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Citrix Octoblu: an Architectural Breakdown

Bas van Kaam
Not that long ago, I wrote a blogpost about IoT regarding some of the things you (might) need to consider when thinking about delivering IoT as a service, from an integrator perspective, for example. Something which often goes beyond the technology involved. If you missed it, you can read about it here. I also briefly […]

IoT for the Citrix Administrator at Synergy: Why Should the Users Have All the Fun?

Citrix Systems
At Citrix, we’ve been busy creating some exciting new experiences for end users by incorporating IoT devices and concepts into everyday activities and workflows. But we’ve not forgotten about the infrastructure administrators. Our Octoblu IoT platform is a powerful tool for a wide variety of process automation use-cases, as well as for interfacing an almost […]

Simply Serve @ Citrix Synergy Video- Chris Matthieu, Octoblu IoT

Citrix Systems
Chris Matthieu from Octoblu shares his experience teaching 5th grad students build a video walkie talkie using donated Arduino kits and Octoblu technology. This video is from the fine folks at Citrix

Citrix: Could Octoblu, Slack & Powershell Create the Perfect XenDesktop SysAdmin?

Citrix Systems
2017 has been labeled as the year for IoT. I’ve been exploring how you can integrate Citrix’s own IoT platform, Octoblu, with a fully deployed XenDesktop environment. I’m currently interning as a Software Test Engineer in the RTST (Real Time System Test) team. The RTST is a live XenDesktop environment that imitates exactly what many […]

Citrix Synergy 2017: Introducing the Inaugural Citrix Workspace IoT Makerspace

Citrix Systems
Citrix Synergy 2017 Orlando is fast approaching. While the core of the conference activities run May 23-25, there are also fantastic activities that get occur before the main show starts. One of these pre-conference activities is the Citrix Synergy Learning Labs. These hands-on sessions give you a chance to get your hands dirty, digging deep […]

Citrix NetScaler GSLB Management with Octoblu and NITRO

Dave Brett
When using Citrix NetScaler to present a web accessible service using GSLB the NetScaler and GSLB has the ability to automatically fail over between sites and return the public IP Address of the currently live service.  This is great and a massive plus for any deployment, however, what if the internet connection goes down at […]

Managing Citrix NetScaler by email with Octoblu and NITRO

Dave Brett
“It would be great if we could enable the developers to enable and disable their own Citrix NetScaler Load Balancer vServers by just sending an e-mail in.  It would mean they could manage their own objects on the NetScaler without any input from IT and without the need to provide access to the NetScaler Itself” This […]

Octoblu Intergration with Free Citrix Monitoring Tool

Dave Brett
I have been a big fan of Citrix Octoblu and what it can bring to your estate for a while now.  I was thinking about how I could “smarten up” the monitoring scripts I have been developing and thought that using Octoblu Triggers would be a good idea as once the error data from the […]

Citrix: Importance of Secure Cross-Protocol IoT Communications

Citrix Systems
Do you have any Internet of Things (IoT) smart devices (Nest, Hue lights, MyQ garage doors, Wemo outlets, etc) in your home or office yet? Are you getting tired of reaching for your phone to interact with these devices? Me too. In fact, I’ve started calling this dissatisfaction, “App Fatigue.” Don’t you wish that your smart […]

Citrix: An Octoblu-Powered Christmas Party!

Citrix Systems
Here at Citrix, we’re working hard to bring awesome workspace IoT solutions to our customers, leveraging our Octoblu Integration of Everything platform in many cases. But, just like our people, Octoblu can play hard as well as work hard, and the holiday season gives it a good opportunity to let its hair down and have […]

Use Octoblu for Citrix NetScaler Management and Analytics Alerting into Slack

Dave Brett
A few weeks ago we had a Citrix User Group Networking SIG Webinar and one of the demo’s I gave was using Octoblu to generate a Slack Channel Alert based on a Citrix NetScaler Management and Analytics Alert coming from a NetScaler in your estate.  I have has a load of questions around how this […]

The Healthcare Hub from Citrix Demo Walkthrough – Citrix Video

Citrix Systems
The Heathcare Hub is an emerging solution from Citrix based on the Workspace IoT Hub. This prototype demonstration shows how the current HDX Ready Pi Thin Client can be upgraded to include IoT features to become a true Healthcare Hub that solves multiple challenges for Healthcare organizations. HDX Casting is used to instantly swipe an […]

Citrix: Automating XenServer with Octoblu!

Citrix Systems
One of the things I like most about my job is bringing together different technologies to produce useful outcomes. Therefore, as both a long-time member of the XenServer team, and a user and fan of Citrix’s Octoblu “integration of everything” platform, I was excited when the opportunity arose to spend time with the Octoblu team […]

The Citrix Workspace IoT Hub Explained

Citrix Systems
The Citrix Workspace IoT Hub is a software-enabled End-User Computing device that can replace a PC or Thin Client with new functions, plus intelligence and connectivity required for Workspace IoT. This ultimate EUC (End User Computing) device—when combined with Citrix app delivery and the Octoblu IoT platform—allows any organization to modernize their workplace and gain […]

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