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Cloudera Unveils New Enterprise Hadoop Big Data Tool

Another Big Data analytics product based on open source Apache Hadoop has hit the market. Data vendor Cloudera has announced the release of Cloudera Enterprise, which it’s calling "the industry’s first complete enterprise data hub solution." Designed as a comprehensive Big Data platform that allows organizations to store, process, analyze and distribute data with a single solution, Cloudera Enterprise also […]

VSX “Virtualization Solutions Exchange” 2014

What is VSX: The Virtualization Solutions Exchange? Simply put, it is about where to go to choose the right technology, at the right time.  Technology. To me, the mere mention of the word means I’m already behind. Technology can appear smart and if you “have it” at the right time and with technology you could […]

Boundary surges in DevOps processing growth 400% on cloud, Big Data

Big Data startups are rolling and show no signs of slowing down anytime soon.  That’s certainly the case with Boundary, which announced a massive growth of 400% year over year base increase.  They are now analyzing up to 2 trillion metrics per day, and 500 billion of those come from the Amazon Web Services (AWS) […]

Don’t Fear Big Data: Leverage the Right People and Take It Slow

For many companies, the Big Data frontier, while promising, is fraught with pitfalls. Like any other new and powerful business tool, Big Data analytics can be dangerous if it isn’t managed properly. On the other hand, not using the growing information at your business’ disposal could prove even more dangerous to your market success in […]

Talend Raises $40M for Open Source Big Data

Exactly how far Hadoop and NoSQL will penetrate the market remains to be seen. But Talend, which specializes in Big Data integration solutions based on open source software, continues to gain momentum in the channel. It recently announced $40 million in new funding, which it says will drive further open source Big Data innovation. The funding came primarily from Bpifrance and Iris Capital, […]

VMware on The Mobile/Cloud Era

For my 2013 year end blog, I want to step back and talk about a broad trend that I see blooming in the industry. It’s pervasive and has profound impact. We are in what I call the Mobile/Cloud era of computing. Mobile/cloud is this era’s equivalent of client/server. They are independent entities with unique capabilities that […]

DirectNetworks Selects ASG’s CloudFactory to Advance its Clients to the Cloud

ASG Software Solutions today announced that DirectNetworks, Inc., a privately held, IT solution provider, has chosen ASG’s end-to-end cloud management suite, CloudFactory, to create its cloud-based workplace, DirectCloud Webtop. After testing everything from VMware View to Citrix Xen Desktop, only CloudFactory gave DirectNetworks the kind of flexibility it needed for its SMB clients. It allowed […]

Rebuilding applications for the cloud

Enterprise cloud computing is a massive game changer, and the next few years will bring significant changes in the way users access applications through mobile devices and interact with each other through socially enabled, cloud based services. In particular, there are four important areas of influences and pressures on applications architectures: mobile devices, social networking, […]

Gartner Predicts 2014 Out – And One On Big Data!

‘Tis that season … to predict. Gartner just released a set of security Predicts notes, specifically: Predicts 2014: Mobile Security Won’t Just Be About the Device with this fun quote: “Mobile security breaches are, and will continue to be, the result of misconfiguration and misuse on an application level, rather than the outcome of deeply […]

7 ways Big Data could revolutionize our lives by 2020

We’ve heard how Big Data is transforming various industries, and how it can affect the fortunes of big businesses, but very few actually specify how Big Data is transforming the world and people’s lives. To illustrate this, has created an infographic that explores the “Top 7 Ways Big Data Could Revolutionize Our Lives by […]

VMware on What’s the Big Deal about Software-Defined Data Centers?

It’s not that IT employees are especially cynical, but their finely tuned “fluff detectors” tend to activate when a fuzzily-defined technology term starts appearing everywhere.  The sudden proliferation of words like “Cloud,” “Big Data,” or “as a Service” invites suspicion that marketing folks have latched on to the term as a way to attract attention […]

Citrix: The Australian IT Agenda in 2014

Martin Duursma, VP Citrix Labs and CTO Office Chair – "As another calendar year draws to a close, it’s time to review the technologies and trends that will impact our industry over the next 12 months." 2014 is shaping up to be a landmark year for Australian and New Zealand businesses as they begin to […]

Who needs Big Data scientists? Pretty soon, there’ll be an app for that

With all the hype around Big Data, one of the most pressing concerns for organizations is finding qualified data scientists who’re able to translate that mish-mash of numbers into something that makes sense – actual insights that can be used to pursue businesses’ goals and strategies. The opportunities for data scientists are said to be […]

Inside the DNA of Big Data: The future of medicine & storage

As Big Data gets even bigger, we’re going to need more elaborate ways of storing it than current technology allows. One idea that’s been floated about before is using DNA as a means of storing data, but it’s no longer just a theory – scientists at Harvard University say that doing so is a foregone […]

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