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Is Citrix Headed in the Right Direction?

IT Blog by Marius Sandbu
There has been a lot of buzz on Citrix lately with the sale of the Goto brand, and stating that they are going back to their “Core” of their products, also stating that their main strategy is cloud first. Now there has been a lot of new features / products being announced / added over […]

Citrix: Customizing Your Own Virtual Channel on Receiver for Android 3.11!

Citrix Systems
For people who love Android smartphones, tablets and other devices, Citrix innovation has taken a powerful leap forward. As of February 8th, Citrix Receiver for Android 3.11 is now available on Google Play. This Citrix Receiver update introduced a new powerful tool: Citrix Virtual Channel Software Development Kit (VCSDK), which enables software developers to write […]

Citrix: At the Intersection of Healthcare and Citrix Cloud

Citrix Systems
By now, you may have had some exposure to Citrix Cloud service offerings. If not, there are some great resources to get you up to speed. What if you’re a customer or a partner in the healthcare space and you’re wondering whether Citrix Cloud services for application or desktop virtualization might be right for you? […]

Custom ICA with XenApp and XenDesktop 7.x

Wedel IT
With earlier versions of XenApp (Presentation Server 4 until XenApp 6.5) we had the option to create custom ICA files to launch desktops and applications directly and bypass the Web Interface. One tool that we could use to create these files were Citrix Quick Launch Although it is possible to use this tool to create […]

Citrix: Extending EMM Capabilities to Citrix ICA Sessions with MS Intune & XenMobile

Citrix Systems
It has been a while since we released Citrix Receiver for iOS and it has since become one of the preferred mobile clients for our customers. We are excited to announce the Tech Preview of our first Managed Receiver for iOS client with Microsoft Intune! In recent years, the iPad has become the tablet of […]

Citrix Receiver for Chrome 2.3 Has You Covered with Multi-Monitor

Citrix Systems
The new release of Receiver for Chrome is available for Citrix customers, adding multi-monitor in unified desktop mode, experimental API for healthcare use case, graphics and clipboard optimization. Lets learn more about these new features. Multi-monitor in unified desktop mode: You can switch your Chrome device to a unified desktop mode with multiple monitors by using chrome://flags […]

Citrix: Multi-Monitor Support in Citrix Receiver for Chrome

Citrix Systems
We are delighted to announce the latest version of Citrix Receiver for Chrome v2.3 & Citrix Receiver for HTML5 v2.3. One of the new features in Receiver for Chrome is Multi-Monitor Support. As multi-monitor is hugely popular in the enterprise for boosting productivity and multitasking, we are excited to bring this capability to you now. […]

Get that Citrix Receiver an account is not configured pop-up of my screen –

I’m finishing a VMware Horizon project soon, been working with a customer since April to merge four organizations into one. Bumps and hurdles on our road but we’re almost there. The people in the organization have links to other organizations and for some reason they need access to those environments. Also we haven’t succeeded in […]

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