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Download FSLogix Office 365 Container

Enable Successful Office 365 Deployments in all Virtualized Environments For enterprise class performance expected by your end-user community, Cached Exchange Mode (CEM) must be enabled in Outlook. Once CEM is enabled, very large files (OSTs) will need to be persisted between virtual workspace sessions. Doing this with traditional approaches like roaming profiles or Folder Redirection […]

Atlantis White Papers, On-Demand Webinars, and a Cool Download

Today I wanted to share with a few really good Atlantis resources! As you might know, Atlantis won TWO ‘Best of Show’ awards at Synergy 2016. They are truly hitting the sweet spot and hence I thought it would be worth your time! Here are a few of their latest white papers, on-demand webinars, and even a cool download 😉  […]

Citrix NetScaler: An Intelligent, Hands-Free Way to Secure XenApp & XenDesktop

They say simplicity is the best form of security. The less complex your access controls, the fewer gates there are to open or close, the more invisible the security checks and the greater your chances of maintaining a highly secure, yet user-friendly environment. That has been the philosophy driving the seamless integration between NetScaler and XenApp-XenDesktop. […]

NEW ‘FSLogix Office 365 Container for Citrix XenApp, Terminal Services, and Pooled VDI’ Product Overview Video

FSLogix Office 365 Container installs in minutes, and allows enterprises to virtualize and persist OST files for users with XenApp, Terminal Services, and non-persistent or ‘pooled’ VDI. Based on the 2015 Citrix Synergy Winning, FSLogix Profile Container, this new product runs seamlessly alongside your existing UEM solution, maximizing your existing infrastructure investment and providing supercharged […]

FSLogix Releases Office 365 Container for Citrix!

Industry First Drop-In Solution Extends Existing Profile and UEM Infrastructure While Enabling High Performance Office 365 on Virtual Desktops With over 70 million monthly users, Office 365 is Microsoft’s fastest growing commercial product ever FSLogix Office 365 Container for Citrix works to extend UEM solutions from all major industry vendors New product provides True Cached […]

Citrix: Azure Resource Manager, Citrix Cloud & Hybrid Deployment … OH MY!

A few months’ ago, I wrote a blog post discussing the architecture of a Citrix Cloud solution that leverages NetScaler’s Azure VPN capabilities. This solution was limited to Azure Classic mode, which, up until July 4th, was the only supported native provisioning method for Azure. But there’s good news! We now have Azure Resource Manager (ARM) […]

Documenting Microsoft DNS with Microsoft PowerShell V1.00

Carl Webster
After releasing documentation scripts for Microsoft Active Directory and DHCP, I received a lot of requests for a script to document Microsoft DNS. Microsoft makes DNS cmdlets for Windows Server 2012 and higher. I sent out a request for testers and from their requests I added a lot more functionality to my initial script. I […]

Delivering XenDesktop from Microsoft Azure using Azure Resource Manager

Last week, Citrix announced support for Microsoft Azure Resource Manager in XenDesktop. As of now this feature is only available in Citrix Cloud. Because Citrix has the common policy that features comes in Cloud first then on the on-premises deployment. Using Azure Resource manager the setup has been simplified alot!  My lab is quite simple […]

Citrix: End-to-End Security with XenApp & XenDesktop

End-to-End Security with XenApp and XenDesktop – A New White Paper (With a Puzzle)! Great change happens when forces collide. In the world of cryptography, those forces are active today: new regulations, emerging threats, and technical innovation. This is why Transport Layer Security (TLS – the successor to SSL) has been much in the news […]

Redefining Workspace Infrastructure – Deliver virtual desktops faster than flash for under $100_user – On-Demand Webinar

Organizations are being challenged with increasing need to provide users secure access to desktops and applications anywhere on any device to keep their users productive. Delivering workspace and mobility solutions traditionally has proven to be too complex and expensive, often leaving users with a poor experience. Fortunately, these challenges have been eliminated with the cost […]