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Citrix: Get a Sneak Peek into the Future of Digital Workspaces with Citrix at VMworld

Citrix Systems
Earlier this month, my colleague, Ken Oestreich, blogged about “How to think about digital workspaces” and introduced how the aggregation of resources is like Apple TV and Roku. These aggregators simplify and solve problems for the video and entertainment content. Citrix Workspace Service solves a similar problem for enterprises by aggregating apps and data across […]

Welcome to the Wire-Free Future

The transition to wireless technologies has been going for nearly a full decade. But even now, ten years after the popularization of wifi, wired technology is still, indelibly, a thing. We might no longer be tethered by ethernet cables for computers, gaming systems, and televisions… unless you happen to work in an office, in which […]

Swift Web Applications on the AWS Cloud: Quick Start Reference Deployment

Amazon Web Services
Swift is a popular programming language used to write applications for the Apple iOS, OS X, watchOS, and tvOS platforms. This Quick Start uses Vapor as the web framework for running server-side applications written in Swift, and Amazon EC2 Container Service (Amazon ECS) to create a homogeneous, scalable application stack on AWS. The Quick Start […]

VMware: macOS Sierra and VMware Fusion 8

Hot off the heels of WWDC, Apple has made available the next major update to it’s flagship operating system for Mac. With a new name, macOS, Apple seems to be getting away from the OS X moniker and aligning with the rest of the OS’s that it has in it’s bag: tvOS, iOS, watchOS, and […]

Microsoft: Stream premium content to Apple TV with Azure Media Services

Mingfei YanSenior Program Manager, Azure Media Services As a content provider today, if you want to stream premium content to Apple TV you need to use Apple FairPlay Streaming (FPS) technology. Building this solution can be tedious. That’s why we’re offering the preview for Apple FairPlay Streaming service. We hide all the complexities so you […]

Citrix: Announcing 100% iOS 8 Compatibility for XenMobile

The Citrix XenMobile team is happy to announce full iOS 8 compatibility for all editions of XenMobile (cloud or on-premise) including: XenMobile MDM, App, and Enterprise Editions. About iOS 8 iOS 8 is the latest software release, from Apple, meant for its mobile product line. iOS 8 is compatible with iPhone 4s onwards, iPod 5th generation, iPad […]

TODAY! The Challenges of Protecting a Diverse Environment Webinar

TODAY! Let’s face it: Environments can be a bit of a smorgasbord. Physical, virtual and cloud environments, multiple operating systems, different client types, desktops, and NASs. Protecting your multi-environment architecture can end up costing an arm and a leg. Hear from Unitrends reps and IT experts on just how to handle (and protect) your varied […]

Microsoft Surface RT the ideal business tablet / View Mobile Client?

It seems most people that blog about the Surface RT end up being cut down in flames for a biased opinion either towards Apple, Google or Microsoft, so I wanted to start out by talking about my use cases and the devices I own. By many I am seen to be an Apple Fan Boy, […]

In Depth: Streaming media in Windows 8: what you need to know

Apple has AirPlay and Apple TV, which is fine if you’re tied to the Apple ecosystem. Microsoft has Xbox 360, the best-selling console on the market month after month and Windows 8 ought to be able to build on that to make streaming music and video around your house simple. Except, with all the choices […]

Free VM Tool Brainstorm To Win Cool Hi-Tech Gadgetry

We heart brains. And to reward those with good ideas, we are hosting a "Free VM Tool" competition. Those who come up with the BEST ideas for free tool features—functionality that is good enough to build into our free tools—win cool hi-tech gadgetry. Here’s what you can win… 1st Prize: Mac Mini – 8GB, perfect for home […]

Google’s Chromebox: A better business play?

Google and Samsung have launched new Chromebooks, which feature the latest Chrome OS, and an interesting desktop play dubbed the Chromebox. The Chromebook overhaul features better hardware, revised software and improved handling of cloud documents. CNET’s Stephen Shankland has the hits, runs and errors with the Chromebook. In a nutshell, Google’s Chromebook is improved, but […]

Report – Mobile Virtual Environments: The Opportunity for Guest Applications and Operating Systems

Research and Markets ( has announced the addition of the "Mobile Virtual Environments: The Opportunity for Guest Applications and Operating Systems" report to their offering. This report looks at the market for virtualization technology and the emerging trend of separating applications and operating systems from the underlying OS or hardware. Technologies such as hypervisors, secure […]

Apple TV Commercial Parity – Virtualization Virtual Appliances vs. Traditional Systems Management Video

The guys over at VKernel sent me a really funny video today where they show the differences between how easy it is to deploy and configure a virtual appliance vs. the traditional systems management world where it is required to deploy and manage a slew of different systems.  The best part about this video is […]

Apple updates iTunes for AppleTV but not Vista

Apple has updated its iTunes jukebox software, but Windows Vista users hoping the new release provides the promised support for Microsoft’s latest operating system will be disappointed: Apple is still listing the app as an XP-only affair. iTunes 7.1 is available now for both Mac OS X and Windows. The new release primarily incorporates support […]

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