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Using IP-Based Storage with VMware vSphere on Cisco UCS

I had a reader contact me with a couple of questions, one of which I felt warranted a blog post. Paraphrased, the question was this: How do I make IP-based storage work with VMware vSphere on Cisco UCS? At first glance, you might look at this question and scoff. Remember though, that Cisco UCS does—at […]

Money, Virtualization Top Data Center Manager 2010 Wish List

More than a year after the global recession came roaring in and battered their IT budgets, data center managers are hoping to get at least some money back in 2010, according to IT professionals and analysts. They’re also looking at technologies:from virtualization and cloud computing to Cisco’s UCS and Intel’s "Nehalem EX" that will save […]

Cisco UCS vs. HP Matrix: Strategic vs. Tactical Approach to Virtualization

"Revolutionary. Cutting edge. State of the art. These words and phrases are bandied around for so very many products in the IT field that they become useless, bland, expected. The truth is that truly revolutionary products are few and far between. That said, Cisco’s Unified Computing System fits the bill." Following months of rumors about […]

Elastra Releases Its Predictions for Cloud Computing in 2010

Elastra Corporation, the leading provider of application infrastructure automation software, today released its top predictions for the cloud computing industry in 2010. “In 2009 we saw a lot of large enterprises get their feet wet with cloud computing. They were testing the waters and trying to figure out a model that fits for the way […]

The Ominous Return of Closed Architectures

In the world of IT, “open” is practically synonymous with “good.” The terms “open source,” “open standards,” and “open systems” all imply efficiency and cost effectiveness. But there is a trend towards closed system architectures that reverse this cycle. And it’s a trend you should keep a wary eye on.   For two examples, look […]

Addressing Concerns about the “Newness” of Cisco UCS

Despite Cisco’s recent entry into the “compute” data center sector, John Chambers said during the 10/24/2009 quarter earnings call that the UCS is experiencing, “…solid market reception with a very good initial ramp and order pipeline.” As the first optimized hosting platform for a virtualized data center, Cisco Unified Computing System has generated tremendous industry […]

The New Player on the vBlock

VMware, EMC, Cisco, VCE, Intel, Acadia….whew! what does it all mean?!  VMware, Cisco and EMC created a new marketing ploy called VCE (Virtual Compute Environment), this will provide technical innovations as well as integrated pre-sales services and support. What is the product? vBlock.  Think of vBlock as the plug and play data-center solution, it will consist of […]

The Components of Cisco UCS

The other day I wrote a bit about UCS and the idea behind it.  This time I want to go a little deeper in to the components that make up a UCS system and how they connect.  One thing about Cisco is they offer very modular solutions.  Usually this is great but it can be […]

The Idea Behind the Cisco UCS Strategy

It’s always fun to see someone, big or small, enter a new market and really shake things up.  I think we’re seeing Cisco do that with their Nexus switches and UCS (Unified Computing System) platform.  The Nexus line shouldn’t be a big surprise, that’s Cisco’s core market interest.  But combine it with UCS and they […]

INX Leverages VMworld 2009 Award Winning Partners to Enable Elastic Clouds

INX, (NASDAQ:INXI) a leading provider of data center architecture and unified communications solutions, today announced a solution architecture utilizing AFORE’s Advanced Service Edge 3300 platform and Cisco’s Unified Computing Solution (UCS) platform as key components for the implementation of the INX Extend2Cloud™ offering. Extend2Cloud™ (“E2C”) is a solution architecture that enables geographically dispersed data-center infrastructures […]

VMworld UCS Sign Brings Back an Unrelated Memory

The sign at the entrance to Moscone Center last week specified that the impressive display of 16 UCS systems was not just "blinking lights", but was powering VMworld. That made me think of a situation I was fortunate to escape where racks of mostly blinking lights were used to fraudulently extract $120 million in loans […]

Will UCS Unify IT Staffs?

Traditional data centers tend to be segregated into functional silos – a model that has endured in the physical world largely because of the crisp lines of demarcation. Virtualization is shaking up the status quo and increasing demand for more efficient IT processes. Cisco’s UCS helps automate and streamline the stovepipe model by unifying network, […]

Is VMware More Like Novell or Oracle?

David Cappuccio, in his blog for Gartner, Just a Thought; Will VMware become the next Novell?, draws several disconcerting parallels between VMware’s current virtualization industry dominance and a similar position enjoyed by Novell in the early 1990’s. Cappuccio wonders if VMware, like Novell, is going to get trounced by Microsoft. The $60 billion Redmond behemoth […]

Cisco UCS – a Disruptive Platform

The media responded to Cisco’s UCS announcement last month by rushing to categorize it as essentially a new type of blade server, albeit one with an advantage in performance capabilities. While UCS incorporates server blades, it goes well beyond the traditional idea of a server. UCS is an optimized hosting platform for virtual machines that […]

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