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Citrix StoreFront Planning Guide

Citrix Systems
Citrix StoreFront, which is the successor to Citrix Web Interface, authenticates users to XenDesktop sites, XenApp farms, and AppController (SaaS Apps), enumerating and aggregating available desktops and applications into stores that users access through Citrix Receiver for Android, iOS, Linux, Windows, Win8/RT or Receiver for Web sites. It has been built on a modern, more […]

My experience with Citrix StoreFront 1.2

Citrix StoreFront (CloudGateway Express) is out for some time and customer have asked me about it and wanted to "try" the new StoreFront. Here are some of my experiences with StoreFront: StoreFront is not supported on Windows Domain Controller and don’t use a SQL DB on a Domain Controller for multiple server group. Make sure you have at least […]

Add PFX Export to Windows for Citrix Storefront Wildcard

After you follow this article and you exported your certificate from your Windows IIS server to a *.pfx file with a password and a private key Internal Wildcard Certificate Citrix Cloud Gateway. You now need to install this WildCard Certificate on your Storefront Servers. First Open up the MMC and select “Add / Remove Snap-in”. To […]

What’s new with Citrix Access Gateway Release

With the release of Citrix CloudGateway 2.5, comes the release of Citrix Access Gateway Citrix CloudGateway as you are aware, is the Citrix Enterprise Mobility offering, complete with Citrix Receiver running enterprise applications on the end point, Citrix Storefront running your enterprise app store, Citrix AppController running your mobile policy management and Citrix Access Gateway […]

Citrix Storefront 1.2 – Anything But Trivial

During the last week, I spent some time testing a Citrix recipe which included Storefront version 1.2, NetScaler LB+AGEE in my own lab for learning reasons. During my search, I discovered much wrong & misleading information out there in the World-Wide-Web; therefore I decided to write this straight-to-the point High-Level BLOG about how I got my storefront […]

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