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HyTrust Launches; Brings New Level of Compliance and Control to Virtual Infrastructure

HyTrust, Inc. launched today with a mandate to enable enterprises to virtualize their critical production applications by ensuring operational readiness of virtual infrastructure. At its launch, the company introduced HyTrust Appliance, which serves as a central point of control, management and visibility for virtualized environments. Without these essential elements, virtualization within most organizations remains relegated […]

What People REALLY Mean When They Say “THE Cloud” Is More Secure…

Over the last two days, I’ve seen a plethora (yes, Jefe, a plethora) of trade rag and blog articles espousing that The Cloud is more secure than an enterprise’s datacenter and that Cloud security concerns are overblown.  I’d pick these things apart, but honestly, I’ve got work to do. Here’s the problem with these generalizations, […]

First Oracle with “Unbreakable” Now IBM “Guarantees Cloud Security”

I’m heading out in a few minutes for an all day talk, but I choked on my oatmeal when I read this: In a CBR article titled "We Can Guarantee Cloud Security" Kristof Kloeckner, IBM’s Cloud Computing CTO was quoted at the IBM’s Pulse 2009 conference as he tried to "…ease worries over security in […]

Incomplete Thought: Separating Virtualization From Cloud?

I was referenced in a CSO article recently titled "Four Questions On Google App Security." I wasn’t interviewed for the story directly, but Bill Brenner simply referenced our prior interviews and my skepticism for virtualization security and cloud Security as a discussion point. Google’s response was interesting and a little tricky given how they immediately […]

Cloud Computing Taxonomy & Ontology: Please Review

There have been some excellent discussions of late regarding how to classify and explain the relationships between the many Cloud Computing models floating about. I was inspired by John Willis’ blog post this morning titled "Unified Ontology of Cloud Computing" in which he scraped together many ideas on the subject.   I’m building a number […]

Cloud (in)Security: A Matter of (t)Rust

Alan from the VirtualDC blog wrote a great post today titled "Cloud Security: A New Level of Trust" summarizing some of his thoughts regarding Cloud (in)security. It’s a little depressing because that "new level" of trust he’s referring to isn’t heightened, it’s significantly reduced.  I’ll hack his longer post a bit to extract two interesting […]

Cloud Computing Security: What About It?

I’m always trolling the Web for insight into the latest technology trends, and how these trends could impact both how we use technology and how it may change how we secure our data. During my pursuit for knowledge, I’ll often run into bone-headed comments and blogs, and when I do, for the most part, I […]

Is Cloud Computing Secure? Pro And Contra Cloud Security

I have stumbled across quite a few articles discussing the security of cloud computing lately. Opponents of cloud computing usually put forward that many organizations won’t outsource their IT infrastructure to the cloud because of security concerns. Cloud supporters often downplay these concerns and some even believe that cloud computing is more secure than on-premise […]

Cloud Computing Security: From DDoS (Distributed Denial Of Service) to EDoS (Economic Denial of Sustainability)

It’s Thanksgiving here in the U.S., so in between baking, roasting and watching Risk Astley rickroll millions in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, I had a thought about how the utility and agility of the cloud computing models such as Amazon AWS (EC2/S3) and the pricing models that go along with them can actually pose […]

Cloud Computing Security Macro Layers? I’ll Take “It’ll Never Sell” For $1000, Alex…

Mogull commented yesterday on my post regarding TCG’s IF-MAP and remarked that in discussing cloud security and security models, the majority of folks, myself included, were focusing on the network: Chris’s posting, and most of the ones I’ve seen, are heavily focused on network security concepts as they relate to the cloud. But if we […]

5 Cloud Computing Myths Busted

Anthony Hill, CIO of Golden Gate University, debunks the conventional wisdom on cloud computing security, capital expenses, risk management, switching vendors, and service level agreements. At the recent Cloud Summit in Silicon Valley, I got the chance to hear Anthony Hill, chief information officer of San Francisco’s Golden Gate University, talk about the advantages of […]

Cloud Computing Security: Virtualization on Steroids

A few hours ago I finished reading Nicholas Carr’s The Big Switch and was floored by his take on the impending mass adoption of cloud/utility computing and its impacts on information technology and the world. A few minutes ago I read another great piece from InfoWorld, this time on cloud computing and security: The Dangers […]

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