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The Official (ISC)2 Guide to the CCSP CBK

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Globally recognized and backed by the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) and the (ISC)2 the CCSP credential is the ideal way to match marketability and credibility to your cloud security skill set. The Official (ISC)2® Guide to the CCSPSM CBK® is your ticket for expert insight through the 6 CCSP domains. You will find step-by-step guidance […]

CSA Guide to Cloud Computing: Implementing Cloud Privacy and Security

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CSA Guide to Cloud Computing brings you the most current and comprehensive understanding of cloud security issues and deployment techniques from industry thought leaders at the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA). For many years the CSA has been at the forefront of research and analysis into the most pressing security and privacy related issues associated with […]

VMware: The Best of Both Worlds with Advanced Networking Services

By: Penny Collen, Financial Solutions Architect, Thought Leader, Blogger, and Speaker Ask CIOs why they move workloads to the cloud and you will hear “cost savings” and “agility.” Ask those same CIOs why they are not using more cloud services and they will probably say security concerns. Security breaches have a serious impact on business, […]

Cloud Computing, The Good, the Bad and the Ugly Podcast with InfoStreet – Episode 90

In episode 90, Douglas Brown interviews Siamak Farah, Founder and CEO of InfoStreet. Douglas and Siamak discuss the InfoStreet solution along with a discussion in to the good, the bad, and the ugly of Cloud Computing. Douglas puts Siamak on the hot seat to discuss the many potential pit falls of cloud computing and SaaS.   Siamak does […]

5 Cloud Security Mistakes to Avoid

Are there any people left, excluding a few flat-earthers on AM radio, who still doubt that moving services to the cloud generally improves security? Cloud environments are secure by default, they have extremely limited attack surfaces, and they are monitored by highly specialized security teams. Most organizations don’t have the resources to manage their own […]

Microsoft: Five things you should know about cloud security

Security threats continue to dominate news cycle today. As more companies move to the cloud, privacy and transparency are also hot topics in the news. The result: organizations are increasingly weighing the benefits of new, cloud-based opportunities against the corresponding risks and mitigation costs. Microsoft is committed to providing a cloud you can trust. We […]

Cloud Computing Security (Information Security and Privacy)

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This comprehensive new resource presents a highly informative overview of cloud computing security issues. This book focuses on relevant approaches aimed at monitoring and protecting computation and data hosted on heterogeneous computing. The most critical security aspects are thoroughly discussed, highlighting the importance of reliable secure computation over remote heterogeneous cloud nodes. This book shows […]

vCloud Air: 2015 Year in Review

The past year has brought a lot of changes. In our commitment to delivering public cloud services for our customers, the VMware vCloud® Air™ team worked tirelessly to deliver  compelling new features, services, and locations. In 2015, we formed new partnerships, expanded into new markets, released new service offerings and enhanced existing ones. Here’s a […]

5nine Software Releases 5nine Cloud Security v7 as Microsoft Hyper-V’s Most Comprehensive Security Solution Ever

The New 5nine Cloud Security v7 Takes Security to the Next Level through Advanced Automation, Logging and Intrusion Detection Features 5nine Software, the leading global Hyper-V virtualization security and management provider, today announced the release of the industry’s leading security and compliance solution 5nine Cloud Security v7. The new version automatically protects virtual machines (VMs) […]

Cybersecurity 101: What You Absolutely Must Know! – Volume 1: Learn how not to be Pwned, Thwart Spear Phishing and Zero Day exploits, Cloud security basics and much more

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Right now, this very moment, you don’t know it, but you are at war and the adversary is winning. Script kiddies, malicious hacktivists, state sponsored hackers and cyber mercenaries pose a critical and life altering threat landscape targeting you and your family. This isn’t some doom and gloom fear mongering enterprise; this is the new […]

Cloud Management and Security

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Written by an expert with over 15 years’ experience in the field, this book establishes the foundations of Cloud computing, building an in-depth and diverse understanding of the technologies behind Cloud computing. In this book, the author begins with an introduction to Cloud computing, presenting fundamental concepts such as analyzing Cloud definitions, Cloud evolution, Cloud […]

Weighing the Pros and Cons of Public vs Private Clouds

Today, it seems that most organizations, whether small or large, have at least discussed moving to the cloud in some capacity; but what does that mean exactly? Is “the cloud” really as opaque and expensive as it sounds? What are the security benefits or detriments from hosting workloads in the cloud? Lastly, which applications are […]

Why Small and Mid-Size Businesses Love “Software as a Service”

On-premises software is business management software that is installed on the computers and in the building of individual businesses.  Until 2005, the deploying and use of business software was commonly done on premises.  The inception of off-premises software known as “software as a service” created an alternative of running business management software from a cloud-based, […]

Zscaler scores $100 million to expand its cloud-based security service

Zscaler Inc. moved $100 million closer to its long-anticipated public offering this morning after announcing the completion of an oversubscribed round led by private equity giant TPG Capital. The investment is the latest sign of the venture capital community’s unprecedented interest in cloud security amid the accelerating migration of corporate data beyond the firewall. That […]

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