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Using Microsoft Azure MFA and Citrix NetScaler Gateway with OATH software tokens when traveling

Jason Samuel
I’ve covered how to deploy Microsoft Azure MFA with Citrix NetScaler Gateway in the past. I’ve also covered the Azure MFA User Portal in depth where the user can choose their MFA method most convenient to them. You can skim through those guides here: How to deploy Microsoft Azure MFA & AD Connect with Citrix […]

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Citrix Synergy Session SYN333 Video – Better together….

Citrix Systems
Product and supportability teams have joined forces to make StoreFront and NetScaler Gateway configuration easy from the start.. However, a solid understanding of the communication flow between NetScaler Gateway, StoreFront and XenApp/XenDesktop resources is essential if problems arise and you need to troubleshoot and resolve issues quickly. In this session, you’ll learn about common error […]

FSLogix Apps 2.8.4 – Skype for Business Global Address List and Device Based Licensing Enhancements

Setting up Citrix SSO with Windows 10 and Azure AD Join

A While back I blogged about setting up Citrix FAS and using NetScaler as a SAML iDP, which you can find here –> now I wanted to extend upon that and show how you can use Windows 10 Azure AD Join together with Citrix FAS and SAML to provide a full SSO option from […]

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FREE eG Enterprise Logon Simulator for Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop

eG Innovations
Fast, free and incredibly useful. Coming in summer 2017. Synthetic logon simulation tool for monitoring, diagnosis, alerting and reporting of Citrix logon performance Quick SaaS deployment – be up and running in minutes Web-based monitoring console Supports logon through StoreFront or NetScaler Gateway Best-suited for Citrix XenApp 6.5, 7.x and XenDesktop 7.x Free forever, no […]

Citrix Synergy Session SYN412 Video – StoreFront: top 10 lessons learned from the field

Citrix Systems
Web Interface is now the exception to the rule in most production XenApp and XenDesktop environments, as StoreFront has become the new design standard. In some cases, this has required a complex translation of existing Web Interface–based access tier architectures into StoreFront features and functions. This session will discuss the top 10 lessons learned from […]

FSLogix Apps 2.8.4 – Skype for Business Global Address List and Device Based Licensing Enhancements

Citrix Unveils Innovations at Citrix Synergy to Power the Future of Work (NASDAQ:CTXS)

Citrix Systems
Secure Digital Workspace, New Cloud Services, Powerful Security and Analytics Deliver Greater Productivity, Insight and Security Organizations that harness the full potential of their people will drive business success that will power the future of work. According to a recent Oxford Economic Research study, executives who supported virtual work and mobile business strategies outperformed their […]

Deploying Citrix NetScaler on Nutanix AHV

René Bigler
Citrix NetScaler VPX, the virtual appliance, is available for XenServer, VMWare ESX, Microsoft Hyper-V and KVM hypervisors. Since Nutanix AHV is based on KVM, it is possible to run your NetScaler VPX on the Nutanix native Acropolis hypervisor AHV. NetScaler Gateway VPX is a virtual NetScaler Gateway appliance that is hosted on a hypervisor. NetScaler […]

HPE Hyperconverged Survival Guide: How to Navigate the FUD

Citrix Web Interface & StoreFront – XML-based user authentication

Bas van Kaam
Initially, with the introduction of StoreFront it relied solely on its authentication service for user authentication purposes. This, as you might be aware is different from Web Interface, which will directly contact one of the configured Delivery Controllers where the Broker/XML service will take over. Since Web Interface is still widely deployed and used in […]

FSLogix Apps 2.8.4 – Skype for Business Global Address List and Device Based Licensing Enhancements

Citrix: No Worries! XenMobile Service/NetScaler Gateway Configuration Script for Easy Setup

Citrix Systems
Early this year, we announced an alternative to our previously recommended IPsec Enterprise Connectivity method, Citrix Cloud Connector. This move will not only allow more control over the Mobile Application Management (MAM) settings/timeouts and MicroVPN connections, but also eliminates the need to create and route internal traffic through an IPsec Tunnel. This will result in […]

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How to setup Citrix NetScaler Gateway SSL VPN in Azure as Point-to-Site VPN replacement, using multiple network interfaces

Christiaan Brinkhoff
Citrix just upgraded their NetScaler VPX in Microsoft Azure (official article). There were some limitations before the upgrade that I mentioned in one of my previous blogs. Most of them are now gone, what makes it possible to take NetScaler deployments in Azure to a new level! You can now add extra network interfaces, what […]

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