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VMware: Leading our Industry into a Software-Defined Future with Strategic M&A

At VMware, we’ve been a pioneer and leading innovator in “software defined” for nearly two decades. To get there, we have championed our own internal innovation, and augmented those efforts with acquired technologies. Previously, I outlined our three key tenets of our M&A strategy – platform acquisitions, industry acceleration acquisitions, and technology tuck-ins. This strategy […]

Citrix: Measure HDX Session Quality with NetScaler SD-WAN

Citrix Systems
What ultimately determines the success of a digital workspace initiative? Unquestionably, user acceptance. Virtualizing apps and desktops offers compelling benefits in security, management and compliance, but success ultimately depends on users embracing the technology because it makes work easier. Being able to work anytime, from anywhere, and on any device is hugely attractive, provided the […]

Citrix Solution Day 2017 via VanBragt.Net

Wilco van Bragt
One the events Citrix Benelux is organizing is Citrix Solution Day. The 2017 edition took place on the 5th of October 2017 in Barneveld. In this blog I wrote down my experiences of this day. The official program started on 9:00 with four breakout sessions. Unfortunate for those speakers traffic was really worse this day, […]

Partner Communications Selects Cloudify and VMware to Help Deliver an Open-vCPE and SD-WAN Solution in Record Time

Telecom has taken ‘orchestration-first’ approach with open-source orchestration software to virtualize its network functions in less than one-third the normal time Cloudify and VMware, Inc. (NYSE: VMW), today announced the companies are helping Partner Communications (NASDAQ: PTNR)(TASE: PTNR) implement a novel approach to network functions virtualization (NFV) that has resulted in a rapid conversion to NFV and a reduction in cost-per-customer […]

VMware: Stephen King Is Right, IT Can Be Scary

Technology is amazing. Wouldn’t you agree? We live in a Technological era, while everything is progressing so quickly (just think of Tim Urban’s 1750 guy first introduced to our times. Insane!) ,and change can get quite scary. Innovation is often given a role as the bad guy, however, and this is very general, tech nightmares […]

Gartner: vCPE helping to cement the “S” in SDWAN

I’ve always thought it ironic that despite being called SDWAN, most vendors lead with hardware appliances in accounts. That said, we continue to see a ton of innovation at the WAN Edge, and SDWAN is certainly going mainstream at this point, with deployments by thousands of customers.  However, the next wave of WAN Edge innovation […]

Citrix SD-WAN – derful Enablement for Partners

Citrix Systems
Ok, so maybe my puns need some work, but instead of working on better puns, the Worldwide Partner team has been working on creating new enablement resources to help you sell NetScaler SD-WAN. We’re about halfway into the year and for those of you who attended Citrix Summit 2017 in January (or saw the presentations […]

Citrix NetScaler SD-WAN: A Successful Citrix Internal Deployment

Citrix Systems
Is Citrix using its own products the way that our customers are? Of course! Are we using NetScaler SD-WAN to build an enterprise WAN with only Internet links? Yes, we are! Did Citrix IT have reservations deploying newer technologies like SD-WAN? Yes, but apprehensions were addressed by positive results. Citrix deployed NetScaler SD-WAN as a […]

Cisco: A Vehicle for the Future of Networking

In this era of Digitization, cloud and IoT, the needs of the enterprise continue to evolve and Cisco’s recent launch of intent-based networking technologies showed the world that we continue to drive innovation in enterprise networking. In this new era of networking one of the technologies that serves as an enabler for intent-based networking, bridging […]

Cisco: 5 SD-WAN Operational Challenges for Service Providers to Consider

Cloud and associated networking technologies such as Software Defined Networks (SDN) and Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) offer significant benefits in terms of business agility and cost reduction of total cost of ownership.  SD-WAN, or software-defined networking in a wide area network, is one of the latest technologies driving real transformation in enterprise WAN architectures. SD-WAN […]

Citrix: Aberdeen Group Analysis: SD-WAN – The Right Path for Better Branch Network Performance

Citrix Systems
The classic hub-and-spoke WAN system has been a popular networking solution for decades. It offers offers strong security, as each device is isolated from the others, and permits close monitoring of traffic for potential security breaches. It is also affordable, easy to implement and maintain, and has a record of reliable performance. IT professionals at […]

Citrix: Analysts’ Perspectives: Redefining Branch Networking With SD-WAN

Citrix Systems
Enterprises are redefining their branches as part of their digital transformation strategy, and for many, a one-size-fits-all wide area network (WAN) is no longer a viable solution. Trends, such as cloud computing, video collaboration, virtualized applications, and the internet of things (IoT) are driving change in network architecture. And frequently the way to address those […]

Citrix: Raise Your SD-WAN IQ with Citrix Hands-on Workshop

Citrix Systems
What’s up with the WAN? It’s no surprise that WAN traffic is growing every year. According to one report, it jumped more than 200%  in 2016, and shows no sign of slowing down. This surge is being driven by some familiar trends: App migration from on premises to the cloud Feature-rich apps and corporate videos […]

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