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Citrix Synergy TV Video – How to deploy NetScaler in public clouds and use it to provide SSO to on-prem and SaaS apps

Citrix Systems
Citrix Synergy TV – SYN224 – How to deploy NetScaler in public clouds and use it to provide SSO to on-prem and SaaS apps This deeply technical session for engineers and architects will show how to size VMs needed to run VPX in AWS and Azure and how to deploy them. Attendees will also learn […]

Citrix Workspace App – Answers to Your Burning Questions

Citrix Systems
I’m writing this blog post as quickly as I possibly can. Ever since returning from Citrix Synergy 2018, my inbox has been on fire with excited questions surrounding the announcement of the new Citrix Workspace app. Citrix Workspace app will be the focal point of the end-user Citrix Workspace experience and is targeted for general […]

Citrix: Not Your Granddaddy’s Citrix…

Citrix Systems
At Citrix Synergy 2018, we showcased a ton of new innovation centered around Experience, Choice and Security. This was not just the next version of our solutions, it was the unveiling of a brand new Citrix. Over the last 12 months, we upgraded the entire organization and portfolio from an IT-centric product set to an […]

Citrix Synergy TV Video – Networking in the age of DevOps

Citrix Systems
Developers are increasingly driving the conversation and buying decisions around network equipment such as load balancers and other layer 7 proxies. Many of the changes are driven by fundamental shifts in software architecture such as microservices, automation, self-service, cloud native-ness and containerization. Citrix NetScaler is adapting to meet these new demands with new form factors, […]

Citrix Synergy TV Video – How Citrix ADC supports compliance and security standards in multi/hybrid cloud world

Citrix Systems
Citrix Synergy TV – SYN228 – How Citrix ADC supports compliance and security standards in multi/hybrid cloud world Enterprises across the world are facing increased security and compliance requirements, and often these are different for each region. Attend this session to learn how Citrix Networking helps customers meet security and compliance requirements for different regions […]

Citrix Synergy TV Video – Demystifying NetScaler SD-WAN for infrastructure architects

Citrix Systems
As many customers start to extend their datacenter services into the cloud, multisite connectivity becomes one of the most important challenges that must be addressed. Citrix NetScaler SD-WAN answers that call, providing unrivaled flexibility and control of the network in these scenarios, but many infrastructure architects are hesitant to explore this technology because they’re not […]

Citrix Synergy TV Video – SD-WAN digital transformation in action

Citrix Systems
NetScaler SD-WAN helps businesses achieve successful digital transformation by reliably and securely connecting branches to the cloud. In this session, you will learn how NetScaler SD-WAN provides a more resilient, agile network with integrated visibility into applications across hybrid-cloud environments. Learn how HMS Host transformed its WAN to provide new innovations to expedite food ordering […]

Citrix Synergy TV Video – Identity and access management and SSO with NetScaler Gateway Service

Citrix Systems
Citrix Synergy TV – SYN204 – Identity and access management and SSO with NetScaler Gateway Service Learn how to ensure secure access and the best user experience with NetScaler Gateway Service. In this session, we will cover use cases of NetScaler Gateway Service for accessing Citrix VDI, web and SaaS apps. If you have on-premises […]

Hybrid, multi-cloud visibility and management with NetScaler MAS

Citrix Systems
So you’re moving workloads to the cloud, that’s great, but now you’ve got traffic spread out across AWS, Azure, on-prem and more. That’s where NetScaler MAS comes in, giving you full visibility into your apps, all across your hybrid, multi-cloud environment. This video is from the fine folks at Citrix

Citrix Synergy TV Video – Next-gen of Native-OTP: now with Push Notification

Citrix Systems
This follow-up to one of the most popular sessions at Synergy 2017 will spotlight the enhanced capabilities of Native-OTP which—based on customer feedback and competitive analysis—now includes Push Notification. This allows customers to completely replace or eliminate certain second-factor authentication products in their deployment, reducing both cost and complexity. Combined with these NetScaler enhancements, improvements […]

Improve network security with Citrix NetScaler MAS

Citrix Systems
Today apps are everywhere, users are everywhere, so your security team needs new tools to see new threats, analyze them and take action. This video is from the fine folks at Citrix

Technology in Practice May 2018: Boost availability, lower network costs with NetScaler SD-WAN – Video

Citrix Systems
This monthly webinar series presents tips, tricks and technical takeaways from Citrix Consulting engagements spanning virtualization, networking, mobility and cloud. Get the inside scoop on IT trends, new Citrix releases and acquisitions, and solutions to common customer issues. Our May edition features Citrix NetScaler SD-WAN, the industry-leading software-defined WAN solution that improves application performance for […]

Citrix Synergy TV Video – Cool things you didn’t know were possible with NetScaler

Citrix Systems
Citrix NetScaler is commonly called a Swiss Army knife, as it has a number of features that are not broadly known which solve difficult customer challenges. In this session, you will learn about five cool NetScaler capabilities that you did not know before. Discover the newest features, deployment use cases and hidden gems in NetScaler. […]

Citrix Synergy TV Video – Discover the NetScaler ADC and AWS advantage

Citrix Systems
Learn how NetScaler can take your AWS deployment to the next level by delivering the benefits of the cloud with the centralized control and security inherent to on-premises deployments. In AWS environments, NetScaler goes beyond basic load balancing and optimization functionality to deliver high application uptime and greater performance with enterprise-grade security and scalability. But […]

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