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Cisco: Six Contact Center Predictions for 2018

2017 has been a terrific year for Cisco’s contact center business. We’ve held number-one market share in North America for four straight quarters. And as Synergy reports, we had nearly 20 points higher share than our nearest competitor in the most recent quarter.But we never rest. We’re always looking to the future. Here are six […]

Cisco: We Can’t Imagine a World without Microsoft

As CTO for the collaboration group at Cisco, I get asked this question all of the time – are you guys committed to a multi-vendor environment with Microsoft? Gosh, I find this a frustrating question. Why is that? Because most (not all, but almost!) customers we sell to also have Microsoft products in them. In […]

Cisco Named a Leader in Gartner Magic Quadrant for Meeting Solutions

Gartner has positioned Cisco as a leader in the latest Gartner Magic Quadrant for Meeting Solutions. Just released, the 2017 Gartner evaluation brings together web conferencing and group video system markets under a single grouping. Gartner’s definition is clear but comprehensive: “Meeting solutions blend communications, collaboration and content to enable real-time group work from anywhere.” We agree. […]

Cisco: Virtual Reality, Meet Cisco Spark

The promise of virtual reality has been a staple of science fiction – think The Matrix or the holodeck from Star Trek – an exciting yet elusive vision. While we are nowhere near having a holodeck in our homes, VR has the potential to be big. Right now, most applications focus on gaming, but that’s […]

Cisco: Introducing New Enterprise Controls for Cisco Spark

­Making the Impossible, Possible Last year, one of my colleagues went to a start-up conference with 2,000 people. On stage, someone asked the audience how many were working on consumer apps. Almost everyone raised their hands. Then the person asked how many were working on enterprise apps. This time only three hands went up. Three. […]

Cisco: Universal Federation in Cisco Spark: Collaborate with Anyone

Really and seriously, and I mean it this time. In my work in the last twenty years on IP communications, the holy grail of the industry was to enable solutions that provide true any-to-any communications. That is – in the workplace environment – it would be possible for any user in Company A to talk […]

Cisco and Apple Announce New Features

It’s hard to believe it’s been a year since we unveiled initial customer solutions from the Apple and Cisco partnership. We started off by seamlessly integrating enterprise calling, prioritizing business critical applications, and optimizing the Wi-Fi experience for iPhone and iPad on Cisco networks. We’ve seen healthy adoption across multiple verticals, including healthcare and retail. […]

Cisco Spark Board on Demand

I pay for Netflix every month, along with almost 100 million other binge-watchers. I also pay monthly for Spotify, Amazon Prime, Dropbox, iCloud, and Google Drive. My life-as-a-service is incredibly convenient, and that’s just for cloud-based services. I have friends that pay monthly for their iPhones, including the hardware. And a couple of them have […]

Cisco: The Brains Behind the Beauty: Cisco Spark Board Technology

We couldn’t be more proud that the Cisco Spark Board has taken home the “Best of the Best” Red Dot Award. As product designer Torkel Mellingen discussed in his recent post, this award is a clear indicator that we’ve delivered on the promise we sought to make – a well-designed product that users would love […]

Cisco: Connected Education and the Power of Video

Whether you’re in fourth grade or grad school, collaborating on group projects for a class can be a real hassle. You have to plan where and when to meet with your classmates, decide how to divide the work, and figure out how to track progress, deliverables, and deadlines. These days, both students and instructors are […]

Cisco: Students Collaborate Using Cisco Spark During Hackathon

Our Innovation Centre in Australia, Perth, recently had the opportunity to host a hackathon, exploring safety and productivity solutions for heavy vehicles. Launched in December by the state’s Transport and Innovation Minister, Bill Marmion, the hackathon was held as part of the government’s commitment to innovation, aligning with objectives in the Western Australian Innovation Strategy […]

Igniting Cisco Spark Board Across the Board with Cisco Services

Cisco recently announced our exciting new Cisco Spark Board. And, many customers are eager to ignite the meeting experience for their employees. Extending Cisco Spark into your corporate team rooms is the perfect way to tie your hardware and software capabilities together to boost team collaboration at any time in any place. By itself, Cisco Spark […]

Cisco: Simplify Collaboration Purchasing with Cisco Spark Flex Plan Subscription

The way that people meet and collaborate changes constantly. Remote meetings are becoming ever more important. On January 24th, we announced our latest collaboration solutions, including the Cisco Spark Board. We’re ever-focused on solutions that change the game. We want to help you drive productivity, help teams be more effective, and enhance the value of […]

Cisco: It’s Your Turn to Leave Your Mark (with Cisco Spark)

Yesterday was a big day in the world of Cisco Spark. We announced enhancements to the base platform and interface, a new endpoint in the form of Cisco Spark Board, and more. In a development environment in which we’re constantly iterating and improving our products, it’s exciting when we have so much to say that […]

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