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Citrix StoreFront Aggregation Groups Revisited

Citrix Systems
Over the past 12-18 months, we have seen a dramatic shift with the number of deployments using Web Interface versus StoreFront to the point that StoreFront is the de facto standard in new environment builds and migrations that we are seeing within Citrix Consulting.The majority of these deployments are also leveraging advanced multi-site settings in […]

Automating Citrix NetScaler 11.1 with Octoblu and your Apple Watch

Dave Brett
I have been meaning to take a look at Octoblu for some time now but due to other commitments and workload I just have not had the time.  Over the past few days I have started to delve into the world of IoT and Octoblu and I have to say – I am very very […]

Citrix StoreFront Authentication SDK Update

Citrix Systems
At Citrix Synergy 2016, we announced an update to the StoreFront Authentication SDK that enables you to say YES to more authentication methods and greater flexibility in how you secure access to your apps and desktops. Breaking Changes The first StoreFront Authentication was released with v2.6 and included the ability to customize both the end-user and administrator experience. […]

Unattended Installation scripts Citrix XenDesktop 7.x Part 3

Wilco van Bragt
In the second part I shared the scripts and RES One Automation Building Blocks to install unattended a PVS based XenDesktop 7.6 Server VDA. In part 1 the scripts for the Delivery Controller were shared. In this part three article I will show/share the unattended scripts for StoreFront and Director. Citrix StoreFront The installation of Citrix StoreFront […]

Citrix: Announcing StoreFront 3.5

Citrix Systems
Today marks a major milestone for Citrix StoreFront, as we’ve announced the general availability of StoreFront 3.5. This release significantly revamps the administration console and PowerShell SDK, which makes the administration of StoreFront much easier. Here is what’s new in StoreFront 3.5. Updated administration console There are a number of significant changes in the administration console: Store […]

CTXLogging now with support for Citrix Storefront

Dominik Britz
My PowerShell module to control logging of various Citrix components is now available in version 0.3. With it comes support to control Citrix Storefront tracing. If you have to troubleshoot Citrix Storefront your first stop should be the “Citrix Delivery Services” Eventlog. You will see tons of information there if something goes wrong. But if this […]

Citrix: Smart Card Test for HDX Premium Thin Clients

Citrix Systems
This post is a deep dive into the test to see which smart card is best for your HDX Premium-level Thin Client. We’ll cover: Availability of a detailed Smart card deployment guide for easier testing Various choices of Smart Cards available Typical smart card testing criteria A Detailed Smart Card Deployment Guide Inside the test kit bundle […]

Quick how-to: skinning Citrix StoreFront

Martijn Bosschaart
Share the post “Quick how-to: skinning StoreFront” I was playing around with my demo environment and modified the wallpaper to give it a nice Nutanix branding. Here’s the result: To do this simply edit the file file. The “CitrixWeb” part might be different depending on your store naming when you configured Storefront. Make it look […]

Automate App Approval for Citrix Storefront with Octoblu

Have you ever had to fill out an “application request form” on your company’s Intranet site or open a “request for application access” ticket in your company’s tracking system? Have you ever received an email asking you to log into your company’s network to approve an application request from one of your employees only to find that […]

Citrix: Linux Virtual Desktop Logon Name Formats

Some of your Linux VDA users may experience this. They log on via StoreFront, click on their published Linux desktop and are presented with an ugly “Invalid Login” dialog box in Receiver. This may be caused by your underlying Linux Active Directory integration package (such as Winbind or Centrify) not recognizing the format of the logon name entered in StoreFront. Citrix […]

Customize Citrix StoreFront 3.0: Featured Application Groups

Throughout this blog series we have given you a teaser into the content of the delivering a custom StoreFront 3.0 experience eLearning course. We have whetted your customization appetite by showing you, using step by step videos, how to: Video 1 – Toggle between the Classic UI and the new StoreFront 3.0 experience UI. Video 2 – Propagate […]

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