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Citrix Unified Gateway Configuration Deep Dive Video

In this video we worked with the Product Mangers to dive deep into how to configure the Citrix NetScaler Unified Gateway using the wizard and then dissected what the wizard did. For more information please visit This video is via XenTegra

Citrix: NetScaler, GSLB & Microsoft Azure: What a Combination!

Citrix Systems
Many companies already have a presence in Microsoft Azure with a few simple servers or a complex virtual data centre (yes, “centre,” not “center,” as I am a Brit!) Something I am constantly being asked about is the ability to use Microsoft Azure for business continuity and the options around failing services from your hosted […]

How to Build a Citrix NetScaler Unified Gateway in under a Second

Dave Brett
Whilst attending @XenAppBlog Automation Framework Masterclass in London last month Eric and I started to talk about how we could automate and bring some NetScaler Unified Gateway goodness to the course.  This (obviously) peaked my interest and I started to look into using NITRO to automate a NetScaler Unified Gateway build so that the students […]

Deploying Citrix NetScaler on Nutanix AHV

René Bigler
Citrix NetScaler VPX, the virtual appliance, is available for XenServer, VMWare ESX, Microsoft Hyper-V and KVM hypervisors. Since Nutanix AHV is based on KVM, it is possible to run your NetScaler VPX on the Nutanix native Acropolis hypervisor AHV. NetScaler Gateway VPX is a virtual NetScaler Gateway appliance that is hosted on a hypervisor. NetScaler […]

Citrix NetScaler deployments in Amazon Web Services (AWS) Video

Citrix Systems
Here we learn how to provision a NetScaler ADC VPX EC2 instance in AWS. We first begin by exploring the recommended VPC topology where we create separate subnets for Management Traffic, Back-end Server traffic, and web facing – Client traffic. Once the VPC is created with appropriate subnets, we then launch a NetScaler ADC in […]

Citrix NetScaler deployments in AWS as a L3 Gateway Video

Citrix Systems
Here we configure a deployed NetScaler in our VPC to act as an L3 gateway or router between subnets within our VPC to route traffic out of the private subnets and into public subnets. This configuration can serve as an alternative to NAT gateways and Internet Gateways for private subnet routing. Also with this setup, […]

Citrix NetScaler Master Class Video – May 2017

Citrix Systems
Welcome to the Citrix NetScaler Master Class. Get details on latest features of NetScaler, tips and tricks for easy configuration, and interact with our NetScaler product experts. Learn more at Agenda “101” – NetScaler Web application Firewall: Protect your applications from attack at the highest level “In the Spotlight” – NetScaler 12: New software, new […]

Citrix Web Interface & StoreFront – XML-based user authentication

Bas van Kaam
Initially, with the introduction of StoreFront it relied solely on its authentication service for user authentication purposes. This, as you might be aware is different from Web Interface, which will directly contact one of the configured Delivery Controllers where the Broker/XML service will take over. Since Web Interface is still widely deployed and used in […]

RES ONE Security Joins Citrix Ready Secure Remote Access Program

RES Software
RES ONE extends security and management capabilities to Citrix environments RES, a leading software company, today announced that its RES ONE Security, a dynamic, people-centric approach to managing security, has successfully completed the verification as part of the Citrix Ready Secure Remote Access program. This program showcases partner products that integrate with Citrix products and […]

Citrix Related Webinar from Goliath Technologies for May 2017

Goliath Technologies
May is here and so is your list of upcoming Citrix related webinars from the folks at Goliath Technologies! How to Troubleshoot & Fix the Root Cause of High Citrix ICA Latency on HDX Channels Tuesday, May 2nd at 12:30 pm ET | 9:30 am PT On the free webinar, a Citrix Engineer will hold a live […]

Citrix: New Frontiers of Application and Data Delivery

Citrix Systems
Learn how the NetScaler Suite is helping Enterprises deliver and secure the workspace of the future It’s Buzz Word Bingo! Well, how else would you describe the modern IT vocabulary around Hybrid cloud App infrastructure,  DevOps, SaaS Apps, Mobility, Security, Big Data, Machine Learning-based Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, and Internet of Things? These terms have become a key […]

Using AD FS 4.0, Server 2016, Azure MFA, Citrix FAS, Single FQDN, & Single Sign On with Citrix NetScaler Unified Gateway –

Jason Samuel
Wow, that’s a pretty long title! There’s a lot of moving parts involved with this setup but ultimately you will have a more secure environment with a better user experience in my opinion. The Table of Contents is below, I would urge you to read why you should consider this setup for your environment and […]

Citrix: Introduction to Load Balancing with NetScaler CPX

Citrix Systems
The primary job of a load balancer is to spread client traffic to a set of servers that can handle the traffic. Compared to an architecture with a single server, this adds security,  scalability, resilience and availability. The load balancer accepts (‘terminates’) the connection from the clients and initiates new connections to the servers (“backends”). The […]

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