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Virtual Desktops: Expanding our Integration

Continuing with Virtual Desktop week as we move ever closer to VMworld 2009, we’d like to look at partner integration.   One of the interesting aspects of the evolution Virtual Desktops is the role of Hypervisor vs. Connection Broker, and how vendors are partnering.  We’ve seen vendors like Citrix and VMware offer end-to-end solutions (XenServer with XenDesktop/PVS, or […]

How to Configure Citrix Provisioning Services Page File with Write Cache on a Local Device Hard Disk

In a XenDesktop deployment, as well as some other instances, it is a best practice to use a Provisioning Services vDisk in Standard Image mode with the write cache on the local device’s hard disk. A client-side write cache provides better performance and scalability. However, this configuration involves extra consideration for page file placement. For […]

Getting rid of the Found New Hardware Prompt when using Device HardDisk Cache with Citrix Provisioning Server

Working with Citrix Provisioning Server, you may have encountered the issue of having a "Found New Hardware" prompt when using Cache on Device Hard Disk. When provisioning XenApp Servers, this issue’s impact is minimized because only Administrators can see the popup. When it comes to provisioned Desktops, all users are seing the message at every […]

Upgrading Citrix Provisioning Server vDisks: You’ve Got Options

I have been a huge fan of Provisioning Server ever since I started working with it when Citrix acquired Ardence a few years ago.  It is arguably indispensible in medium to large XenApp environments and provides the mechanism around efficient management of images for XenDesktop.  That being said I think a lot of organizations are […]

Sample Citrix Provisioning Services PowerShell Scripts

I’m currently working for a customer on automating Citrix Provisioning Server through Powershell Scripts. For those who have had a look on how to automate PVS, there are three ways on how to achieve it : The provided Mcli.exe command line tool The PowerShell SnapIn The PVS SOAP API The PowerShell SnapIn was more suited […]

CItrix Provisioning Server 5.1 Direct VHD Boot using Citrix XenServer

After going through the Direct VHD Boot process for HyperV which was a feature of PVS 5.1 the next question that came up was "Does it work with Xenserver?" and the answer that came back was "It technically should work but it is not officially supported yet." So we decided to do the next logical […]

Microsoft VDI + Microsoft Office Communicator 2007 – VDI Softphone

I really like a live demo, nothing quite like getting your hands on the technology to assist you with planning and positioning the said technology. I have heard via the grapevine that there are quite a few people out there saying that using softphones with VDI isn’t possible. Well it definitely is, and if you […]

Citrix Technical TechTalk Webinar: “Simplifying Implementation of Provisioning Services”

Have you thought about or tried using Citrix Provisioning Services and found it to be complex?  If so, this technical discussion is for you!  In this session, Citrix will discuss how some of the new features of Citrix Provisioning Services 5.1 can simplify implementation and administration of Provisioning Services.   In this Tech Talk, you […]

New Way to Upgrade with Citrix Provisioning Server 5.1 and Microsoft Hyper-V

If you have been using provisioning services for any amount of time you have come to realize the benefits of how easy and quick it can be to update a OS image compared to the old school methods. In the past the exception to this would be if you needed to update the PVS client […]

How to Get the Best ROI from Virtualization Efforts

By Rich Bourdeau, Vice President, DynamicOps Calculating the return on investment (ROI) for virtualization is easy: if you consolidate ten physical machines onto ten virtual machines, running on a single physical server, the capital savings can be quite substantial.    However, achieving these savings is not as easy as the simple math might suggest. Many companies […]

Citrix Provisioning Server 5.1 and XenDesktop Setup Wizard

With the new version of Provisioning Server Citrix changed the management console ports from 8000 and 8001 to 54321 and 54322. The reason for this change is so that PVS can be installed on the XenDesktop Desktop Delivery Controller without port conflicts. The port change breaks the the XenDesktop Setup Wizard because by default the […]

Citrix Provisioning Services for XenApp Best Practices 5A – App Streaming Cache – REVISITED

In Citrix Provisioning Services for XenApp Best Practice #5, I wrote about application streaming integration. I talked about two different options: 1. Stream on-the-fly: which results in the vDisk write cache growing as the application is streamed 2. Pre-cache: which stores the application cache within the vDisk, but helps to reduce the size of the […]

Citrix Provisioning Services for Citrix XenApp Best Practice 5 – Application Streaming Cache

As we continue to discuss Provisioning Services best practices for XenApp, I want to talk about a question I hear a lot, especially when people see the value of Provisioning Services and XenApp Application streaming "Should I pre-deploy my streamed applications into the Provisioning Services vDisk?"  If Provisioning Services wasn’t in the picture, I would […]

Citrix Provisioning Services for XenApp Best Practice 6 – Pagefiles, Partitions and Drive Remapping

Pagefiles, partitions and drives are an interesting combination of items to talk about regarding Provisioning Services and XenApp. Each one will have a direct impact on your environment.  First, let’s be clear, Provisioning Services does support many of these items, but when I design a Provisioning Services solution (or any solution for that matter), I’m […]

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