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Heads up! Citrix Smart Check introduces diagnostics uploads and custom checks and alerts – deep dive (and video) included

Bas van Kaam
Throughout the last couple of months, I have written multiple posts on Citrix Smart Tools, with a special interest in Smart Check. Have a look here and here. Not that long ago I had a short talk with Mathew Varghese, the Director of Product Management for Smart Tools and Insight Services, which also includes Scout. He […]

Citrix: How to Turn a Diagnostic Tool for Mobility into a Proactive Operational Service

Citrix Systems
Searching for a way to reduce mobile user support tickets? How would you and your IT mobility team like to receive email alerts that let you know if something has changed within your XenMobile infrastructure that will impact your users? Did you know that all XenMobile 10 customers have access to a free service that […]

Citrix TaaS and Scout, reporting feature and feature request

Citrix introduced TaaS back in 2010 or 2011. It was a tool to debug your environment by collecting data, upload it to Citrix so they analyze it. I wrote some articles on it back then – Citrix Auto Support: Scout, Citrix troubleshooting done right and  Citrix Scout and TAAS, a golden combination . Wonderful tools to get […]

The one-stop shop for Citrix Smart Check

Bas van Kaam
In the past I have written numerous times about Citrix Insight Services, or TaaS before that, which stands for Tools as a Service (don’t be confused, Insight Services was just another name change from TaaS). Smart Check builds upon these services and offers (at least) the same type of pro-active checks (equal to Insight Services) […]

Citrix Smart Check – the latest addition to the Smart Tools portfolio. Make sure to take it for a test-ride

Bas van Kaam
A few months ago Citrix renamed their Lifecycle Management Services to Smart Tools. Take a look at this post from fellow CTP Andrew Wood, it explains in-detail what Citrix Lifecycle Management Services is all about, including the name change. Smart Tools consists out of four distinct services each fulfilling their own purpose, for this post […]

Levering Citrix XenServer Health Check – integration with Citrix Insight Services

Citrix Systems
This video introduces XenServer Health Check and how to leverage it to lower virtual infrastructure management costs and increase IT agility as well as quality of service delivery. Learn more at

Citrix Call-Home, a potential successor for Scout — here is what you need to know

Bas van Kaam
Citrix Call Home according to the e-docs pages “Call Home collects diagnostic data and then periodically uploads telemetry packages containing that data directly to Citrix Insight Services for analysis and troubleshooting”. A nice summary, but of course there is a bit more to it. Below I have put together a brief ‘did you know that’ […]

Citrix Provisioning Services Assessment Script Update Version 1.10

Carl Webster
Back in July, I was helping a customer of my new employer, Choice Solutions, with some issues with their Provisioning Services (PVS) implementation. In order to resolve their issues, we had to implement several registry changes on their PVS servers. They had multiple PVS farms in multiple locations spread across the United States. I actually started […]

Citrix XenServer Health Check: From Enrollment to Diagnostic Results

Citrix Systems
XenServer 7 has been launched, and following on from the recent blog post announcing the XenServer Health Check feature, I want to get into more detail about the main aspects of this feature. Chiefly, how a XenServer pool can be enrolled into Health Check, how the Health Check upload is performed and how the Health Check […]

Citrix XenServer Health Check with Citrix Insight Services integration

Citrix Systems
Now that we’ve announced the general availability of the latest major release of our virtualization platform, XenServer 7, we can finally talk about its significant new features and capabilities.  The focus of this blog is the new XenServer Health Check and its integration with Citrix Information Services (CIS). XenServer Health Check with Citrix Insight Services […]

Citrix Synergy 2016 Video – SYN221 – Citrix Insight Services: evolving from diagnostics to IT strategy

Citrix Systems
Citrix Insight Services has garnered over 110,000 loyal users who use CIS to run diagnostics and health checks on their Citrix environments. The robustness and accuracy of the diagnostic capabilities continue to improve with new features that enable Citrix admins to create dashboards, study product analytics and gain insights for strategic decision-making.. In this session, […]

Step by Step video for configuring SSON with Citrix Receiver for Windows

Citrix Systems
This video shows step by step guide for configuring SSON with Citrix Receiver for Windows. SSON Configuration article: Citrix Receiver diagnostic tool: Citrix insight services:

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