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Why we use Microsoft App-V

It seems strange that I’ve never written this article before.  I haven’t needed to.  But we need to be reminded now and then. Those of us using App-V, which includes most of the largest, and best run, enterprises around the world, do so because it is the easiest way to customize, prepare, and deliver applications to […]

Citrix: CIO strategies to combat growing IT complexity

Citrix Systems
The future has never looked more complex. IT leaders are asked not only to deliver IT services, but also to improve business outcomes. Employees demand anytime, anywhere access to a wide range of apps and personal devices. The cloud is offering more choices than ever before, and this requires careful orchestration of hybrid and multi-cloud […]

Citrix Smart Check: Just What the Doctor Ordered!

Citrix Systems
Using Smart Check to proactively monitor the health of your XenApp and XenDesktop on-premises sites Like many people, you probably go to the doctor for a regular physical each year. You do this because you care about your personal health and are interested in receiving good news from the doctor that all is well. Your […]

Citrix Synergy Interview Video: John Pangulias, Citrix

IGEL Technology
This video is from the fine folks at IGEL Technology. Learn more: Download IGEL OS and  End-Point Management (UMS) Software. View more IGEL Resources, videos, white papers, case studies, data sheets.

Citrix Partner Grows ShareFile Business with Custom Solution

Citrix Systems
Bernd Dausch and his colleagues at Schuster & Walther, a longtime Citrix partner based in Germany, recognized a common business challenge that many of their customers in the legal field were facing. “Their file-sharing methods were inefficient,” said Dausch. “They need to keep the files secure, so they were packing them up in briefcases, driving […]

Citrix: Upgrade XenServer Now!

Citrix Systems
Upgrade Your XenServer Virtual Environment Now and Bring Out the Best in Citrix Application and Desktop Delivery Hello everyone! Did you make it to Citrix Synergy this year? If so, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did! If not, no worries… you can still catch many of the sessions on Synergy TV. During […]

Citrix: How a Serious Motorcycle Accident Changed the Way I Look at Citrix

Citrix Systems
Last year, I took my motorcycle to work. There was heavy traffic, but nothing out of the ordinary. When I was less than a mile away from the office, someone cut in front of me and stopped abruptly… Everything felt like it was in slow motion. I swerved to avoid a collision, almost went against […]

Citrix Synergy: People-centric Computing, Digital Transformation, and the Future of Work

Citrix Systems
If you were at Citrix Synergy this year, chances are you are thinking about Citrix a little differently now. That’s because Citrix itself is thinking about you a little differently. And in the process, the company has reshaped itself. Instead of offering point solutions that add more complexity, Citrix Synergy showed that the company has […]

Citrix: Not Your Granddaddy’s Citrix…

Citrix Systems
At Citrix Synergy 2018, we showcased a ton of new innovation centered around Experience, Choice and Security. This was not just the next version of our solutions, it was the unveiling of a brand new Citrix. Over the last 12 months, we upgraded the entire organization and portfolio from an IT-centric product set to an […]

Citrix: An Inside Look at the next Secure Mail release…

Citrix Systems
Secure Mail is changing… Your Secure Mail app is continuing to evolve, and we are pretty sure you’ll like the updates we have in store. As many of you have noticed, we have been making changes in Secure Mail (4+* on Apple App Store) to provide unification across our apps and a better, more native […]

Creativity and Sales Mojo: IGEL’s Award Winning Partners Can’t be Beat!

IGEL Technology
Citrix Synergy had it all this year:  our IGEL Community was out in full force at our events.  We had great give-and-take with our fellow thought leaders on the future of EUC, and we celebrated our extraordinary partners who take IGEL’s software story out to the front lines, with record-breaking sales results! At Synergy we […]

Citrix Synergy TV Video – Citrix Provisioning Services real-world usage and benefits

Citrix Systems
Citrix Provisioning Services (PVS) offers significant benefits but also brings many challenges. PVS enables the rapid and consistent deployment of operating systems and settings across a large number of nodes. However, the challenges of managing images can create contention within organizations. Join this session to learn how the hosting organization at Citrix customer Cerner interacts […]

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