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Tracking VM Power Consumption on PowerEdge Servers With OpenManage Power Center

In today’s data centers, IT administrators and their customers are laser-focused on efficient operations because they need to get the best possible return on their investment. And efficiency is, naturally, one of the key design tenets of PowerEdge servers. From a range of highly efficient power supplies, innovative airflow management, liquid cooling, to the fine-grained […]

Dell EMC OpenManage HPE Operations Manager i (OMi) Operations Connector V1.0 now available!

We are excited to bring you the latest addition to OpenManage Connection portfolio with Dell EMC OpenManage HPE Operations Manager i (OMi) Operations Connector. The new Dell EMC OpenManage HPE OMi Operations Connector Version 1.0 provides a relatively easy way for monitoring Dell EMC devices in a heterogeneous environment monitored by HPE OMi. So, you […]

Introduction of wbem in VMware ESXi 6.5

The Common Information Model (CIM) interface on an ESXi host provides a way of remotely monitoring the hardware health of your hosts via the Web-Based Enterprise Management (WBEM) protocol. It builds on a standard HTTP(S) API, allowing secure SSL/TLS protected authentication and communication between the host and the management stations. From ESXi 6.5 onwards, VMware introduced a new […]

All-Flash VMware Virtual SAN 6.2 on Dell FX2 – Define Tomorrow™

ComputerWorld Group
Initial High Level Configuration To setup the FX2 I have installed ESXi 6.0 U2 to each of the four FC430 nodes and deployed the vCenter virtual appliance (VSCA). All four ESXi hosts have been added to a new cluster which I’ve called VSAN. I’ve also configured the network prerequisites for VSAN traffic. I’ve uplinked each […]

Dell Agent-free out-of-band Infrastructure Monitoring System using Docker container

Docker is an open source, lightweight containerization platform for distributed applications with a principle of “Build once, Run Anywhere”. It provides an ability to package software into standardised units on Docker for software development. It’s an OS virtualization layer that takes advantage of Linux kernel features like namespaces and control groups to provide complete application […]

Dell’s Customization of VMware ESXi and Its Advantages

You may have heard about Dell Customized VMware ESXi images. For those who doesn’t know what’s really extra in Dell customized images, here you go: Dell’s customization of VMware ESXi image includes adding new or updated VMware IOVP certified drivers relevant for Dell hardware and specific third party CIM providers from IHVs into the VMware […]

Your favorite IT manager – OpenManage Essentials – is into networking now

It wasn’t that long ago you were first introduced. Dell OpenManage Essentials appeared on the scene in beta in November 2011, and was welcomed as version 1.0 in the spring of 2012. On November 14, 2012, and with more than 40,000 registered software downloads, Dell OpenManage Essentials v1.2 overwhelmingly became your new manager. Fast forward […]

Dell OpenManage Plug-In for Nagios XI is Available Now!!

We’re excited to bring the latest release of Dell OpenManage Plug-In for Nagios XI to you. With the launch of this plug-in, we are now extending our Nagios-Core plugin for Nagios XI users as well with some great new feature too. Dell OpenManage Plug-in version 1.0 for Nagios XI provides capabilities to monitor 12th and […]

Optimizing Datacenter efficiency with Dell OpenManage Power Center (OMPC) v.3.2

With significant, ongoing increase in data center workloads, the demands on IT managers to improve their operating efficiency marches on. To support growing workloads, maintaining an ongoing practice of maximizing server density within your existing data center footprint and fully utilizing the power and cooling available in existing servers are effective approaches to getting the […]

Dell Delivers Innovative Cloud and Virtualization Solutions Blending VMware Technology with Dell End-to-End Offerings

Dell announced new cloud and virtualization solutions to help customers deliver increased performance, agility and efficiency. The new end-to-end offerings demonstrate the breadth of the Dell and VMware integrations and strength of the partnership.  “Customers are in the driver’s seat when it comes to procuring cloud and virtualization solutions and Dell is on target with […]

Veeam nworks Management Pack for VMware Monitoring with Microsoft System Center Earns Dell Re-Certification

Veeam Software, innovative provider of VMware data protection, disaster recovery and VMware management solutions for virtual datacenter environments, is pleased to announce that the Veeam nworks Management Pack™ (MP) for VMware has been re-certified by the Dell Technology Partner Program. Veeam’s product provides complete VMware monitoring and management via Microsoft System Center. The certification, first […]

Security Takes a Backseat in the Rush to Adopt Virtualization

Prism Microsystems, developers of comprehensive SIEM solutions that provide complete security and compliance coverage across both physical and virtual environments, today announced the results of a survey on virtualization security conducted in April 2010. The survey of over 300 IT managers, security personnel, auditors and administrators reveals a significant gap between the speed at which […]

Installing Dell OpenManage on Citrix XenServer 5.0

I had Dell’s OpenManage running on Citrix XenServer 4.5, along with MRTG & Munin. Life was good. Then we did the upgrade thing, wiping all that goodness out. We have a month old backup of the CentOS installation, which has most of the configurations. The only thing I really lost was some of the latest […]

How To Install Dell OpenManage 5.3 on Citrix XenServer 4.1 and have it listed in a central OpenManage Management System

A few months ago I posted an article on how to install Dell OpenManage on a Citrix XenServer. Since then I’ve been wanting to have the Xen servers appear in our central OpenManage Management System so we can get central alerting of hardware issues. I’ve discovered a few gotcha’s along the way, and figured it’d […]

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