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Desktop Virtualization Race: The Citrix Revolution! (Part 2 of 2)

In part 1 of this series we discussed the VMware View product. In this article let’s take a look at Citrix’s offering. Citrix has been in the application delivery space for years and is intimately familiar with the advantages, disadvantages and limitations of server based computing. Citrix has been trying unsuccessfully to compete with VMware […]

Learning the Basics of XenApp 5 and XenServer 5.5 (Part 7 of 10)

In Part 6 of this series, you successfully updated the License Server to version 11.6.1 (if necessary), installed Java Runtime Environment 6 Update 17, installed the Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 SP1 Redistributable Package and installed Hotfix Rollup Pack 5 for XenApp 5 for Server 2003. In Part 7, you will learn to create a Web […]

Learning the Basics of XenApp 5 and XenServer 5.5 (Part 5 of 10)

In Part 4 of this 10-part series, you learned how to install the Windows Server 2003 prerequisites for XenApp 5, the License Server and Web Interface and all Windows security updates.  In Part 5 of this article, you will learn how to install XenApp 5 for Server 2003 Feature Pack 2 – Platinum Edition and your Citrix product license. When you […]

Basic Citrix Terminology

One of the things that many of us forget is that not all of us have been working with XenApp for years. So I decided to help with a little primer for those just getting into it. This is a list of terms and definitions for them. Hopefully you’ll find this handy. Farm – A […]

Citrix HDX MediaStream for Flash Content Fetching

Client side content fetching By default when redirecting the execution of Flash content to the client, the Flash content is fetch from the client directly to the web server. This includes swf files as well as images, movies and any other type of resource that the Flash application requests. The following shows a diagram on […]

Download DABCC Live Episode 3: ObserveIT Xpress – Free Session Recording Software for Citrix, Remote Desktop Services – Technical Overview

I’m very happy to announced after a few problems editing and rendering we just posted the recorded version of the DABCC Live webinar with  ObserveIT on their free and commercial session recording software for Citrix, Terminal Services / Remote Desktop Services and any other ICA and/or RDP session. Click to watch the DABCC Live Episode […]

Citrix Calls Out VMware – Wants to Know How Many Protocols Does it Take to Deliver a Great User Experience?”

PCoIP is VMware’s latest attempt at delivering a decent user experience for a virtual desktop. After failed attempts with RDP, Sun Ray, RGS and TCX, VMware View 4 is betting that a software version of the PCoIP protocol will deliver the great user experience customers demand from a VDI solution. I’ve been in the virtualization […]

Citrix Support Self-Service Tools – Citrix Quick Launch Tool

Citrix Support is focused on ensuring Customer and Partner satisfaction with the support of our products. One of our initiatives is to increase the ability of our Partners and Customers to leverage self-service avenues for finding answers and resolving problems. A key area that the Support teams focus on is development of troubleshooting and health […]

Virtualization – Old Hat?

Although humans in general and members of its subspecies “marketing manager” in particular tend to treat currently “hot” topics as new and revolutionary, they only rarely are. In fact, “new” should be considered as in “new wine in old bottles” rather than in “did not exist before”. Take virtualization. Although the topic of the day […]

Citrix XenApp over XenDesktop; Are you getting the correct drive mappings?

In environments where you might be so inclined to run XenApp Published applications over your XenDesktop sessions, the default behavior for the ICA protocol is to map a client’s local drives all the way through the sessions. (Pass-through ICA): To learn more and to read the entire article at its source, please refer to the […]

What’s Fixed in Citrix Secure Gateway 3.1.2

The last few months we have seen lots of communication around the XenApp 5 FP2 and XenDesktop 4 product releases. Looking into the components released with XenApp 5 FP2 you may (or may not ) have noticed a new Secure Gateway hotfix – 3.1.2. Secure Gateway 3.1.2 hotfix is available from MyCitrix or via the […]

Devon IT Announces New TC4 Thin Client Model with Legacy Ports now orderable through IBM

Devon IT, a fast-emerging provider of thin client hardware and software, today announced that its new TC4 thin client is now orderable from IBM. Devon IT has worked directly with IBM to launch its complete line of thin client solutions that complement IBM’s Virtual Client Solutions (VCS) infrastructure. The TC4 accommodates PCI expansion cards as […]

Taming Desktop Virtualization

Given the multitude of approaches available when it comes to creating a virtual desktop, there’s little wonder that there is a lot of confusion surrounding the subject of desktop virtualization. Citrix is looking to eliminate a lot of that confusion with a comprehensive repackaging of its XenDesktop offerings by giving customers six different desktop virtualization […]

Citrix Enhances High-Definition HDX Technology to Accelerate Virtual Desktop Adoption

HDX Enhancements in XenDesktop 4 Ensure Best User Experience, Over Any Network, While Using 90% Less Bandwidth Citrix Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: CTXS) today announced enhancements to its market-leading HDX™ technology in Citrix® XenDesktop™ 4, delivering the best high-definition experience for every user, while utilizing 90 percent1 less bandwidth than competing solutions. The new HDX enhancements […]

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