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Barry Coombs Video on ‘The increasing risk of cyber security’

ComputerWorld Group
Cyber Security is becoming increasingly more prominent in the news this year and something that we at ComputerWorld are seeing as one of the top trends within the It industry in 2017. Watch ComputerWorld Director, Barry Coombs present his thoughts about the increasing risk that cyber attacks is putting on your business every day. This […]

Six best practices for escaping ransomware

Breaking news about cyber attacks has reached an all-time high recently, with ransomware attacks topping the list. Decades after Dr. Joseph Popp orchestrated the first ransomware attack in 1989, ransomware has been gaining momentum in recent years. Just this May, the WannaCry ransomware attack infected roughly 300,000 computers across 150 countries. Ransomware attacks like WannaCry have affected all verticals, irrespective of the size of organizations. Security experts agree that beefing up IT security […]

Cisco: Preparing Today for Tomorrow’s Cyber Threats

For many countries around the world, October is Cyber Security Awareness Month, when participating governments and private industry sponsor advocacy campaigns to promote cyber awareness, and provide the information and resources for us all to be more safe and secure online. Cisco is a founding member of the National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA), and a […]

Comply with EU GDPR, Extend Data Protection and Avoid Steep Fines

HP Enterprise
The EU General Data Protection Regulation is coming soon and promises severe financial penalties. To avoid millions in fines, make sure your company is protected all the way down to the firmware level with HPE Gen10. The European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is coming soon, and this compliance mandate really packs a punch: […]

The Equifax Breach, Patch Management, and Your Cybersecurity

How critical is consistent, comprehensive, timely patch management to effective enterprise cybersecurity? Credit reporting giant Equifax suffered a breach that put personally identifiable information (PII) at risk for as many as 143 million people. Days after the breach was first reported publicly on September 7, Equifax stated that it discovered in July that it had […]

Protect Legacy Applications from Cyber Attacks

Legacy applications are integral to most businesses and are heavily relied upon in the public sector Many legacy applications were written in a time when security was much less of a concern than today Isolation is the only solution that can absolutely eliminate kernel-level exploits and malware escapes Detection is obsolete and the future of […]

Adding Cyber Security Professionals to your Healthcare IT Team

What sets an organization that responds well to a cyber security breach apart from one who doesn’t is whether or not they have skilled cyber security professionals in their IT team to get them through. Security software, early malware detection and cyber security awareness programs for employees can help protect companies to some degree. However, […]

Cisco: Securing the IoT: Processes and People Needed!

IoT promises to boost corporate profits worldwide by 21 percent by 2022, according to Cisco analysts. That’s because IoT can help businesses lower costs by realizing new efficiencies and drive new revenues by enabling new business models. Digital transformation in general, and IoT in particular, can help organizations become more productive and more responsive to […]

Citrix & SWIFT CSP Episode 1: Cyber attack trends and SWIFT CSP Overview Video

Citrix Systems
Watch this 2-part webinar series to learn what SWIFT Customer Security Programme (CSP) means for your financial institution; what you will need to do to comply before the December 2017 Customer Security Framework deadline; and how Citrix can help you meet compliance requirements with a proven solution. Watch Episode 2 here: This video is from […]

Cisco: Cyber Attacks Designed for Destruction, Not Just Disruption?

As defenders, one of our key objectives is to help organizations and individual users understand the threat landscape so they can reduce their exposure to cyber threats. Our threat researchers and technology partners watch that ever-changing landscape very closely, as they have for many years now. That’s one reason we are confident when we say […]

Securing your enterprise from cyber attacks – Webinar Series Part 2

ManageEngine’s two-part webinar series deals with tools and techniques that help secure your organization against cyber threats. This video is from the fine folks at ManageEngine

Securing your enterprise from cyber attacks – Webinar Series Part 1

ManageEngine’s two-part webinar series deals with tools and techniques that help secure your organization against cyber threats. This video is from the fine folks at ManageEngine

Citrix Announces NetScaler Secure Web Gateway Solution in NetScaler 12.0

Citrix Systems
Enterprises today face an increasing number of attacks through user’s Internet web sessions. It could be because users are visiting compromised or malicious websites that can lead to stolen identities, malware or botnet installation, data theft and exfiltration or even ransomware infections. In addition, today over half of the web is encrypted. Does that make […]

VMware: Sending a Bright Signal with VMware’s Shawn Bass and Tom Corn

Tom Corn, VMware SVP Security Products, and Shawn Bass, VMware VP End-User Computing, discuss how virtualization is transforming security and giving organizations more visibility into their applications, allowing them to see bright signals for potential cyber attacks. These bright signals, along with an organization’s ability to leverage virtualization, are opening up new opportunities for detecting […]

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