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AppSense Named Citrix Ready Partner of the Month by Douglas A. Brown
AppSense User Environment Management and Endpoint Security Solution DesktopNow Verified for XenApp, XenDesktop and Citrix Cloud Environments AppSense, now a part of LANDESK, and the leading provider of User Environment Management solutions for the secure endpoint, today announced that it has been named by Citrix® as Citrix Ready® Partner of the Month for November 2016. Delivering integrated workspace […]

Citrix: PVS Internals #3 – Designing vDisk stores

Working as an architect often resembles a Choose Your Own Adventure book. You are talking with your customer, trying to understand their needs and offer them several options to choose from. Sometimes you might have a very strong preference for one of these options and sometimes you leave it up to customer preference, just providing […]

Citrix: PVS and XenServer: Better Together – Join Upcoming Tech Preview!

Through a collaborative effort code-named “Project Diamond,” the PVS and XenServer teams have developed a way to further simplify and enhance Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop deployments, adding fuel to Citrix’s “Better Together” concept. By allowing target devices (servers and desktops) to access data directly from XenServer RAM cache instead of PVS RAM cache, network traffic that […]

A License change with Citrix Provisioning server with huge impact after upgrade to 7.8?

RobBeekmans.NET by Rob Beekmans
A number of reports are coming in from different sources that Citrix has changed something in Citrix Provisioning Server licensing or working. The impact of this is that customers using Citrix Provisioning server datacenter license suddenly can’t use the product anymore after upgrading to version 7.8. This impacts the customers using the XenApp Advanced or […]

Citrix XenApp & XenDesktop 7.x Health Check Script 1.0 Released!

Sacha Thomet
In November 2014 I created the blog post about the adaption of the PVS Script for XenApp/XenDesktop 7.x : XenDesktop & XenApp FMA (7.x) HealthCheck – Oops!… I Did It Again Now after almost two years of continuous development on this Script, the XenApp & XenDesktop 7.x Health Check has now Version 1.0. I started this script in […]

Citrix Provisioning Services 7.x Documentation Script Update Version 5.06

Carl Webster
#Version 5.06 14-Sep-2016 Add support for PVS 7.11 Change version checking to support a four character version number Add to Farm properties, Customer Experience Improvement Program Add to Farm properties, CIS Username Add to Site properties, Seconds between vDisk inventory scans Add to Server properties, Problem Report Date, Summary and Status Add, Fix, Remove or […]

Citrix Provisioning Services 7.x Documentation Script Update Version 5.04

Carl Webster
I recently made changes to the PVS Assessment script based on feedback from a new script user WR. I decided to make the same changes to the “Old” PVS V4.2x documentation script and take this time to do some code cleanup. #Version 5.04 12-Sep-2016 Added Break statements to most of the Switch statements Added checking […]

Citrix Provisioning Services Assessment Script Update Version 1.11

Carl Webster
Received an email from a new script user last week. He was running the new PVS Assessment script V1.10 and sent me his output file. After looking at his output, I noticed several things that could be improved. Thanks WR for the time spent in helping make this script even better. #Version 1.11 12-Sep-2016 Added […]

Citrix Provisioning Services 7.x Documentation Script Update Version 5.05

Carl Webster
I love it when I get new script users. Especially when they are extremely nit picky and OCD. A new script user, Carol, sent me a list of things found in the 5.04 script update I posted earlier. After getting Carol’s approval on the fixes, I decided to go ahead and release the update on […]

Using the New Citrix Provisioning Services PowerShell with PVS 7.0, 7.1, 7.6 and 7.6 LTSR

Carl Webster
I have been told that if you install the Citrix Provisioning Services (PVS) 7.7, or later, console on version 7.0 through 7.6 LTSR that you can use the new Citrix PVS PowerShell. You know, the new, real, object-oriented PowerShell. I decided to test this to see if it was true. Thanks to my employer, Choice […]