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DataCore and Supermicro Offer Ultra-High Performance Enterprise Class Hyper-Converged Solutions

Joint Solution Delivers World’s Fastest Hyper-converged Performance, Flexibility and Agility to Drastically Spur Further Consolidation and Simplify Infrastructure– Efficiently and Affordably DataCore Software, a leading provider of Hyper-converged Virtual SAN,Software-Defined Storage and Adaptive Parallel I/O Software, today announced that it has partnered with Supermicro to create an enterprise-class Hyper-converged solution that delivers the benefits of ultra-high […]

Big Data Performance on vSphere 6 – Best Practices for Optimizing Virtualized Big Data Applications White Paper

Best Practices for Optimizing Virtualized Big Data Applications Best practices are described for optimizing Big Data applications running on VMware vSphere®. Hardware, software, and vSphere configuration parameters are documented, as well as tuning parameters for the operating system, Hadoop, and Spark. The Dell 12-server cluster (10 of which were dedicated to Hadoop worker processes) used in the test […]

Dell EMC Introduces Availability of New and Updated Systems and Reference Architectures; Industry-Leading Benchmarks at SAP TechEd

In today’s highly competitive business climate, immediate access to and analysis of operational data can determine the success of an organization. With big data and analytics at the forefront of many business leaders’ minds, data production is growing and analytics are becoming more crucial. In 2020, it’s estimated that data production will be 44x greater […]

HPE Helion Stackato Evangelism: Part 2 Pioneering Cloud Native at HPE

HP Enterprise
“The CIOs of huge corporations are not naïve. They know their technology and they have companies like HPE, IBM and others pitching new concepts to them almost every day. Their inboxes are full of ideas that never materialize as actual solutions. That is why they have a ‘show us don’t tell us’ policy. The only […]

Introduction to Microsoft Azure

HP Enterprise
Customers look to HPE to provide not only the latest in technology innovation but also solutions that capitalize on existing solutions to extend capital investments. With this in mind HPE has partnered with Microsoft to ensure our customers have a direct path to the Microsoft Azure cloud platform. Our long standing partnership with Microsoft provides […]

New IBM Servers with Tesla P100 GPUs and NVLink Mark a Milestone in High Performance Computing

Data center workloads are changing. Not long ago these systems were primarily used to handle storage and serve up web pages, but now they’re increasingly tasked with AI workloads like understanding speech, text, images and video or analyzing big data for insights. Billions of consumers want instant answers to a multitude of questions, while enterprise […]

Microsoft Azure now available from UK datacenters

Today, I’m proud that Microsoft is first global provider to deliver the complete cloud from datacenters in the UK. Microsoft Azure, along with Office 365, is now generally available from multiple UK datacenter locations providing data residency to help enable the digital transformation of our customers in industries such as banking, government, public sector and […]

Don’t be a Big Data ostrich

HP Enterprise
About 10 years ago, I was working with two military sister organizations on some Knowledge Management projects. Both of these organizations had the same basic problem: unknown content everywhere, an enterprise content management system with unfindable content, and no ability to discover content to be routed to the content system. It wasn’t until we dug […]

Nutanix: Powering Enterprise Apps and Services with a Radically Different Approach: A Conversation with Hexaware Technologies

IT organizations face significant challenges in providing applications on-demand, while ensuring high uptimes and responsiveness. Legacy IT infrastructure can no longer cater to evolving business needs, especially in cases where IT acts as a cost center rather than an enabler. Succeding in today’s tough market environment requires a robust infrastructure that is simple to plan, […]

Solving business & infrastructure problems w/ HPE Reference Architectures & Reference Configurations

HP Enterprise
Reference Architectures (RAs) and Reference Configurations (RCs) have been a huge success over the past few years. They enable customers to reduce the complexities of planning, designing and implementing infrastructure across a variety of workloads and infrastructure platforms with proven and validated solutions. Because HPE RAs are tested configurations using validated platforms, they minimize risk […]

In-Memory Databases: Their Rising Popularity and Under Armour’s use of SAP HANA

Why the need for in-memory databases? In today’s business world “speed” and “agility” are two buzzy concepts that all companies aim to achieve. For the longest time advancements on the development side of the house outpaced that of the infrastructure, but with the evolution of public cloud providers, hyperconvergence, PaaS and a multitude of other […]

Cisco: Beyond Hadoop-as-a-Service – The Opportunity for Big-Data-as-a-Service

I’ve written in the past about the opportunity for Hadoop-as-a-Service (HaaS) – providing self-service provisioning, elastic scaling, and support for multi-tenancy. But in my discussions with customers over the past year, it’s become clear that the opportunity is even bigger than Hadoop. The next big thing in big data is Big-Data-as-a-Service (BDaaS). There are three […]

Cisco and Nutanix – Partner bliss or partner fiasco?

HP Enterprise
Recently Nutanix announced it was NOT partnering with Cisco to launch a hyperconverged offering.  In a recent blog titled “Nutanix and Cisco UCS: On Responsibility and Change”, Nutanix attempts to spin that they have innovated a new era of partnering by not partnering…all inspiration of Gandhi.   Since, HPE is not directly involved in this brawl, […]

Making IoT Deployments Work Effectively with Existing Systems

Red Hat
In my previous two blogs, I discussed how businesses focus on deployable IoT solutions versus PoCs (proof of concepts) and the value of bringing intelligence to the edge. This time, I would like to look at the importance of combining existing enterprise data with an IoT data stream. Most enterprises have multiple constituencies of infrastructure, […]