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Citrix on Windows 10 and XenDesktop

Citrix Systems
Windows 10 has been nicknamed “the last version of Windows ever”, as it follows a model called Windows as a Service: a new way of building, deploying, and servicing Windows. Under this paradigm, Microsoft is tackling two key customer challenges: Forklift and lengthy projects for OS version upgrades. Selective patching of the OS, resulting in […]

Citrix: How to Use the New Linux VDA Image Service to Create a Linux Machine Catalog in Azure

Citrix Systems
Last month, we launched a new Citrix Cloud Service; you can find the announcement here. The New Linux VDA Image Service offers an easy way to create an MCS-ready and Azure-friendly Linux VDA image (VHD), which can be used as a base image to feed XenDesktop to create a machine catalog. In this blog post, […]

Rory Monaghan Project: Simplified Thin Client Management

Over the years I have worked with many different makes and models of thin clients. In previous years, the management software of most thin clients left a lot to be desired, particularly from the hardware manufacturers with the largest presence in enterprise IT, I’ll let you guess which those are 🙂 When Douglas Brown joined IGEL Technologies, it […]

steadyPRINT Releases v7.0.1

steadyPRINT Features, additions, modifications and bug fixes in version 7.0.1 Features Features Description steadyPRINT Client: Reading out MAC addresses Now, the Agent is also reading out the client’s MAC addresses. This function is limited to workstation- and VMware client sessions. steadyPRINT: Assignment to MAC addresses steadyPRINT is now able to make an assginment based on […]

Citrix: Monitor Logon Performance Seamlessly with eG Innovations

Citrix Systems
Today’s digital economy spans geographies, network landscapes, and distributed datacenters, so it is important to establish seamless remote connectivity for end users, wherever they connect and from whichever device. eG Innovations, a Citrix Ready Partner since 2010, and Citrix have been working together to ensure that their end-user computing solutions offer an enriching virtual workspace […]

Unattended Installation scripts Citrix XenDesktop 7.x Part 6

Wilco van Bragt
In the earlier articles I wrote down how to install unattended the XenDesktop components. The article was based on the versions of XenDesktop 7.6 till XenDesktop 7.13 (dependent of the article). Currently Citrix is releasing every quarter a new version, so it’s time to update the articles with the new installation information of later release(s) […]

Citrix XenServer Releases: Something for Everyone

Citrix Systems
Long Term Service Releases, Current Releases, upgrades and updates, hotfixes. What are they all, and what’s changing? Let me give you the details. Long Term Service Releases (LTSRs): up to 10 years of supportWith the release of XenServer 7.1 LTSR Cumulative Update (CU) 1, we’ve taken the first step on a 10 year-long journey of […]

Citrix Releases Update for XenServer 7.1 LTSR

Citrix Systems
The XenServer team is pleased to announce the availability of XenServer 7.1 CU1, the first cumulative update for the XenServer 7.1 Long-Term Support Release (LTSR). CU1 rolls-up all hotfixes released on XenServer 7.1 to date. While there are no new features introduced in this update, a number of fixes are included to further enhance and […]

Citrix Introduces Azure Managed Disks (Preview) in XenApp & XenDesktop on Azure

Citrix Systems
You can now try a preview of Azure Managed Disks in Citrix Cloud’s XenApp & XenDesktop service while we put the finishing touches on the production version. Managed Disks provides scalable and highly available storage without the need to create storage accounts and worry about storage account IOPS constraints. Overview of Managed Disks Azure Managed […]

Login VSI adds Predictive Power to Login PI

Login VSI
The next phase in virtualized desktop availability and performance testing Login VSI (, the industry leader in VDI and SBC performance testing, announces the new version of Login PI, v2.1, which introduces new and highly anticipated predictive power to this fast-growing availability and performance testing solution. Introducing predictive power Login PI’s virtual users run their […]

Ivanti User Workspace Management (formerly AppSense) Release Cadence

Earlier this year we announced a new quarterly release cadence. Quarterly cadence means that you, our customers, will have access to product updates every three months. It also aligns more closely to the Microsoft and Citrix release schedules – see these articles for more detail: These quarterly releases will include Service Updates and […]

Citrix: Better Than Ever – XenApp / XenDesktop Site Design (v2017)

Citrix Systems
Because this is the third article in this farm/site/zone design series, and since it appears I get around to providing an update on this topic every 2 years, I guess this is now a biennial tradition. In case you missed the first couple, let me provide an executive summary for you: XenApp Farm and Zone Design […]

Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop Q3 2017 FAQ from the What’s New Webinar

Citrix Systems
Hundreds of you from all around the globe tuned in on August 17th to our “What’s New and What’s Coming with Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop” webinar (which just happened to coincide with my birthday). Thanks to everyone who attended and we hope you found the information helpful as you begin planning your app and desktop delivery […]

Citrix: Common Criteria Certification for XenApp & XenDesktop

Citrix Systems
Citrix has a long history of achieving the Common Criteria security certification for XenApp and XenDesktop. I am pleased to announce that XenApp and XenDesktop 7.15 LTSR is now formally “in evaluation” status. We are listed as such on the Canadian government CC website, here. Common Criteria is essential for many government customers, but even […]

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