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Citrix: XenDesktop Local Mode for Mobile Laptops Podcast with Pete Downing & Dan Cote – Episode 192

In episode 192, Douglas Brown interviews Pete Downing, Principal Product Manager, and Dan Cote, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, from the Citrix Client Virtualization Group. They discuss the products behind the local mode of XenDesktop, which enable IT to centrally deliver, manage and secure Windows virtual desktops that run on PCs and Macs — online, offline, […]

Citrix XenClient, the Official Audiobook of Best Practices, Recommendations, and More – Episode 151

My goal for this audiobook is to provide you with the knowledge required to understand the architectural requirements and configuration best practices to successfully deploy and evaluate the new Citrix XenClient 1.0 Service Pack 1 client virtualization solution. This includes design requirements, best practices, and links to additional resources.

Citrix Desktop and Application Virtualization Podcast with Citrix CTO Harry Labana – Episode 138

In episode 138, Douglas Brown interviews Harry Labana, CTO at Citrix. Harry is responsible for the Citrix desktop and application virtualization solutions. Doug and Harry discuss Citrix’s desktop virtualization strategy, solutions, futures, and much more for products such as XenApp, XenDesktop, XenClient, and XenVault. This is a must listen for anyone interested in the desktop virtualization market! About Harry […]

Citrix XenClient: Client Virtualization / Hypervisor Deep Dive Podcast – Episode 129

In Episode 129, Douglas Brown interviews Peter Blum, Director Product Management for Citrix XenClient. In this podcast Doug and Peter discuss the new Citrix XenClient client virtualization solution. Peter does an amazing job diving deep into XenClient, the hardware requirements, what it takes to install and how you can manage VMs, application integration, and basically a […]

Citrix XenClient: Client-Side Hypervisor Virtualization Podcast with Citrix and Intel – Episode 95

In episode 95, Douglas Brown interviews Peter Blum, Director Product Management and Marketing for Citrix XenClient at Citrix and Thomas James, Business Development Manager in the Digital Office Platform Division at Intel.   Douglas, Peter, and Thomas discuss the upcoming Citrix XenClient client-side hypervisor. About Citrix XenClient In January 2009, Citrix announced a formal agreement to […]

Citrix Pulls the Plug on XenClient

XenClient has been taken off of life support by Citrix. In a short, muddled announcement, Citrix said that XenClient has "officially started into the End-of-Life process." The last day that it will be for sale is next week — Oct. 1 — with End-of-Maintenance scheduled just a few months later, on Dec. 12, 2015. End-of-Life is […]

Citrix EOLs XenClient

Citrix XenClient Enterprise has officially started into the End-of-Life process, both as a standalone product and as a technology entitlement of XenDesktop Enterprise and Platinum editions. DesktopPlayer and Citrix Synchronizer – the management server that communicates with local VMs running DesktopPlayer – are not impacted by this announcement and will continue to be available as […]

Citrix Announces Citrix DesktopPlayer for Mac 1.2!

Earlier this year, Citrix released DesktopPlayer for Mac, a client virtualization solution that allows users to run Windows virtual desktops locally on Mac devices. DesktopPlayer works withXenDesktop to give users the freedom to use their corporate or BYO MacBook in the workplace by providing access to their desktops, apps and data anywhere, anytime – whether they are online, offline, […]

Creating and Deploying New VMs with Citrix XenClient is a Piece of Cake

“Its [XenClient’s] local client hypervisor handled disconnected and poorly-connected scenarios flawlessly” ~ Michael Otey, Windows IT Pro That was used to describe XenClient Enterprise in a recent review by Michael Otey of Windows IT Pro, who found that XenClient “makes centralized management of mobile devices [laptops] easy” and that it allowed users to “easily migrate to new devices […]

Product Review: Citrix XenClient Enterprise 5.1

Centralized control and the need for mobility are usually at opposite ends of the enterprise spectrum. Ideally, IT would be able to centrally control and manage end users laptops, ultrabooks, and tablets. However, in disconnected or poorly connected conditions makes constant end user productivity a difficult goal to achieve. That’s where Citrix XenClient fits in. […]

The ‘How To: FSLogix Apps’ for Citrix, VMware, VDI, & Physical Desktops is on-line!

The ‘How To: FSLogix Apps’ on-line version is officially live! I’m very happy to inform you I’ve finally posted the online version of the BYOD Project Volume 1 Appendix A – FSLogix Apps e-book.  FSLogix Apps is a great solution to manage application visibility and policy based control from a single gold image. Truly wonderful add-on and fits perfectly with […]

Citrix Synergy 2014 Video – XenClient & Citrix Synchronizer with Pete Downing

While a primary goal of desktop virtualization is eliminating the need for physical PC management, there are still many situations where you can’t escape the box under the desk. From streaming to synchronization to desktop locks, Citrix XenDesktop with FlexCast technology offers a number of techniques to tame the beast. Learn about locking down older […]

NEW How To E-Book – FSLogix Apps for Citrix, RDS, VMware View, and Physical Desktops

Douglas Brown
I’m very happy to inform you I’ve updated my How To: BYOD Project ebook with both updates to the existing 1.0 version and a completely new and complete Appendix. What is an Appendix?  Well let me explain… My idea behind this project is not just to document Citrix DesktopPlayer, XenClient, Synchronizer, XenApp, XenMobile, and NetScaler […]

How to Configure a Hyper-V Virtual Switch for Citrix Synchronizer Traffic

The Citrix Synchronizer utilizes Hyper-V to create, manage, and deploy virtual machines to end-user devices. While installing the Hyper-V Role, you created a virtual switch named Sync NIC. In this section, you will prepare the Sync NIC virtual switch to be used by the Citrix Synchronizer. Changing the Sync NIC’s virtual switch name to External Network does […]

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