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Monitoring Citrix PVS Cache in RAM Size

In this video we show you how to use a Script Based Action within ControlUp to monitor the amount of RAM used in order to create a typical usage baseline.

The IOPS Battle Continues: PVS vs MCS

Ever since Citrix released the new Provisioning Services cache in RAM with disk overflow there have been some spirited debates regarding the effectiveness of this new feature and it’s potential for the future. In fact, Citrix claims to have put storage vendors “on notice”. Although Citrix has been heavily promoting the new feature, there haven’t been a […]

Citrix PVS – What works, what doesn’t, and how to fix it with Atlantis USX (Jim Moyle) 2015-03-26

Atlantis Computing
The new PVS 7.x feature set has enabled new options for Citrix administrators. We’ll have a look at those new features and show how and where you can use Atlantis USX to improve your admin and user experience. We’ll cover PVS (including cache in RAM), MCS and PVD along with the brand new USX 2.2 […]

Optimizing PVS Write Cache With Atlantis ILIO, Citrix PVS, Citrix XenDesktop and VMware vSphere

Atlantis Computing
Download the customer blueprint detailing a production environment and the associated testing results Never worry about PVS Write Cache Sizing Problems again! Areas covered in the customer blueprint: Using Atlantis software to provide limitless performance. Get the flexibilty to scale and stop worrying about sizing. See real life, production implementation and results. Download White Paper […]

Releasing the Nutanix Documentation Script

One of the things I’ve been working on since I started at Nutanix is the Nutanix documentation script. Luckily there already is an PowerShell framework to document AD, DHCP but also XenApp, XenDesktop and PVS for instance.  And with the current release of NOS 4.1.1 and Barry Schiffer’ NetScaler Documentation script I figured it would be […]

Citrix XenDesktop: PVS with NVIDIA vGPU Available and Fully Supported!

Citrix Systems
Those of you using Citrix XenDesktop and HDX 3D Pro with XenServer for vGPU may be aware that initially NVIDIA vGPU launched with XenApp and XenDesktop 7.1 back in 2013 and was announced with support for MCS (Machine Creation Services) as a mechanism for provision desktops. Since then we have formally validated, tested and documented support for PVS too, you can find the official […]

Using Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT) 2013 to Deploy Windows 7 Citrix XenDesktop Master to HP Moonshot (m700, m710) – Part 1

Last week I was at the Citrix Technology Professionals (CTP) meetup at Citrix’s Santa Clara office and was having a discussion about Moonshot with Aaron Parker. Aaron is commonly regarded as the master of App-V and MDT, so naturally he was curious to see if I had yet used MDT to deploy the Windows Operating Systems to HP […]

Citrix PVS Resource Usage Part 1

Some people are saying that PVS is complex. I personally don’t think that PVS is complex looking from an infrastructure endpoint, but it can be complex to understand the concept of PVS and the new way of working. When people get that part, the complexity is not a bottleneck anymore. But when people understand the […]

Citrix Provisioning Services Design – Part 1

Nowadays installing much software products is not that difficult anymore, however designing the whole environment with software products is still not that easy. Logically a design should be adjusted to the current infrastructure, the requirements and wishes of the organization. So in my opinion a design would never be 100% identical for two different infrastructures. […]

Citrix Provisioning Services; time to let go

Weapon of choice? Recently I’ve been involved in some internal and external discussions about wether or not a XenDesktop deployment should use Provisioning Services (PVS) or Machine Creation Services (MCS). Ever since Citrix released MCS with the release of XenDesktop 5 this debate has been going on and on and on. Even Citrix is divided. […]

2 infinity and beyond w/ HP Moonshot for Citrix XenDesktop & a little wizardry!

HP Moonshot for XenDesktop When the moon hits your eye like a big idea oh my that’s innovation…Or something like that. Earlier in the year at Citrix Synergy 2014, I had a standing room only session where we presented the Moonshot for XenDesktop offering for the fist time and also talked about the new XenApp […]

Citrix Provisioning Services; time to let go

Martijn Bosschaart
Share the post “Provisioning Services; time to let go” Weapon of choice? Recently I’ve been involved in some internal and external discussions about wether or not a XenDesktop deployment should use Provisioning Services (PVS) or Machine Creation Services (MCS). Ever since Citrix released MCS with the release of XenDesktop 5 this debate has been going […]

Citrix Provisioning Services Failover: Myth Busted!

For a long time if you asked many experts in the field how long it takes for a Provisioning Services (PVS) server to failover, many would have cited an old case study where it took 8 minutes to failover approximately 1500 VMs. This was quite long ago and much has changed over the years so […]

VMXpo2014 – Virtualization & Mobility Expo – Guest Speakers Thomas Poppelgaard & Douglas Brown

Whitehat Virtual Technologies specializes in improving the quality of the end-user experience through desktop virtualization and mobility, and this trade show style event focuses on the key technologies and trends in this area. This year¹s focus is on self-service IT for the corporate IT user. Apple has revolutionized the consumer industry regarding user app selection with […]

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