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Non-Profit Legal and Protection Advocacy Agency Attains the Full Benefits of Going Software-Defined

When going Software-Defined there are few things most companies need checked off their list before purchasing that are just non-negotiable; cost savings, agility, productivity… why choose right? Based out of Austin, Disability Rights Texas (DRTx) is the federally designated legal and protection advocacy agency (P&A) for people with disabilities. DRTx was designed to help people with […]

Users Love our Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI) Software

You’ve heard from us that our Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI) software is awesome, but we recently took a look at some new reviews to see what our users and industry experts think. It turns out the feeling is mutual: we love our users and they love us. For example, comments from multiple five star reviews on […]

DataCore SANsymphony Stands the Test of Time

It’s a fact of storage life that hardware comes and goes. Storage systems need upgrading, capacity needs to be expanded, and there is always a new technology on the horizon. Through nearly a decade of changes and updates, DataCore has been the constant for KBRwyle. KBRwyle provides specialized engineering, scientific, professional, and technical services to […]

DataCore Software-Defined Storage Receives Numerous Industry Honors

Growing List of DataCore Awards Includes Virtualization and Cloud Review Editor’s Choice Award and 2017 SVC Awards’ Storage Project of the Year DataCore today announced that its SANsymphony™ software-defined storage platform has received a number of notable industry awards including the Virtualization and Cloud Review Editor’s Choice Award. This marks DataCore’s third consecutive editor’s choice award from the publication. SANsymphony […]

DataCore Software-Defined Storage Wins Virtualization and Cloud Review Editor’s Choice Award

Intelligent Use of Processor and Storage Capacity Puts DataCore Ahead of the Rest The editors of Virtualization and Cloud Review have just announced DataCore’s SANsymphony™ software-defined storage as a recipient of its annual editor’s choice awards. This marks DataCore’s third consecutive editor’s choice award from the publication. Industry expert Dan Kusnetsky notes that DataCore is […]

Data Resiliency Reinvented – Optimally utilize current and new infrastructure investments to do more

When one element of a facility’s architecture fails or experiences a disruption, the dreaded disaster recovery plan stress can creep up on us. But, what if your architecture could run on a redundant path? What if it could take over seamlessly and was completely transparent so that users never knew that a disruption has even […]

DataCore’s Cinder support for OpenStack Integration

DataCore Software has developed a Block Storage driver for Cinder which connects the OpenStack Cinder service to SANsymphony virtualization software. OpenStack Integration extends the benefits of the advanced data services offered in SANsymphony architecture while providing block storage for compute instances in OpenStack. This integration works with OpenStack version 1.3 for Mitaka as well as […]

DataCore engages Commaxx as a strategic distributor

Complements Commaxx’ offer within software-defined storage and hyperconvergence infrastructure DataCore Software has chosen Commaxx as a strategic distributor in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland. Thanks to Commaxx’ extensive network of resellers, DataCore lays the foundation for further expansion in the Nordic region. With the help of its partner network, Commaxx will work with DataCore’s entire […]

Colby Sawyer College Delivers Continuous Data Availability with DataCore Software

College institutions are meant to shape the minds of our youth and should have full focus on. Agreed? But at Colby-Sawyer College, a private comprehensive baccalaureate college in New London, New Hampshire, storage related started to put a damper on education DataCoreTM, Colby-Sawyer College had fully replicated its data storage across two server rooms with […]

Migration with DataCore SANsymphony – Part 4

In the third part to this four-part series, Migration with DataCore SANsymphony – Part 3, we discussed migration type #2, which was about Asynchronous Migration. Now in our final segment we’ll take a dive into our third and final type of migration, Pass-through Snapshot. MIGRATION TYPE #3: PASS-THROUGH SNAPSHOT Pass-through Snapshot refers to migrating the data between two physical […]

Migration with DataCore SANsymphony – Part 3

MIGRATION TYPE #2: ASYNCHRONOUS MIGRATION Asynchronous migration refers to migrating the data between two systems that are greater than 100 km (62 mi) apart. In most scenarios, this would represent a migration between datacenters, cities or even countries. There is technically no distance limitation to this approach as long as you have a standard TCP/IP connection between the […]

DataCore makes a majestical entrance into the WhatMatrix SDS/HCI category

WhatMatrix Community
Quick history lesson Since 2010 many promising startup companies have emerged showing us new software-defined and hyper-converged ways to implement storage into our ever-growing enterprise IT environments. However, looking back at history, it has to be said that this seemingly new and fresh approach to storage is actually not that new at all. Software-defined storage initiatives […]

Migration with DataCore SANsymphony – Part 2

In the first part to this four-part series, Migration with DataCore SANsymphony – Part 1, we covered why storage administrators are forced to cover migration at some point and what the solution to that may be. Take a look now as we dive deeper into the different type of migrations that can benefit your infrastructures. […]

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