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Thin Client / Desktop Virtualization Podcast with Robert Hammond from BOSaNOVA – Episode 61

In episode 61, Douglas Brown interviews Robert Hammond, the Client Product Manager at BOSaNOVA, Inc.  In this podcast Doug and Robert will discuss BOSaNOVA’s thin client solutions for desktop virtualization and server-based computing (Citrix) environments. Doug and Robert will also discuss what is special BOSaNOVA’s solutions vs. others in the market, why someone should use […]

Citrix Thin Client Podcast with Eric Grayson from VXL Instruments – Episode 49

In episode 49, Douglas Brown interviews Eric Grayson, Vice President, Americas at VXL Instruments.   Doug and Eric will discuss VXL’s thin client offerings along with what makes VXL unique in the thin client market.  Eric will also talk about VXL’s unique offering around allowing Citrix streamed applications to run directly from the thin client, no […]

RTO Software TScale – Citrix / TS Optimization Solution -Technical Overview Video – Episode 46

The following DABCC-Radio episode is the audio portion of the ” RTO Software TScale – Citrix / Terminal Services Optimization Solution -Technical Overview Video with Kevin ”  DABCC-TV episode in which Douglas Brown interviews Kevin Goodman, CEO and Founder of RTO Software.    Doug and Kevin discuss RTO Software’s TScale Citrix / Terminal Services optimization solution […]

Citrix: Huge Advances in HDX in 2015

Citrix Systems
While we finalize preparations for our Citrix Summit partner conference in Las Vegas and a series of new announcements for early 2016, I started to reflect back on just how much was accomplished in the preceding year to meet the ever more demanding needs of XenApp/XenDesktop and Citrix Workspace Cloud customers. The HDX team’s mission […]

VMware vSphere 6 and VMware Monitoring Make Waves in the Enterprise

vSphere 6 was announced back in February and released in March 2015. However, that doesn’t mean that every customer has already upgraded to it or is totally aware of all the features. Blogs and news writers are already touting its many new and improved features. It is clear from the announcements that VMware is moving […]

Citrix: Finding VDI Thin Clients Just Got Easier

Citrix Systems
I’d like to share a few welcoming changes we made during November including the launch of new product category page for thin clients. The changes mean that, when choosing thin clients, you should be able to transparently evaluate the performance and features for XenApp and XenDesktop with: The new product category page for thin clients. […]

Future Tablet May be Digital Paper – And You Can Share Files

Television shows and movies have long envisioned a future where all of the data anyone could ever need to access is found on paper thin sheets of plastic that can be connected to a hard drive. The allure of this is easy to understand. After all, if we could turn this futuristic sci-fi concept into […]

Thin Client and Desktop Virtualization Podcast with Stephen Yeo from IGEL – Episode 39

IGEL Technology
In episode 39, Douglas Brown interviews Stephen Yeo, World Wide Strategic Marketing Director at IGEL Technology. Doug and Stephen will discuss where all this desktop virtualization ‘stuff’ is going and where does Stephen and IGEL see the Thin Client fitting in, the future of Thin Clients along with Thin Client management. Stephen and Douglas will […]

VMware Desktop Virtualization Solutions Podcast with Warren Ponder from VMware – Episode 38

In episode 38, Douglas Brown interviews Warren Ponder, Senior Technical Marketing Engineer at VMware. Doug and Warren will discuss VMware’s desktop virtualization solutions, from VMware ACE to a bit about VMware’s upcoming VDM desktop broker solution. Doug and Warren will also discuss the competitive landscape of the desktop virtualization world and where VMware sees their […]

DABCC Radio Live at Citrix iForum 07 The App Delivery Expo – Recap Part 6 – Episode 29

Citrix Systems
Welcome back to our Citrix iForum 07 The App Delivery Expo Recap! I’m very excited and sad to say this will be our very last Citrix iForum 07 The App Delivery Expo Recap podcast!!! This being said, on with the show… Today’s episode of DABCC Radio Live at Citrix iForum 07 The App Delivery Expo […]

DABCC Radio Live at Citrix iForum 07 The App Delivery Expo – Recap Part 3 – Episode 25

Citrix Systems
Welcome back to our Citrix iForum 07 The App Delivery Expo Recap! Last week I had the fun task to walk around the Exhibit hall and “podcast” the event and I’m very happy to say that each day this week we will release a “Recap” Podcast. In each podcast I will release two to three […]

Understanding Thin Clients for Citrix – Just Got A Whole Lot Easier!

I’ve recently left Citrix and was pleased to see some of the projects that I worked on as Linux Receiver Product Manager come to fruition which have been a long time in the making. The Linux Receiver is quite different to many of the Citrix Receivers in that: It’s mostly consumed via third party OS or thin-client […]

Citrix: Improved User Experience: Hardware Decoding for Citrix Windows Receiver

Today, the demand for 4k screen resolutions and multiple monitors has increased with various users like graphic designers, financial traders, medical diagnostic professionals, etc. 4k monitors are becoming the standard, widely available with affordable price. Citrix support for 4K and multiple monitors is detailed in CTX201696. Since Citrix Receiver for Linux is typically used with thin clients, […]

Simplify Suite in a VDI Environment White Paper

What is VDI? VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) is poised to drastically change the way companies run their desktops. In VDI, application workload is moved from a desktop at the user’s workspace to a virtual desktop running on a central server. An endpoint is then used to remotely connect to this virtual desktop via a connection […]

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