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Five Ways Hybrid Cloud Backup

IT managers tasked with ensuring the Availability of business services may often feel like the tragic figure Sisyphus of Greek mythology. Punished for eternity by the gods, Sisyphus was forced to roll an enormous bolder up a hill only to see it come tumbling back towards him once it reached the summit. Feel like you’re […]

Veeam Crowned Backup and Recovery Champion as Availability Concerns Boost Ranking

Veeam Takes Top Ranking Out of 19 Suppliers in techconsult Survey of 2,400 Users in Germany, Austria and Switzerland; Customers Point to Veeam as the Leader for Excellent Product Performance, High Solution Quality and Innovation Veeam® Software, the innovative provider of solutions that deliver Availability for the Always-On Enterprise™, has been named champion for backup […]

5 Ways to Build a Better DR Environment

ClearSky Data
In today’s cloud era, there’s no good reason for a company to build a secondary data center when they are considering a data infrastructure and disaster recovery (DR) strategy. But, somehow, I still talk to CIOs who go through the process. They might have seen the opportunity to acquire land in a remote part of […]

Offsite Backup Solutions – 5 Tips to Choose

For a number of years now, Veeam has been talking about the 3-2-1 rule of backups, whereby you keep three copies of your backup data on two different media types with at least one of those backups held off-site. Traditionally, most organizations have been able to put this into play by taking advantage of on-premises […]

OffsiteDataSync delivers Availability for the enterprise with Veeam – Video

Matt Chesterton, CEO of global cloud services provider OffsiteDataSync, talks about how their partnership with Veeam delivers best in class backup and Disaster Recovery as a Service (BaaS / DRaaS) to Always-On businesses across the world. Find out more at and This video is from the fine folks at Veeam

Veeam’s enterprise scalability helps Baloise be available 24.7.365

Discover how The Baloise Group saved nearly €700,000 strengthening its disaster recovery strategy, reduced backup management time by 50% and maintained its agility and competitive edge with Veeam solutions. Learn more at: This video is from the fine folks at Veeam

Veeam Free tools for powerful data protection

The integrity and Availability of your critical business information and data is non-negotiable should your organization follow the path of the digital era. It is imperative to focus your attention on protecting your data and making sure it’s always available to serve you and your customers’ needs. Sometimes, circumstances can vary and you need to […]

Microsoft: Backup Azure VMs using Azure Backup templates

Azure Backup provides cloud-first solution to backup VMs running in Azure and on-premises. You can backup Azure Windows VMs with application-consistency and Azure Linux VMs with file-system consistency without the need to shutdown virtual machines using enterprise level policy management. It provides backup support for encrypted virtual machines, VMs running on Premium storage, and on Managed […]

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