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Citrix Workspace Hub expands the desktop in your pocket

Citrix Workspace Hub is designed to support shared workspaces, allowing users to extend running Citrix Receiver sessions from mobile devices to large screens and other peripherals in meeting rooms, hot desks and so on. The physical part of the product is an "Android stick" (resembling a smart TV dongle), coupled with software from Citrix’s recent […]

Down the Rabbit Hole of IoT Part I, or, how an innocent hobby leads to creating an IoT Robo Laser Octoblu Smoke Breathing Kitty on Splunk !

When I left off on the last blog, my son and I were working on our Laser Kitty. I am happy to report that the project was successful! We completed our laser kitty by experimenting and learning all we needed to program an Arduino, servo motors and a laser and then shrink into a small package […]

Citrix Octoblu: Blue/Green Deploys with Kubernetes and Amazon ELB

Citrix Systems
Today’s post was riginally published on Jade Meskill’s personal blog and is being shared here.  At Octoblu, we deploy very frequently and we’re tired of our users seeing the occasional blip when a new version is put into production. Though we’re using Amazon Opsworks to more easily manage our infrastructure, our updates can take a while for dependencies to be […]

Citrix: The Internet of Things (IoT) Impact on Education #IoT

Citrix Systems
Last year, Citrix acquired the Internet of Things (IoT) company Octoblu and since then I have frequently had conversations with many Citrix customers and partners: “Why would Citrix acquire an IoT company?” For many of us, we tend to see IoT as something that has a greater impact on consumers. For example, as it pertains to gadgets […]

Citrix Workspace Hub and Octoblu Workspace Automation Explained

Citrix Systems
We are getting lots of great interest in the Workspace Hub and Octoblu that was demonstrated in the Synergy Day 2 Keynote and again with Brian Madden on the show floor. Brian does a good job asking the right questions and explaining what he is seeing (you can check out the video here). The best compliments […]

iBeacons + Octoblu: Gateblu Plugin

After Citrix Synergy, there was a lot of buzz about using Octoblu to detect iBeacons to trigger automation flows. Now you can build flows using iBeacon support. Until we release our BeaconBlu mobile app, you can use the desktop/embeed Gateblu application to install and use the Beacon plugin, now included in the Octoblu Available Nodes collection. Follow this guide to […]

Octoblu Recap of Citrix Synergy

Citrix Systems
The cat is out of the bag: Octoblu was acquired by Citrix in December. From that time, Citrix had been quiet about it. Until Citrix Synergy, which took place this past week in Orlando, Florida. If you were at Synergy 2015, you might have seen a mind-blowing keynote that, once and for all, made the value […]

The Internet of Things, or, the Consumerization of Engineering

I had heard about it, but aside from thinking of everything around me having an IP address, and imaging doing silly things with my refrigerator, I didn’t really know what it meant. Recently we heard that Citrix had acquired OctoBlu, a leader in the IoT space and saw some impressive demos of human/device interaction at Citrix Summit 2015 in Vegas. […]

The FTC is Now Advocating for the Regulation of the Internet of Things… And That’s a Good Thing.

The FTC has released a report recommending Internet of Things companies adopt best practices when it comes to collecting customer data and implementing security.   The report seems to say that calling for outright legislation for the Internet of Things is “premature”, they instead advocate for “self-regulation” to aid in the adoption of IoT.   Overall the […]

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