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Enables a Data-Driven Decision when Choosing Between AWS and Azure

It Should Be a Straightforward Question: “What is the most cost-effective choice for my applications – AWS or Azure?” When you have to choose between AWS and Azure, you need more than a preference. You need a detailed justification for the CIO, the CFO, and the Board. Your justification needs to account for the individual profiles […]

Cisco: Your Guide To The Multicloud World, Part 2

The multicloud era is here. There is no denying that businesses large and small are accelerating the pace of moving applications and data to not only private and public clouds, but multiple clouds. It’s a strategy that holds a lot of promise but is not an easy one to pull off, in either the move […]

Veeam Appoints Ivan Skerl as Chief Information Officer

Newly created role will oversee Veeam’s IT strategy to optimize performance, design and customize systems and platforms to enhance customer experience Veeam Software, the Availability for the Always-On Enterprise™ innovator, today announced that Ivan Skerl has been appointed Chief Information Officer (CIO). In this role, Skerl will be instrumental in ensuring Veeam is able to accelerate its growth […]

IGEL Distrupt EUC Bremen, A Short Recap

Last week in Bremen IGEL Disrupt EUC was the conference to visit. Together with a few hundred others I enjoyed the event and participated. I thought I give a short impression of the event and the vendors/solutions I saw there. IGELI think it goes without explaining as everyone knows IGEL, they are one of the leading […]

VMware: Grading My 2017 Predictions – A Report Card

It’s become quite the thing to make year-end predictions. I do it every year – here are my projections for 2018. But even more interesting are the reflections on just how prescient you actually were in foreseeing the future. How did I do in 2017? The overall thread of my expectations for last year focused […]

Container Orchestration vs. the Status Quo

In Agile shops especially, “build vs. buy” is an ongoing and evolving debate among CIO’s and DevOps teams. You see a demo of a new product which solves a problem, you look at the talent on your bench and you think: Yeah, but we could do this ourselves. Then you remember the mountainous backlog waiting […]

Why Award-Winning Software-Defined Storage Matters

Digital users expect responsive, reliable and seamless access to data—automatically and from anywhere it’s needed. But—whether you’re a database admin, CIO, CTO or COO—it can be challenging to accurately assess the strengths and weaknesses of current software-defined storage (SDS) offerings. Where can you go to get an independent evaluation of SDS products? One helpful resource […]

Using Synthetic Transaction Monitoring to Track SaaS SLAs

Lakeside Software
According to Gartner estimates, “by 2025, 55 percent of large enterprises will successfully implement an all-in cloud SaaS strategy.” Synthetic transaction monitoring is one method IT teams and vendors alike are using to ensure that service level agreement (SLA) targets are being met as business-critical applications move to software as a service (SaaS) models. Synthetic […]

Citrix: 54 Billion Reasons to Vote for Stan as Cybersecurity Professional of the Year!

Citrix Systems
I had the opportunity to sit down with our Chief Security and Information Officer, Stan Black, who has been nominated for the cybersecurity professional of the year award. Take a look at our Q&A below to see all the reasons to vote for Stan as cybersecurity professional of the year – then cast your vote! […]

VMware: Executive Predictions for 2018 and Beyond

2017 has been a memorable and eventful year for technology innovation. As VMware and Dell Technologies CIO Bask Iyer predicted, among other things, the role of the cloud became even more integral to the business and continues on that trajectory. And as Chris Wolf, VMware’s VP and CTO of Global Field and Industry, predicted, software-defined […]

What’s the best cloud model for your business? Think strategically

HP Enterprise
Successful enterprises understand that a powerful business strategy leverages technology to drive innovation. Yet in the race to embrace digital transformation, enterprises are hopping on the public cloud without fully understanding how different cloud models fit different IT needs. In his BriefingsDirect Voice of the Analyst podcast series, Dana Gardner, Principal Analyst at Interarbor Solutions, […]

VMware: A CIO Perspective on the State of IT

I have been making annual IT predictions for a couple of years. Last year I gave myself a solid C, an average grade, for what came of my 2016 predictions. As I look at my 2017 predictions, I feel a lot better because the majority of the trends I anticipated have been or are on […]

Michelle McKenna-Doyle Shares How the NFL Can Take ‘Next Gen Stats’ to the Next Level with AWS

Amazon Web Services
Michelle McKenna-Doyle, SVP and CIO of the National Football League (NFL), discusses how the NFL can leverage AWS’s broad range of cloud-based machine learning capabilities, to take its advanced stats to the next level and deliver deeper insights to fans. The NFL chose AWS for its deep functionality, ease of use, proven technology, and the […]

Workspot: How to Benchmark Desktop As A Service (DaaS)

It’s amazing how fast the VDI market is changing and exciting because with these changes customers will finally realize some really great cost reduction and business agility benefits that have thus far been elusive. As the industry transitions to cloud deployments, we believe it will be helpful for IT execs to have a framework for comparing […]

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