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Citrix: Configuring SCOM Aggregation Retention Times for XenApp/XenDesktop

Reports in Citrix SCOM Management Packs use the Operations Manager data warehouse database (OperationsManagerDW) as a source for graphical representation of data in a useful way. Often, you might be confronted with a situation for which the retention needs to be adjusted for a specific environment. The problem is that OperationsManagerDW can be one of the largest […]

VMware: Extending the Value of VMware App Volumes Using StacksWare

As we build out our real-time application delivery platform with VMware App Volumes, we are always thinking about what the next stop on the innovation train is going to look like. We want to keep delighting customers with features that continue to ease application delivery and lifecycle management in VMware Horizon, Citrix XenApp, XenDesktop and […]

Citrix: BlackHat 2016 Highlight – Virtualization and Cloud

At BlackHat 2016 this week, security expert Dan Kaminsky encouraged the industry to embrace the isolation technology of virtual machines and the cloud as a way to protect data. Kaminsky also stressed the importance of finding solutions to make users want to do their part to secure information.Citrix shares Kaminsky’s call for data isolation and […]

Goliath Technologies: Logon Simulator for Citrix & Healthcare IT Podcast – Episode 254

Goliath Technologies
In episode 254, Douglas Brown interviews Raja Jadeja VP of Product Management and Thomas Charlton, Chairman and CEO of Goliath Technologies. Thomas, Raja and Douglas discuss the Goliath solutions, specificly their Logon Simulator for Citrix and how it works for both the everyday enterprise and within HealthCare IT. Raja and Thomas dive deep in to […]

Citrix: Get Up and Running with XenDesktop 7.9 Apps & Desktops in a SNAP!

This is the second post in the “Getting Ready for Citrix on Windows Server 2016” blog series. So, you’ve read the first post in this series “How soon is Now? Citrix is ready for the release of Microsoft Windows Server 2016, are you?” (if you haven’t, go ahead … I’ll wait). You (I hope) have watched the […]

Citrix and Microsoft: Delivering on our Promises

So, how are we doing? After all, it’s one thing to state the plan, and make the promise. Delivering the actual products and services is where this gets real. Let’s start with where we are in moving app delivery to the cloud. We took a huge step forward when Microsoft announced that Citrix will develop […]

A Deep Dive Into Comprehensive Citrix & VDI Monitoring with eG Enterprise

eG Innovations
Performance management of Citrix technologies has always been a challenge. Determining if user complaints of Citrix logon slowness, session disconnects,  screen freezes, etc. are caused by the Citrix stack or by one of the supporting tiers has often been a time consuming and knowledge intensive process. Virtualization of Citrix applications has only added to the […]

Citrix: Hidden Gems for Your Citrix Environments

Recently, I was fortunate enough to be able to purchase a late-model sports car. After the purchase, I discovered it required twice as much oil as a regular car and a special procedure to change it. Yikes! Oil changes are going to be very expensive!! At my first oil change, I mentioned this to the service […]

Citrix XenApp / XenDesktop 7.x Documentation Script Update 1.21

Carl Webster
Version 1.21 17-Aug-2016 Added policy setting ICALaunching of non-published programs during client connection Renamed Virtual Desktop Agent Settings to Virtual Delivery Agent Settings Fixed a few issues with Text and HTML output in the Hardware region You can always find the most current script by going to Read the entire article here, Citrix XenApp/XenDesktop […]