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Citrix: Overcoming Latency to Serve a Global User Population

Citrix Systems
This month, Citrix introduced a preview of Adaptive Transport for HDX, applying selected techniques previously available only with Framehawk to all ICA virtual channels to accelerate performance while maintaining bandwidth efficiency and low TCO. This article explores how enlightened data transport fits into an end-to-end latency reduction approach that lets users enjoy a snappy, delightful […]

Citrix Related Webinars this Week from Goliath Technologies!

Goliath Technologies
The following is a list of Goliath Technologies Citrix related Webinars for December 2016!  I think you will find you will not only learn about what Goliath brings to the table but also more about how to solve real problems in your Citrix environments.  How to Proactively Test & Confirm Citrix Delivered Apps Launch for […]

Tricerat ScrewDrivers Printing Solution Datasheet

Printing problems are a mundane yet painfully time-consuming issue for system administrators and end users alike. Although technical issues and environments vary throughout the years, the results are always the same: Printing should just work, but often it does not. Enter ScrewDrivers®. Say goodbye to print drivers forever! ScrewDrivers is a remote desktop print management […]

VanBragt.Net E2EVC 2016 Rome Day 1 Recap

Wilco van Bragt
On the 18th of November E2EVC Rome started. I arrived right on time to jump into the actual start of the conference. As usual I’m blogging my experiences. When I arrived Alex just came in in a gladiator suite (don’t ask me why) in which he opened the event. Logically I thanked the sponsors to […]

What is Context Aware User & Device Environment Management and Security?

Physical, virtual, and cloud based end user computing and device management strategies are successful in organizations that have empowered their users with exactly the experience needed to accomplish their job. To deliver this, administrators must ensure that users have the applications, access, and data they need, when they need it – all while ensuring that […]

Independent Review: Goliath for NetScaler v4

Goliath Technologies
This independent review of NetScaler v4 is republished on our blog with permission from Marius Sandbu, Certified Administrator NetScaler & Sr. Systems Engineer. The original post appears on Marius’s blog. Today, Goliath Technologies is releasing version 4.0 of their Goliath for NetScaler product, which is packed with new features. Up until now Goliath has focused […]

Goliath for Citrix NetScaler v4 Released!!!

IT Blog by Marius Sandbu
Today, Goliath Technologies is releasing version 4.0 of their Goliath for NetScaler product, which is packed with new features. Up until now Goliath has focused presenting AppFlow data and the critical metrics to measure end-user experience of both ICA traffic and Web insight to the IT-administrators responsible for. AppFlow can be used to essentially measure […]

Introduction to Syskit 2016 R2 – On-Demand Webinar

SysKit 2016 R2 introduces some revolutionary features in order to provide richer product experience to users. The SharePoint Performance Monitoring and Monitoring Templates features enhance SysKit’s ability to track server performance, enabling you to check specific performance counters for all server roles. The Automated Server Documentation feature expands users’ control over system inventory by using […]

What’s New in Liquidware Labs Stratusphere UX 5.8.5

We’ve recently released Stratusphere UX version 5.8.5, and I could not be more pleased. This release is packed full of goodness, and benefits our customers in a number of areas, such as: significantly lowering the barrier to diagnostics, enhanced ICA/HDX Citrix information and metrics, official support for the Nutanix platform, and application and process-level GPU […]

Liquidware Labs Release Stratusphere UX 5.8.5 – Removes Barriers to Diagnostics

New Search capability, enhanced display protocol visibility for Citrix® XenApp and XenDesktop, and platform support for Nutanix are just a few of the new features in this release. Liquidware Labs, a leader in desktop transformation solutions, today announced the release of Stratusphere UX 5.8.5 with a number of new features and enhancements, including Advanced Search, […]

Building a Citrix NetScaler Gateway from Scratch (SSL Labs A Grade)

Dave Brett
I was recently asked about building a NetScaler Gateway from scratch for ICA only connections.  I know this can be done using a wizard but if you want to know a little more about how it all hangs together or to name things how you want instead of the names given by the wizards then […]

Citrix: Improving XenServer VNC Mouse Performance on MCS-Created Machines

Citrix Systems
I have seen a number of forum posts and internal emails about the fact that on machine creation services (MCS) created machines, the VNC mouse performance isn’t all that good, so this post explains why it is this way and how to return the mouse performance to normal. It should be noted that this only affects VNC connections […]

How UHS Troubleshoots End User Experience Issues Across 33 Acute Care Facilities

Goliath Technologies
“My experience with Goliath Technologies goes back several years from my time at UHS. They have the only solution of this kind that combines the ability to preemptively alert us if clinicians will have difficulty when attempting to access Citrix & Cerner. This provides us with an early warning system that is better than real […]

Access and authentication methods in a Citrix enviroment

IT Blog by Marius Sandbu
So this blog post is based upon my presentation on VirtrualExpo earlier this week. Where I talked about different authentication and access methods in a Citrix enviroment. Which is a pretty broad subject. So my presentation discused different methods so this blog post is going trough some the different ones and talk about features how […]

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