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Making a MacBook Pro a Development Machine with Parallels Software

As I casually mentioned in my last post, work got me a MacBook Pro Core Duo to replace the aging IBM ThinkPad T42 I came to loathe on a daily basis. Why the Mac? Easy, it runs Windows and OS X if we decide to support OS X in the future, and it came in […]

VMware’s Desktop Virtualization for Mac – Codenamed Fusion

VMware Fusion for Mac reaches build 33141 and is currently in beta – VMware Fusion for Mac is a desktop application that lets you create and run virtual machines on your Intel-based Mac. VMware’s first product for the new Intel Macs makes it easier than ever to take advantage of the security, flexibility, and portability […]

Parallels talks about 64 bits and the Mac VM market

One upside to Apple’s transition to Intel has been the ability to run other operating systems on your Mac natively, with Windows being number one on the list. Boot Camp is one way to do it, but for those who don’t like rebooting, virtualization is the way to go. At the moment, the Mac OS […]

How to Run a Windows Application on Mac OS X

CrossOver Mac Beta Released – Run Windows Apps on Mac OS X Nope, this isn’t a virtual machine a la Parallels or VMware for Mac, this is the real deal: CodeWeavers released the beta of CrossOver Mac, a WINE environment port to OS X that allows you to run Windows apps without actually running Windows. […]

VMware Brings Virtual Machines to Mac OS X

Virtualization vendor embraces the Apple world One of the bigger names in virtualization — VMware — has been strangely silent on the subject of Macintosh support, but is silent no more — it has announced support for the Mac with a forthcoming beta release. Virtualization enables computers like Intel-based Macs to support different operating systems […]

Apple and VMware to collaborate on OS X virtualization

With all the companies rushing into the virtualization battle, some anonymous reports about VMWare and their relations with Apple are starting to arrive in our mailbox. In the recent reports we received, we have learned that Apple and VMWare have been in talks and that Apple definitely interested in allowing Mac OS X and Mac […]

WWDC: Parallels beta improves USB support, more

Parallels on Tuesday announced a beta update of its Parallels Desktop for Mac software, a virtualization technology that enables Intel-based Macs to run Windows XP and other PC-compatible operating systems alongside Mac OS X. Parallels Desktop for Mac costs $79.99, and a 15-day trial is available for download. The new beta version of Parallels Desktop […]

It’s Official – VMware to Support Mac – Sign up for Upcoming Beta Now

I woke up today and went to VMware page and what did I see?   A big banner explaining to me the if I love my Mac then I can have my PC too.   Being that I’ve been reading the news that VMware was planning on releasing a Mac version I know exactly what this banner […]

Microsoft and the Mac – Sleepless in Seattle; YouOS; HP and Mercury; AVID: Close But No Cigar

Microsoft (hereinafter referred to as Little Blue) is clearly aware that Apple is now a threat to its hegemony. Stave Ballmer must have stopped at Starbucks and noticed the number of Apple laptops in use. (Apple’s share of the US laptop market has doubled to 12% in a year). Or maybe he’s been watching the […]

Apple Sells Parallels in Stores

Apple Computer may start selling Parallels Desktop in its retail stores. Software Journal reports that a boxed version of the virtualization software could also appear on shelves in CompUSA, Staples, Office Depot, Fry’s Electronics and also at According to Infinite Loop , however, Parallels Desktop has been available in some Apple stores since July […]

Parallels Desktop 1.0 for Mac OS X

Ars Technica has posted a review of Parallels Desktop , which enables users to run Windows XP next to Mac OS X in virtualization mode, eliminating the need to reboot their Macs to switch operating systems. While it’s useful for running such applications as Microsoft Office, reviewer Dave Girard pointed out that it can’t handle […]

Macintosh OSX may remove the ICA Client after a reboot

The following Citrix support article default that after a system restart, Macintosh OSX workstations may remove the Macintosh ICA Client mounted image with the folder and files. This is cause by t he mounted image is not installed on the hard drive.  To addresses this issues you need to open the mounted image and copy […]

ICA Client for Macintosh OS X is not displayed on Web Interface 4

When accessing the Web Interface from a Macintosh OS X machine using a Web browser other than Safari, the only caption for client download displayed is the client for OS 9. If you are using a local configuration file, modify WebInterface.conf to point to both clients by changing the MacClient line as follows: MacClient=Citrix ICA […]

Client for Java 9.0 Hangs While Connecting

The 9.0 version of the Presentation Server Client for Java hangs after you are prompted to trust the archives. This is caused by the 9.0 Client for Java requires that the Sun JVM 1.4 or later be installed on the workstation. On the Macintosh OS X platform, the 1.4.x or later JVM may be installed, […]

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