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Explaining USB Storage of RadeCache (Application Streaming)

Some customers want to store the RadeCache on USB sticks.    Is it possible?  The answer is: Yes, but it requires jumping through a few hoops.  The background on the problem and the steps to pull it off are described below. Background  With Application Streaming, the general idea is to runtime populate execution material onto the […]

Citrix XenApp, Terminal Services ’08 RemoteApps Universal Web Portal – visionapp Workspace Management (vWM) Demo

Written by: Douglas Brown I must admit, I’m a bit behind on my email so today I thought I would dig my way out and as I was going through them I found one of the coolest gems I’ve seen in awhile.   In fact, I think this gem was/is the solution to a problem I’ve […]

Citrix XenApp, Terminal Services ’08 RemoteApps Web Portal – visionapp Workspace Management (vWM)

I’m calling my new blog "Virtualization Ramblings" and I guess that is what you are going to get…  Today I want to ramble a bit about an amazing application that I found in email.. I must admit, I’m a bit behind on my email so today I thought I would dig my way out and […]

“How Policies Impact Citrix XenApp (Presentation Server) Environments” White Paper

There are numerous ways to apply a configuration or security setting onto a group of servers within a Presentation Server environment. Because policies are so unique, diverse and customizable, there is no single, correct method toward policy design. However, this document will give the key areas to consider when deciding on the appropriate approach to […]

Attachmate Reflection for IBM 2007 is Citrix Ready

Citrix Ready
Attachmate Reflection First Terminal Emulation Product to be Vendor-validated for Citrix XenApp in Citrix Ready Program SEATTLE – Attachmate Corporation today announced that Attachmate® Reflection® for IBM® 2007 has been vendor-validated for Citrix XenApp (previously known as Citrix Presentation Server) in the Citrix Ready program, becoming the first terminal emulation product to be Citrix Ready […]

Which Applications Can Be Virtualized?

“When are you going to publish the list of applications Citrix XenApp can virtualize with Application Streaming?”   It’s a simple question, but the answer is not. There’s just no way to test all of the applications that are out there, especially when you consider that some of the best candidates for virtualization are those […]

Citrix SpeedScreen Progressive Display Delivers PACS Images

You may have already seen the Tolly Group’s report on how SpeedScreen Progressive Display enables delivery of PACS images to healthcare workers over a variety of network types. But for me it is even more exciting to hear from customers actually experiencing this technology in the field. Recently I learned of a hospital network using XenApp […]

What is the Future of XenApp for UNIX (MetaFrame for Unix)

As a follow up to Carlo’s post on XenApp for UNIX, I would like to discuss our future for the UNIX product. XenApp for UNIX is a fully supported, maintained and enhanced product. Since we released Presentation Server for UNIX 4.0, the product has been following an incremental feature delivery model. Since the 2005 release […]

Xceedium GateKeeper Review – Policy Citrix Security Solution

At Summit in January I ran into an interesting Citrix partner – Xceedium.  It’s a security company with an appliance product, called GateKeeper, that is complementary to XenApp.  It enforces security policy by providing compartmentalization and containment. Say you are outsourcing development.  The GateKeeper provides capability they call “LeapFrog Prevention” to isolate and contain users to authorized […]

What’s in Citrix’s Project Delaware?

Before I get into Delaware details, let me give you the inside scoop on the project name. For those who haven’t figured it out by now, all our XenApp releases are named after rivers. Project Delaware will be the first major release to support Windows Server 2008 and we have been working on this release […]

Extentrix Products Are Verified As Citrix Ready

Citrix Ready
Extentrix line of products for Citrix Presentation Server is verified as Citrix compatible.   Dubai, UAE. — 3/5/2008 — — Extentrix Systems, FZE a leading software development company specializing in infrastructure solutions for Microsoft Terminal Services and Citrix Application Delivery Infrastructure solutions, announced it has completed the requirements for participation in the Citrix Ready™ program. […]

Desktop Virtualization Nears Inflection Point

CIO Survey Reinforces Desktop Virtualization Thesis. We surveyed 50 CIOs from IT departments of Fortune 1000 or equivalent companies regarding their future expectations for their PC infrastructure. The results of our survey and our channel checks reinforce our thesis that desktop virtualization is now becoming a critical component of many companies’ desktop replacement strategies. Specifically, […]

Citrix Delivery Center Helps Customers Transform Datacenters Into Delivery Centers

Company Renames Popular Application Virtualization Product and Unifies Multiple Application Delivery Infrastructure Solutions Under Single Product Family Brand; New Workflow Studio Tool Makes it Easy for Customers to Orchestrate Communications Across Multiple Citrix Delivery Center Products FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. Citrix Systems, Inc. (Nasdaq:CTXS), the global leader in application delivery infrastructure, today announced Citrix Delivery Center, […]

Citrix Releases Citrix Provisioning Server XenApp Integration Utility

Citrix support just released a free utility to help you with installing Citrix XenApp (Presentation Server) inside a Citrix Provisioning Server for Datacenters Virtual Disk.   It details the steps necessary to install and configure XenApp with a Provisioning Server implementation. To learn more and to download the above Citrix Provisioning Server PS Integration Utility please […]

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