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How to setup a Citrix NetScaler 11.1 VPX in Microsoft Azure, including NetScaler Gateway (ICA Proxy) configuration

Christiaan Brinkhoff
In addition to my previous blogpost, How to Build your Citrix Disaster Recovery environment in Microsoft Azure, and of course, when you need to proceed the NetScaler setup in Azure for your own Citrix (hybrid) environment, I created this blog article, to show you how to get familiar with the configuration steps that must be […]

How to install and configure NetScaler 11.1 Unified Gateway (VPX)

Christiaan Brinkhoff
One of the great features that is available for the NetScaler since the release of version 11 / 11.1, is the built-in wizard to configure Unified Gateway trough a “simple” step-by-step wizard. The wizard is an easy way to configure all the “most frequently’’ used features that NetScaler can deliver in just several mouse clicks. […]

Citrix: Providing Full Receiver for Web Experience for Microsoft Edge

Citrix Systems
In a previous blog post, I discussed the difficulty of supporting full Receiver for Web (RfWeb) user experience for Microsoft Edge. I also suggested a workaround for launching HDX applications/desktops by adding the RfWeb site to the Intranet or Trusted zone. From Edge 38.14393.0.0 on Windows Version 1607 (OS Build 14393.0), this workaround stops working. Edge always prompts the […]

Citrix: HDX Adaptive Transport Protocol Monitoring via Director

Citrix Systems
In the Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop 7.13 release, the Director Session Details panel is enhanced to display the transport protocol in use for the session. The protocol is displayed as TCP or UDP for the HDX connection type based on the new HDX adaptive transport technology. Adaptive transport for XenApp and XenDesktop optimizes data transport by applying a new Citrix protocol […]

Load Balancing Citrix Delivery Controllers via a Load Balancer necessity?

Wilco van Bragt
At one of my projects we were discussing the high level design decisions and one of the discussion topics were setting-up the Delivery Controllers high available and redundant. During the talk we discussed the necessity of using Load Balancer appliances in front of the Delivery Controller. Based on that talk I thought it was a […]

Citrix Related Webinars from Goliath Technologies – February 2017 Part 2

Goliath Technologies
The following is a list of upcoming Citrix related webinars from Goliath Technologies for the second half of February 2017. Hope you can attend, here you go! Live from Accelera’s Data Center: How to Proactively Test & Confirm Citrix-Delivered Applications Will Launch Wednesday, February 15th at 12:30 pm ET | 9:30 am PT On the webinar, Matt Moulton, Lead Citrix […]

Custom ICA with XenApp and XenDesktop 7.x

Wedel IT
With earlier versions of XenApp (Presentation Server 4 until XenApp 6.5) we had the option to create custom ICA files to launch desktops and applications directly and bypass the Web Interface. One tool that we could use to create these files were Citrix Quick Launch Although it is possible to use this tool to create […]

Tricerat Simplify Scanning – Datasheet

Incompatible scanner drivers, unsupported drivers and applications, constant software upgrades, and time-consuming workarounds are a few of the common and aggravating issues that may arise when users scan documents in their server-based, virtual, or workstation environment. Tricerat Simplify Scanning™ is the cost efficient solution to take scanning off your list of IT headaches. Seamless network […]

Citrix: Extending EMM Capabilities to Citrix ICA Sessions with MS Intune & XenMobile

Citrix Systems
It has been a while since we released Citrix Receiver for iOS and it has since become one of the preferred mobile clients for our customers. We are excited to announce the Tech Preview of our first Managed Receiver for iOS client with Microsoft Intune! In recent years, the iPad has become the tablet of […]

Synthetic Monitoring in APM Strategy – Part 2

eG Innovations
The Evolution of Synthetic Monitoring In the early days of application performance monitoring, synthetic monitoring was based on protocol level emulation. For example, HTTP protocol’s GET method was implemented by monitoring agents and used to determine how fast web sites responded, and whether they were available or not. Likewise, ICMP echo (commonly called “ping”) was […]

Goliath for Citrix NetScaler v4

Goliath Technologies
This independent review of NetScaler v4 is republished on our blog with permission from Marius Sandbu, Certified Administrator NetScaler & Sr. Systems Engineer. The original post appears on Marius’s blog. Today, Goliath Technologies is releasing version 4.0 of their Goliath for NetScaler product, which is packed with new features. Up until now Goliath has focused […]

Citrix Related Webinars for January 2017 from Goliath Solutions – Part 2

Goliath Technologies
I’m back with a few more Citrix related webinars for the 2nd half of January! Hope you find them useful! How to Proactively Troubleshoot & Fix Common Citrix End User Issues Tuesday, January 17th at 12:30 pm at ET | 9:30 am PT On this free live webinar, a Citrix Virtualization Expert show you how to proactively troubleshoot […]

Citrix XenDesktop EDT over NetScaler – Benchmarking

IT Blog by Marius Sandbu
With build 11.1, 51 Citrix released support for EDT over NetScaler. Which I have blogged about before which excels in situations where latency is high, packet loss is at a minimum and bandwidth is high.EDT Networking deep dive –> Enabling EDT in NetScaler –> NOTE: That Mac Based Forwarding which also cripples Framehawk […]

Remote Access to Citrix XenApp Express / Essentials

IT Blog by Marius Sandbu
Now even if the XenApp Express “Essentials” hasn’t been released yet, there are some tiny bits of information available, and the piece I’m going to talk about is remote access. So let us picture the regular Citrix Cloud setup where we have our management plane in Citrix Cloud and we have our NetScaler (or NetSCaler […]

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