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Citrix Synergy Session SYN306 Video – Solving PVS challenges with simple shell scripts

Citrix Systems
Citrix Provisioning Services is a key delivery technology with a range of options that can be automated to ease delivery, updates and availability. In this session, we’ll look at automation techniques for rollout, updates and migration. Building on practical examples from field implementations, we’ll cover differences in SDK versions between common releases and what you […]

Citrix Synergy Session SYN305 Video – Citrix provisioning survival guide

Citrix Systems
This is the ultimate list of do’s and don’ts for Citrix provisioning. This session will address architecture design choices, pitfalls, sizing and best practices from the field for both Citrix Provisioning Services and Machine Creation Services. We’ll also discuss how to decide which system is best suited to a particular task, and determine what the […]

Citrix Synergy Session SYN107 Video: XenServer tech update: boot PVS desktops faster…

Citrix Systems
If you’re running XenDesktop on VMware vSphere, you’re paying a vTax of over $100 a desktop. Every edition of XenDesktop and XenApp includes access to Citrix XenServer; with version 7.1 already out and another release on the way, there’s plenty to talk about. Not only can it save you money, but the unique features it […]

Citrix Synergy Session SYN103 Video: Citrix App Layering

Citrix Systems
Based on the pioneering Unidesk layering technology that Citrix acquired in January 2017, Citrix App Layering is quickly becoming the standard for application packaging and lifecycle management. In this session, Unidesk founder and former CTO, Chris Midgley, along with former chief solutions architect and App Layering expert, Ron Oglesby, will provide an overview of the […]

Proactive Logon Monitoring for Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop using eG Enterprise – Video

eG Innovations
Slow logons are most common complaint of Citrix users. When users are not able to log on to their sessions quickly and seamlessly, it leads to frustration and lower productivity. eG Enterprise Logon Simulator for Citrix XenApp & XenDesktop is an easy-to-use synthetic logon monitoring tool that simulates Citrix user logon scenarios for proactive testing […]

Citrix: Solving PVS Challenges with Simple Shell Scripts

Citrix Systems
Want to maintain and grow your Citrix Provisioning Services estate reliably — but also want free time to do the cool IoT stuff or even just hang out with family and friends? While scripting is unlikely to bring about world peace, it can help solve a lot of problems to make day-to-day tasks reliable and […]

Citrix: Layered Images: What Are They & Why Are They Important?

Citrix Systems
One of the cooler features of Citrix App Layering is Layered Images. My focus in this blog post is to describe Layered Images: what they are, how they are created, and WHY they are important to your environment. It’s important to understand that our layering is not just an “app-layering” product, but really is a Windows Operating System […]

Citrix XenServer on Nutanix HCI: Yes, You Can!

Citrix Systems
Nutanix has officially announced support for Citrix XenServer 7.1 to its list of supported hypervisors with the release of Nutanix Acropolis Operating System 5.1, taking the Citrix—Nutanix partnership to a new level. Citrix customers running Nutanix Enterprise Cloud can now take advantage of all of the unique benefits of XenServer – including key functionality, such […]

Base Image Script Framework (BIS-F) – Version 6.0.0

The perfect way to seal your Base Image Every time you build you’re base Image from scratch or update it, you must seal it before deploying it to your cloned devices. No matter if you are using Citrix XenApp/XenDesktop with Machine Creation Services (MCS) or Provisioning Services (PVS), VMware View or Microsoft only, BIS-F supports […]

Citrix vDisk Replicator Tool

Citrix Systems
During my time as a field consultant, I’ve noticed that one of the most common operational challenges Citrix administrators face on a regular basis is replicating vDisks across PVS servers and farms. This has commonly involved time-consuming manual work by administrators, a process that could be simplified with an automated replication script. Something like we’re introducing: […]

Win10 to Win10 with a Citrix VDA

Sacha Thomet
Intro – my relationship with Windows 10 The company I’m working for, Die Mobiliar, started early with Windows 10, we rolled out in spring 2016 Windows 10 to all our physical devices and also to our virtual Desktops. We have two different kind of VDIs, pooled Win10 Desktops provided by Citrix PVS and also classical […]

Virtualization Comparison updated with latest Citrix XenServer 7.1 – Check it out!

WhatMatrix Community
We are glad to announce the addition of XenServer 7.1 to the Virtualization Category – explore the popular XenServer and compare it with other Virtualization solutions here: The latest XenServer release introduces a number of industry-unique features and has an even tighter alignment  with Citrix XenApp/XenDesktop. Citrix is clearly focused on positioning XenServer 7.1 as […]

Citrix moving forward with Citrix Cloud and Essentials package

IT Blog by Marius Sandbu
There is alot of interest around Citrix these days with the upcoming releases with XenDesktop Essentials and XenApp Essentials, and also with all the investments in the latest release with 7.13 as well. The purpose of this blog is to summurize the differences between the different offers that Citrix has now moving forward and of […]

Citrix Video – Introducing PVS-Accelerator, only available with XenServer!

Citrix Systems
This short video gives a simple demonstration of the PVS-Accelerator technology while showcasing its benefits. Available with XenServer 7.1 and Provisioning Services 7.13. Visit for more information. This video is from the fine folks at Citrix

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