaler Gateway for Content Switching Policies with Legacy Citrix Clients

The age-old problem of Legacy Citrix Receiver client access through a common NetScaler Gateway has now been solved!  Starting with NetScaler 10.5 Build 51.1017.e+,you can now can create and bind Content Switching Policies directly to NetScaler Gateway VServers.  Connections destined for the Gateway are terminated and processed as normal, but before any actions are invoked […]

Did I really see a $165 Thin Client doing 55fps+ with Borderlands 2 with HDX 3D Pro, Citrix XenDesktop?

Back in May 2015, at Citrix’s Synergy 2015, I was involved with an HDX demo at Citrix Synergy 2015, the remit was pretty simple – to show really good HDX 3D Pro frame rates, good enough to satisfy gamers, onlow-cost hardware using ONLY existing, shipping-today, fully-supported production ready products. We also want to show that HDX 3D Pro can […]

Product Release: Dell Wyse vWorkspace Connector for Mac OS X version 8.6

It is my privilege to announce the recently released Connector for Mac OS X version 8.6. Wyse vWorkspace Connectors allow you to access Windows and Linux desktops and applications from any modern Mac OS X end point. Your mobility is improved, security is improved, productivity is improved. With this release we have added the following […]

The Best Virtual Desktop Ever: Windows 10 on a Surface Pro 3

Over the last decade many enterprises have tinkered with Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) as an alternative to PCs.    A VDI user accesses a remote, virtualized Windows desktop OS delivered “as a service” from the enterprise datacenter or service provider to a PC/Mac, thin client, Chromebook or a tablet.  But there’s another model for virtual desktops […]

Royal Orthopaedic Hospital chooses Atlantis Computing to increase storage performance and simplify IT management

Atlantis Computing
Fast and scalable single platform storage delivers high performance and lowers costs  Atlantis Computing, the leading provider of Software-­Defined Storage, today announced that the Royal Orthopaedic Hospital, one of the largest orthopaedic units in Europe, is using the Atlantis VDI solution to support its data storage infrastructure. The software-­defined solution now supports 700 new thin […]

IGEL thin clients certified by Citrix for use with intensive graphics applications

IGEL Technology
Ideal for Computer-aided design, manufacturing, and engineering (CAD/CAM/CAE), GIS and medical imaging applications   Using thin clients for high performance computing with graphics intensive applications is now a reality thanks to a combination of IGEL thin clients and Citrix HDX 3D Pro. Citrix has awarded both the IGEL UD5 and UD6 thin clients with Citrix […]

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