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What’s the Impact of Big Data on IT Infrastructure?

Big Data’s been a big boost to business in recent months, presenting a competitive advantage for those with the resources to work through the information at hand.  And as promising as Big Data frameworks are, there can be some significant infrastructure changes that need to take place within a business’ IT department. Stu Miniman, the […]

Red Hat throws its hat into the Big Data ring

Red Hat
"Big Data" has become the latest catch phrase suppliers have added to their marketing arsenal. It now is in the good company of phrases such as "Cloud Computing," "BYOD," and the ever popular "open source." Red Hat added its name to the list of suppliers who have endorsed a stack of software designed to help […]

Big Data Deep Dive. It’s Better than Porn

If you want to know the latest news regarding Big Data, efforts put into it by tech companies, or you’re simply a Big Data enthusiast, look no further.  We’ve got your Big Data fix right here. SiliconANGLE’s theCUBE and EMC tv partnered up to deliver the Big Data Deep Dive – a six-part series hosted […]

Big Data’s Opportunities, Responsibilities For Education

It’s hard to read an IT trade journal these days without seeing several articles highlighting the promise that big data analytics offer to various industries. At a high level, more data about health care and outcomes can help lead to better future diagnoses and treatments. More data about students also holds promise, offering the potential […]

Unitrends Channel Program Heavy On Reward

It’s been previously reported by Channelnomics that Big Data has spurred a backup and recovery revival that has sparked a wave of up-and-coming challengers to legacy players that have retained a fast hold on the market. Now some of those new solutions are starting to gain channel traction. To that end, backup and recovery firm Unitrends Inc. kicked […]

Big Data Security and Intelligence into 2013

The Information Age is quickly becoming the age of information-overload–to combat this, we’ve seen search, curation, and even intelligent agents start to take shape out of the desire to make sense of all the data available. For big business it’s become a whole different problem: the complexity of data that flows through their systems means […]

Here’s the Biggest Revenue Makers in Big Data

Big Data’s been a big buzz word in recent months, but according to a recent report, it’s worth the hype.  Wikibon analyst Jeff Kelly discussed his research firm’s newest report, the Big Data Revenue and Market Forecast, on this morning’s NewsDesk segment with Kristin Feledy, sharing the motivations behind the study and summing up his team’s findings. […]

Big Data Is Not Just About Marketing: Don’t Forget the IT Department’s Needs

Few, if any, information technology subjects have garnered more attention over the past two years than Big Data. It’s a savior. It’s evil. It’s the killer app of killer apps. And now, according to Gartner analyst Svetlana Sicular, "Big Data Is Falling into the Trough of Disillusionment." This disillusionment is giving me a little bit […]

Concurrent Open Source Project Ties SQL to Hadoop

There’s a lot of tension between folks who work with SQL databases and supporters of Apache Hadoop that is largely unnecessary. To a degree Hadoop can replace SQL databases in a lot of data warehousing applications. But SQL databases will be the underpinning of mission-critical enterprise applications for years to come. Given that reality, it only make sense […]

Red Hat Delivers Big Data Manifesto

Red Hat
Red Hat, the open-source software and infrastructure provider, has officially jumped on the Hadoop bandwagon this week. The company has just announced its Big Data Manifesto, with a series of principles it believes will help its enterprise customers get to grips with the problems of managing rapidly growing data volumes. In line with this move, the company said […]

Need Big Data + BI Skills? Microsoft’s One-Day Training Class is This Weekend

Into Big Data?  You’ll be interested in the upcoming Bay Area SQL Server event happening this Saturday, February 23, 2013 at Microsoft Technology Center, 1065 La Avenida, Building 1, Mountain View, CA. It’s a one-day training event for SQL Server and Business Intelligence professionals, which will run from 8:30 am – 6:00 pm.  After which, attendees are invited […]

Alteryx Publishes “Big Data Analytics for Dummies”

Given the lack of data scientists and analytics specialists with the technical skills and business acumen to glean insights from Big Data, there’s a growing need within the enterprise for some kind of idiot-proof tool to help smaller businesses get around the problem. And so companies like Alteryx have a real chance to plug this […]

Data Warehousing: At Home or in the Cloud

The most significant challenge when dealing with Big Data is scale. How can the enterprise possibly build out the infrastructure needed to compile and analyze all that information without sending the budget into a tailspin? This conundrum has been the primary driver of data warehousing solutions over the past decade or so, with HP, IBM, Teradata and […]

A $50 Billion Ego? Big Data Backs Up the Hype

Big Data’s become victim of the buzz machine, but there’s a reason for the hype.  Few movements have touched so many parts of our economy, impacting the way we do business, communicate and learn.  And there’s big money being thrown at Big Data technology, especially in the past two years.  Exploratory methods have turned into […]

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