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Journey into Deep Learning with AWS

Amazon Web Services
If you are anything like me, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and Deep Learning are completely fascinating and exciting topics. As AI, ML, and Deep Learning become more widely used, for me it means that the science fiction written by Dr. Issac Asimov, the robotics and medical advancements in Star Wars, and the technologies […]

All ‘things’ connected, the ‘I’ in the IoT – a closer look. Part two!

Bas van Kaam
In part one of this series I talked about some of the differences between IoT and (I)IoT, while also summing up multiple variables that play an important role when it comes to the network involved. Throughout this post I’d like to zoom in a bit more on (big) data analytics, the triggering of workflows and […]

Chaos Sumo on Intelligent Data Lakes – Reimagined

Chaos Sumo
Back in 2015, I began a series of articles around big data, its key trends and likely future. These articles were published on the popular data management site DATAVERSITY. The general theme was there was a major change afoot in data analytics, initiated by large and inexpensive on-prem and cloud storage which fostered the deluge […]

Chaos Sumo BETA FAQ – Smart Object Storage on Amazon S3

Chaos Sumo
Chaos Sumo BETA FAQ What is Chaos Sumo? Chaos Sumo is a Smart Object Storage service built on top of Amazon S3. With Chaos Sumo’s powerful discovery capabilities, visual data refinement studio, and RESTful API, organizations can quickly get more out of their cloud object storage. Users can easily explore, process and prepare data for […]

VMware IT’s journey with SAP HANA on vSphere 6 Video

Hear about VMware IT’s journey with SAP HANA on vSphere 6. In 9 months, the team standardized on SAP, scaled SAP across two data centers and 450 VMs and integrated it with VMware technologies. From the fine folks at VMware TV.

Microsoft: The latest version of SMS Organizer reimagines mobile messaging

Machine learning and big data are revolutionizing the simplest of everyday applications and platforms. Perhaps the most conventional everyday platform is SMS. SMSes have been around since the days of the feature phone. Deeply rooted in traditional mobile computing, 800 million people use the platform daily. However, nearly 95% of these messages are spam or […]

Cisco: Automating Explicit Trust

We’ve talked about the market transition from implicit to explicit trust. It’s not enough to go on the word of an individual or the reputation of a vendor, customers are demanding explicit trust. Explicit trust is trust that is earned, not assumed. In other words, our customers are demanding evidence to confirm trust. I am […]

Google Cloud: Get on track to becoming a Google Certified Professional Data Engineer

Google Cloud
Keeping pace with the evolution of technology can often make the process of achieving business goals feel like you’re trying to hit a moving target. When businesses outline strategies today for what they want to achieve in one, five or 10 years from now, they need to build a team they can trust to ask […]

LogAnalytics – Free Tool to Take control of your RDS, VDI and XenApp infrastructure!

In the following DABCC TV video, sepago’s Sascha Juch walks us through their FREE Azure LogAnalytics Agent for Microsoft RDS and Citrix sites!About Azure Log Analytics Agent for RDS and Citrix Sites. The Log Analytics Agent for Microsoft RDS and Citrix sites gives you a deep analytic dive into your worker’s performance states This agent and Microsoft […]

Best Practices Using Big Data on AWS – #AWS Session Video

Amazon Web Services
Join us for this general session where AWS big data experts present an in-depth look at the current state of big data. Learn about the latest big data trends and industry use cases. Hear how other organizations are using the AWS big data platform to innovate and remain competitive. Take a look at some of […]

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