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Learning the Basics of Citrix XenApp 5 (Part 2 of 7)

In Part 1 of this 7-part article, you learned how to create a account, request an evaluation copy of XenApp 5, generate and download a new license file and downloaded your evaluation software.  In Part 2 of this article, you will learn how to create your Virtual Machine (VM) and install Windows Server 2003 R2 Standard […]

Learning the Basics of Citrix XenApp 5 (Part 1 of 7)

Learning the basics of Citrix XenApp 5 is a fairly easy process.  However, understanding all the installation options, configuration settings, management consoles and administrative processes for all the various Citrix software and hardware components that can go into a Citrix farm can be a daunting task.  This series of articles will lead you from the very […]

How To Configure / Change The Default Citrix License Ports

With MPS3 Citrix introduced the Citrix License Server component. On this component licenses for most Citrix product are managed nowadays. The Citrix License server is communicating using three ports: The License server is by default communicating over port 27000 The Citrix Vendor Daemon is communication over a variable port number The License Management Console is […]

Citrix Releases Citrix License Path Utility – “CtxLicPath”

Citrix support just releases a new utility called, “CtxLicPath”.  It is a graphical user interface (GUI) utility that checks the Citrix license file path on Citrix license servers.   When attempting to run lmstat.exe to obtain current license usage from a Citrix license server, you may receive the following error message:   “Error getting status: […]

Citrix Release “Citrix Provisioning Server for Datacenters 4.5” (formally known as Ardence)

Citrix just released Citrix Provisioning Server for Datacenters 4.5 (formally known as Ardence).  Citrix Provisioning Server for Datacenters 4.5 allows you to “stream”  operating systems on-demand!  Yup, this is really an amazing technology that allows you to rapidly deploy server operating systems as needed – in seconds!!!   To learn more about Citrix Provisioning Server for […]

Citrix Technical Support Updates their “Citrix Brief Troubleshooting Guide” – AMAZING

Updated- 7-21-09 Citrix support just updated their "Brief Troubleshooting Guide" guide.   This Brief Troubleshooting Guide is intended as the first resource for Citrix administrators and Citrix engineers to troubleshooting technical issues for all Citrix technologies. The Brief Troubleshooting Guide provides you with a single point of access to narrow down your technical issues and help […]

How to Set Up a Citrix License Server on a Microsoft Cluster

The following Citrix support whitepaper provides you with details about setting up the Citrix License Server on a Microsoft Cluster. It is one of a series of whitepapers designed to provide you with more detailed information for tasks that extend beyond the scope of installing your licensing components and is designed to complement the Getting […]

DABCC Releases FREE Terminal Server Service Monitoring Tool – TSPing 1.0

We are very happy to announce the FREE release of DABCC TSPing 1.0, a Terminal Server Windows Service monitoring tool. TSPing is a product designed to help network administrators manage their Microsoft Terminal Server installations. TSPing monitors the Microsoft Terminal Server service as well as the Windows Net Logon and Print Spooler services, to determine […]

Citrix Server Service Monitoring Utility – IMAPing Version 3.0 Beta 2 Released (Comes with 2 Free Licenses)

DABCC is very happy to announce the release of IMAPing 3.0 Beta 2, a Citrix Server service monitoring tool.   IMAPing is a software tool that monitors the following critical Citrix and Microsoft services to insure they are functioning correctly. ·          Citrix IMA ·          Citrix License Server services service ·          Citrix XTE service (new if Beta […]

DABCC, INC Announces IMAPing Version 3.0; Citrix Server Service Monitoring Utility

We are very happy to announce the release of IMAPing 3.0, a Citrix Server service monitoring tool.   IMAPing is a software tool that monitors the Citrix IMA and Citrix License Server services as well as the Windows Net Logon and Print Spooler services to insure that they are functioning correctly. If a problem occurs, IMAPing […]

Citrix Engineering Wanted – Richmond, VA

This is a 5 months contract to hire located in the Richmond, VA area. The salary will be based on previous salary history and also level of experience. The salary range for this position is 50-75K.  Candidates must a be a GC Holder/US Citizen as this will go perm.    Please also note that the client […]

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