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Citrix Support Releases “Simplifying the Migration to XenApp 5 with XenServer” Implementation Guide

Citrix support just posted "Simplifying the Migration to XenApp 5.0 with XenServer 5.0" implementation guide. This guide is broken down in to the following sections: Overview Simplifying XenApp Migrations Overview Validation XenApp Template Development Server Build XenApp Cloning Prep XenApp Template Creation XenApp Cloning XenApp Testing Builds XenApp Production Configuration Virtual Server Move XenApp Farm […]

Windows XP Performance Optimizations for Citrix XenDesktop and Citrix Provisioning Server vDisks

Many environments have already managed to streamline the image building process and already have familiarity with the many Windows XP performance and optimization tips. Both Citrix XenDesktop (XD) and Citrix Provisioning Server (PVS) support the Windows XP operating system and can benefit from performance enhancements. For those who are familiar with these performance enhancements, this blog […]

Microsoft Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) utilizing Citrix XenDesktop as the Broker

In this second blog entry on VDI I will explain the benefits that using Citrix Xendesktop as the connection broker can bring. As explained in the first blog Microsoft does not provide a broker but partners with companies including Citrix, Quest and several other companies. The list of partners can be found at Citrix […]

Citrix Provisioning Server 5.0 with Citrix XenDesktop 2.0?

Citrix released Provisioning server 5.0 on Aug. 21 and has many different features worth upgrading, such as the database can now be an Microsoft SQL database, and uses Microsoft VHD format. The one problem I have seen so far is the last one, Microsoft VHD is not seen by Citrix XenDesktop. Citrix will be releasing […]

Citrix XenDesktop Storage Requirements Explained

With desktop virtualization you might be thinking what should I use to store all my desktops and data.  This can be especially confusing with Provisioning Server offering storage savings as well as storage optimization features from storage vendors.  This blog covers storage requirements for the various components of XenDesktop, storage for pooled vs. assigned desktops, […]

Citrix Provisioning Server 5.0 (Project Charles) Enters Release Candidate Status

Well I am now allowed to blog about the upcoming release of Citrix Provisioning Server 5.0. I have been beta testing this product for several weeks and can tell you that it is spectacularly different than the 1.0 product that Citrix purchased from Ardence and renamed. Version 5.0 can be considered a grown up version […]

Citrix XenDesktop Setup Wizard Uncovered

The XenDesktop Setup Wizard allows an administrator to quickly create a pooled desktop group with virtual desktop VMs for their XenDesktop environment.  I wanted to share more information on what the XD Setup Wizard does along with promoting it as we have had several customers unaware of the benefits of this wizard.  If you are […]

Citrix Tool for Cloning Presentation Server/XenApp 4.0 and 4.5

Did you know that Citrix has a tool that can help you clone Presentation Servers/XenApp 4.0/4.5? It was developed by Pete Downing and friends to integrate XenApp with Provisioning Server.  Specifically to allow XenApp to work with PVS’s standard image mode.  If think about it, every time you stream a XenApp standard image it’s exactly […]

How To Install and Configure Citrix Provisioning Server Video Podcast with Gareth James – DABCC-TV #7

The following video podcast by Gareth James does an amazing job of walking the viewer through how to install and configure Citrix Provisioning Server.       Click to watch the “How To Install and Configure Citrix Provisioning Server Video Podcast with Gareth James” video podcast! About This Video: When Citrix first bought Ardence I thought […]

Citrix Announces Technical Sessions at Citrix Synergy

Citrix Evangelist Barry Flanagan just released the lineup of technical session for this year’s Citrix Synergy (iForum) conference in Houston!   Very cool stuff so take a look:   ID Title Product Session Type Day Date Time Duration 202 Insights along the Path to the “Xen” Garden – Case Studies in End-to-End Virtualization Virtualization Technical Tuesday […]

Take A Citrix Certification Exam, And If You Need It, Get “Take 2” At No Additional Cost at Citrix Synergy 08

At Citrix Synergy, you can take the latest Citrix Exams at our on-site testing center and get a second chance to pass – free! If needed, you’ll receive an exam retake voucher for the same exam, which can be redeemed at any Prometric testing center worldwide. Choose from the following list of Citrix Exams available […]

Citrix Provisioning Server and Citrix XenApp with Drive Remapping… It Actually Does Work!

Recently I have been working with the different teams here at Citrix implementing Provisioning Server in XenApp environments.  As we venture into this realm, we are finding remapping of drives is quite common in many 4.x, 3.x and XP implementations.  There are typically two scenarios I hear about: Users are confused when they perform a […]

Offline Desktop Virtualization (VDI)

VDI is a pretty cool for a whole host of use cases, but what we really need is a single infrastructure for virtual and physical PCs.  We are nearly there:   Citrix provisioning server can stream a base operating system to virtual and physical PCs Application virtualization and streaming can stream the applications into this […]

Citrix Releases Citrix Provisioning Server XenApp Integration Utility

Citrix support just released a free utility to help you with installing Citrix XenApp (Presentation Server) inside a Citrix Provisioning Server for Datacenters Virtual Disk.   It details the steps necessary to install and configure XenApp with a Provisioning Server implementation. To learn more and to download the above Citrix Provisioning Server PS Integration Utility please […]

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