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Azure DaaS: EUC Experience Improves 100%

Legacy Data Centers Deliver Poor User Experience Today your users are distributed, but your data centers are not. It’s too expensive to create your own data center in remote geographies. Most mid-sized businesses have been operating with 1-2 data centers in the headquarters region and then have all their users connect back to those data […]

Create a modern data center with a multi-site, cloud-first strategy for EUC

The legacy data center for EUC VDI 1.0 customers were stuck with deploying complex, legacy, on-prem stacks in multiple data centers around the world. These caused numerous issues with multi-site deployments, database replication, WAN issues, etc. As a result, many customers chose not to deploy multiple sites and forced all their users to connect via […]

Compare Workspot VDI 2.0 & DaaS 2.0 to Other Solutions

Workspot delivers on the promise of VDI For years organizations have struggled to realize the promised benefits of VDI. Unbearably high CapEx and OpEx plus mind-boggling complexity has seriously limited the value of first generation solutions. Workspot has a completely different approach. A single, unified solution enables IT to deliver apps and desktops that run […]

The Pitfalls of Cloud-Washed VDI and How It Affects Your Bottom Line

Today, everywhere you turn IT solutions are moving to the cloud. Or at least, that’s what IT vendors would like you to believe. In many cases, what’s really happening is that IT products are being rebranded and marketed as cloud solutions. In other words, they’re being “cloud-washed.” As TechTarget describes – “Cloud washing (also spelled […]

Hydradyne Solves BYOD Challenges for Sales Team with WorkSpot VDI 2.0 + Scale Computing

Hydradyne: A fast-growing manufacturing firm Hydradyne is a leader in North America’s motion control industry. The Texas-based company manufactures, distributes, and repairs hydraulic, pneumatic, and electromechanical products from 33 locations spread across the Southeast. During the past several years Hydradyne has doubled in size, from 16 to 33 locations across the Southeast. Before finding Scale […]

Next Gen VDI 2.0 & DaaS 2.0

Introduced in 2009, virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) promised to revolutionize the way we worked, but after it debuted, adoption stalled. To explain why, industry analysts pointed to a myriad of issues, from high costs to high complexity. Knowing that VDI itself wasn’t the problem – it was how VDI was being executed – designers went […]

Remote Desktop 2.0–Management from the cloud

IT Blog by Marius Sandbu
In my first blog post I discussed, some of the advantages of moving app/deskop solution to the cloud, but there are different vendors out there from range from the ones that give you full control of the setup and to others which provide us with a finished platform (You can read the first post here […]

Workspot Expands Senior Leadership Team

New Hires from Citrix and Microsoft Join Cloud-Based Provider of VDI 2.0 Workspot (, a leader in next-generation Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), announced today the appointment of four new senior team members: Hamish McNee as Senior Director of Worldwide Channels, Deborah Thornton as Director of Integrated Marketing, Rommy Channe as Principal Product Manager and Henry […]

Workspot to offer Desktop as a Service 2.0 on Azure

“Workspot, which has been challenging Citrix and VMware with its simple to deploy cloud VDI offering, is announcing a version tightly integrated with Azure that they expect will become the flagship product. Today, at the Gartner Data Center, Infrastructure & Operations Management Conference, next-gen VDI vendor Workspot has announced they are extending their cloud-native, multi-tenant […]

Workspot named an “Innovative VDI specialist”

ComputerWeekly writes an article about end user devices requiring careful orchestration, and names Workspot an “Innovative VDI Specialist”: “Innovative VDI specialists are also emerging and building on the DaaS proposition, such as Workspot or VDIworks, which are using the cloud to simplify the challenging aspects of VDI, such as storage, load balancing and performance monitoring. Other […]

Workspot Releases DaaS 2.0 Solution for Azure – Simplifies VDI

DaaS 2.0 enables organizations of all sizes to deploy VDI for thousands of end users in a single day with no additional CAPEX  Gartner Data Center, Infrastructure & Operations Management Conference — Workspot (, the leader in next-generation Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), announced today they are extending their cloud-native, multi-tenant architecture to offer Desktop as […]

HPE partners with Workspot to deliver simpler, faster Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)

HP Enterprise
Businesses looking to set up Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) quickly and simply are often disappointed by the complexity of available solutions. That’s why HPE and Workspot, a leader in next generation VDI, recently formed a partnership aimed at creating an ideal solution that can be deployed in about an hour on an HPE Hyper Converged […]

Brad Peterson shares the benefits of VDI 2.0 by combining Workspot and Nutanix – Video

Workspot with it’s unique cloud native control plane architecture when combined with Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI) in your datacenter delivers on the promise of VDI 2.0! In the video Brad Peterson (VP Marketing, Workspot) shares the benefits found when combining Workspot with Nutanix to deliver VDI 2.0. via the fine folks at Workspot.

The Future of VDI Technology: Simpler, Faster – On-Demand Webinar

Atlantis Computing
Q&A with Top Industry Analyst and Experts in End User Computing If you’re like most CIOs and enterprise technology professionals, delivering secure desktops, applications, and data to employees is an ever-increasing challenge. Sign in above to watch this webinar to learn about the future of VDI and how to finally overcome these obstacles. In this webinar, the Enterprise Strategy Group’s […]

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