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Cisco: Scaling Networks Automatically with ACI

There are many things we think about when considering Software Defined Networking. Mostly, it’s the controllers, and the ability to apply configs and policies to our networks. In fact, we almost forget about the hardware, because as long as it’s setup properly, we don’t NEED to think about it. However, as any good network engineer […]

Cisco: Replace your AV with Next Generation Endpoint Security

If you’ve been to a security conference in the last year you’ve probably seen more than 20 different vendors all talking about endpoint security. Some might be talking about next generation anti-virus, endpoint detection and response, and even the much lauded machine learning. How do you cut through the clutter and noise to find what […]

How Splunk and AWS Enabled End-to-End Visibility for PagerDuty and Bolstered Their Security Posture – #AWS Video

Amazon Web Services
Threats are evolving and emerging every day. PagerDuty needed to take a more proactive and efficient stance to monitor, investigate and triage threats and maintain their security posture on the AWS Cloud. Splunk’s analytics-driven security solution made it easy for PagerDuty to gain end-to-end visibility across their cloud environment. In this webinar, you’ll learn how […]

Heads up! Citrix Smart Check introduces diagnostics uploads and custom checks and alerts – deep dive (and video) included

Bas van Kaam
Throughout the last couple of months, I have written multiple posts on Citrix Smart Tools, with a special interest in Smart Check. Have a look here and here. Not that long ago I had a short talk with Mathew Varghese, the Director of Product Management for Smart Tools and Insight Services, which also includes Scout. He […]

Microsoft: Build apps faster with Azure Serverless

Azure’s Serverless offerings allow developers to build and deploy elastic-scale applications faster than ever. Serverless technology allows developers to focus on their apps rather than provisioning, managing, and scaling the underlying infrastructure. Azure provides unique serverless tools to accelerate development by seamlessly tapping into the benefits of the cloud. See a quick overview here: Traditionally, […]

VMware Announces General Availability of vSphere 6.5 Update 1

vSphere 6.5 Update 1 is the Update You’ve Been Looking For! VMware is excited to announce the general availability of vSphere 6.5 Update 1.  This is the first major update to the well-received vSphere 6.5 that was released in November of 2016.  With this update release, VMware builds upon the already robust industry-leading virtualization platform […]

Gartner: Can we Trust “Black Box” Machine Learning when it comes to Security or is there a Better Way?

Machine learning is relatively new to security. It first went mainstream a few years ago in a few security domains such as UEBA, network traffic analytics and endpoint protection. Several vendors earned strong brand recognition by pioneering ML in those spaces. (For examples, see Forecast Snapshot: User and Entity Behavior Analytics, Worldwide, 2017 ; Magic Quadrant for […]

Lakeside Software: Combining the Subjective, the Objective, and Automated Views

Lakeside Software
The evolution of Workspace Analytics has necessitated changes to the model for IT organizations looking to really understand the state of their users’ real experience. Many enterprises have begun to look for additional information beyond the observable, quantitative metrics that come from continuous monitoring of computing devices and expand into artificial transactions and the qualitative […]

Microsoft Introduces Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics v1.8!

We are pleased to announce the general availability of Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics (ATA) v1.8. This is a key release for our customers with several new features and improvements. Cyberattacks continue to get more sophisticated, and so in turn, we must continue to tune our products and detections. As a leading solution in the user […]

Microsoft: Build an infrastructure monitoring solution with Service Map

Have you ever been responsible for a flaky application, and wanted to set up an automatic notification when a server, process, or connection isn’t there when it should be? Me too! And by using OMS Azure Log Analytics and Service Map, I solved my problem with the built-in features and a small bit of PowerShell. […]

At CVPR 2017, NVIDIA Is in the Center of Research Innovation in AI

Some come to Hawaii with snorkels. Others come with scuba gear. And then there are those who come to dive really deep. In the days ahead, some of the greatest minds in artificial intelligence will be in Honolulu for the annual Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR) conference. Many attendees were arriving Friday afternoon, and […]

My Application is Slow: Best Practices for Troubleshooting and Prevention – On-Demand Webinar

eG Innovations
Citrix Performance Monitoring Solutions “My application is slow” is a common complaint heard at the help desk from frustrated users and managing IT performance to prevent such calls isn’t about just monitoring CPU, memory or disk space any more. You have to be able to quickly determine what the real cause of the problem is […]

Intel and AMD Just Delivered Two Great Reasons to Upgrade Your Data Center

Think of it as a multiple choice test, with no wrong answers. Intel last week launched its new Skylake Xeon CPUs. AMD last month launched their next-generation EPYC CPU. These are both great options that strengthen the case for upgrading your server infrastructure now. Whichever path you choose, the latest CPU improvements bring a boost […]

Cisco: Shaping the Future of Work: Three Questions to Ask

What will work look like in 10 years? We’ve heard a lot about the ways new technologies—artificial intelligence, virtual reality, robotics and the like—will disrupt work as we know it. Will we have a shiny new future, where machines take over menial or repetitive tasks so people can be free to pursue more creative work? […]

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