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Optimizing Systems of Record Can Help Digital Transformation

As I noted in an earlier blog, companies are coming to realize that they must transform their businesses to survive in a completely digitized and connected world.  Many are driven by fear of being left behind, but even as they know they must act, they are overwhelmed by the enormity of the challenge. It doesn’t […]

How to Optimize SQL Server Instances You Can’t Control

As a database professional, you know the standard procedure when one of your SQL servers is slow; collect data and identity bottlenecks, then modify queries, indexes or pertinent configurations to try to speed things up. If you can go through this process quickly, test your changes, deploy your solution to production, and verify that it […]

The Hidden Reason for Poor Database Performance

As companies transform themselves by utilizing a mix of digital technologies, they are faced with increasing amounts of data.  From additional data sources (such as social media for a consumer oriented company or sensor data for a manufacturing company) to leveraging more historical data (for determining seasonal pricing trends), companies are using more data in […]

VMware: Oracle on vSphere – Summary of Storage options

Storage – the final frontier. These are the voyages of any Business Critical Oracle database, its endless mission: to meet the business SLA, to sustain increasing workload demands and seek out new challenges, to boldly go where no database has gone before. Storage is one of the most important aspect of any IO intensive workloads, […]

Microsoft SQL Server 2017: A proven leader in database performance

SQL Server continues to be a proven leader in database performance for both analytic and OLTP workloads. SQL Server 2017 is fast, built-in with capabilities and features such as Columnstore indexes to accelerate analytic performance and Automatic Tuning and Adaptive Query Processing to keep your database application at peak speed. Recently, Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) […]

Tolly Group Spotlight – MaxParallel for SQL Server from DataCore

Line of Business owners and DBAs are facing increased pressures to process and analyze data in real time due to the rapid increase in technologies such as IoT and e-Commerce, but still keep within limited budgets. Tolly spoke with Augie Gonzalez, Director of Product Marketing at DataCore Software regarding their recent launch of the first […]

DataCore Launches New Database Initiatives for SQL Server

DataCore Software is launching the first of its new line of database optimization products for high-velocity transaction processing and real-time analytics. The platform MaxParallel for SQL Server is available now in the Azure Marketplace as well as through DataCore-authorized partners around the globe. The plug-and-play product supports SQL Server 2016, 2014, 2012 and 2008 running […]

New Line of Database Optimization Products from @DataCore Software Targets High-velocity Transaction Processing and Real-time Analytics

First in Series, MaxParallel™ for Microsoft® SQL Server, Shortens the Time to Process Transactions, Generate Reports and Analyze Trends  Today at Microsoft Ignite, DataCore Software launches the first of its new line of database optimization products for high-velocity transaction processing and real-time analytics. MaxParallel for SQL Server is available now in the Azure Marketplace as well as through DataCore-authorized partners around the globe. […]

Microsoft: Artificial Intelligence tunes Azure SQL Databases

Automatic tuning To stay competitive, today’s businesses need to make sure that they focus on their core competencies that directly deliver customer value while relying on their cloud provider to offer an affordable, reliable, and easy to use computing infrastructure that scales with their needs. In the world of cloud services, where many aspects of […]

Oracle Database Performance on vSphere 6.5 Monster Virtual Machines

Oracle Database Performance on vSphere 6.5 Monster Virtual Machines – opvizorWe have just published a new whitepaper on the performance of Oracle databases on vSphere 6.5 monster virtual machines. We took a look at the performance of the largest virtual machines possible on the previous four generations of four-socket Intel-based servers. The results show how performance of […]

Design, Deploy, and Optimize SQL Server on AWS – #AWS Online Tech Talks Video

Amazon Web Services
Enterprises are quickly moving database workloads like SQL Server to the cloud, but with so many options, the best approach isn’t always obvious. You exercise full control of your SQL Server workloads by running them on Amazon EC2 instances, or leverage Amazon RDS for a fully managed database experience. This session will go deep on […]

Best Practices for Data Warehousing with Amazon Redshift – #AWS Video

Amazon Web Services
Get a look under the covers: Learn tuning best practices for taking advantage of Amazon Redshift’s columnar technology and parallel processing capabilities to improve your delivery of queries and improve overall database performance. This session explains how to migrate from existing data warehouses, create an optimized schema, efficiently load data, use workload management, tune your […]

VMware on Using FlexPop – How to Monitor Oracle Database Performance

In the third part of our three-post series about Blue Medora’s FlexPod Bundle, I’ll be providing insight into how you can drive better performance across your Oracle Database environment. In case you missed it, check out our other blog posts in this series: What is FlexPod? FlexPod, which includes Cisco UCS, Cisco Networking and NetApp […]

Download ScaleArc Database Performance and Load Balancing Sofware

ScaleArc offer’s a free, easy, fully featured and supported 30-day trial of the ScaleArc software (formerly iDB). ScaleArc is incredibly easy to implement, with most customers able to get their first cluster up and running in less than 15 minutes from install. Available as an easy to use VM Image, an Amazon AMI, or an […]

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