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John C. Dvorak Thinks Windows Vista Solves Nothing

Since the early days of DOS (and even with the Mac OS), there has been a slow shift within the operating-system concept from increased functionality to increased featurism, neither of which are needed.   This has resulted in a strange situation where the monoculture of Microsoft Windows and the subcultures of Linux and Mac OS […]

XenExpress is on the fast lane of Xen virtualisation

The open source Xen virtualization suite has caused a bit of a stir within the Linux world because it combines the power of VMware without the proprietary code and cost hassles. Unfortunately Xen is not the most user friendly thing in the world to setup or configure. For a large organization this is not so […]

Parallels Desktop for Mac Update RC Wins MacWorld Expo 2007 “Best in Show”

Parallels announced today that the Update Release Candidate (RC) for the Parallels Desktop for Mac, released today, has been named “Best in Show” at the MacWorld Expo in San Francisco. The “Best in Show” award is presented to the most elite of the several thousand products and services on display at the annual MacWorld Expo and […]

VMware Demonstrates VMware Fusion and Windows Mac at Macworld

VMware’s Fusion software lets a Mac run Windows, Linux, or Solaris for x86 as virtual machines under the Mac OS X operating system VMware is demonstrating at Macworld a beta version of its Fusion software that lets an Apple Macintosh run Windows, Linux, or Solaris for x86 as virtual machines under the Mac OS X […]

Citrix Releases Update to the Mac OS X Client – So Close, And Yet So Far

To my surprise, Citrix recently released an Intel version of their Mac OS X client. That is the good bit. Now, I live inside Citrix at work and crafted my very own Dashboard widget to be able to work from home using my Macs atop a 3G connection, so this was pretty exciting. However, here’s what happened when […]

Parallels Performance Tip #2: Top 5 Ways to Optimize Windows XP

If you are a Parallels Desktop for Mac fan, as I am, then you will love these five performance tips from the “Memoirs of a Bystander” blog.    1.     Turn off all the visual effects in Windows XP. 2.     Use a fixed size virtual machine hard disk 3.     Turn off System Restore 4.     Move your swap […]

Dual-Boot Vista, OS X, Linux, Etc with Ease – Download EasyBCD 1.5

After two months of crazy bug-hunting and hundreds of rounds of scenario testing, EasyBCD 1.51 is finally out. If you’re in a really big hurry, go and get it – if not, read on. EasyBCD 1.51 is a very major change from 1.5. As a matter of fact, if it wasn’t for the fact that […]

EasyBCD 1.5 Tool – Dual-Boot Vista, OS X, & Anything

What makes EasyBCD 1.51 so special is the switch in purpose and technique. In the past, EasyBCD was only a bootloader modification tool that let end-users configure the Windows Vista bootloader, and EasyBCD 1.5 added support for “profiles” that could be used to boot into Linux, BSD, & OS X. Not only does EasyBCD 1.51 […]

How VMWare Missed its Cue and allowed Parallels to Steal the Mac Virtualization Market

Parallels have won a MacWorld Editors Choice award for Parallels Desktop on Mac OS X. It’s an obvious choice for the award as Parallels is easily one of the most important pieces of Mac software released this year. So congratulations to the folks at Parallels, it’s yet another kudo for what has to have been […]

Parallels: Still More Windows on the Mac

On December first, Parallels released a beta of the next update to their Parallels Desktop for Mac product, build 3036. Promised as a free update, this is not just a minor collection of bug fixes and a new feature or two. The listed updates for this version number almost twenty, and they run the gamut […]

Citrix Releases Mac OS X ICA Client Version 7.00.411

Citrix just released an updated version of the Mac OS X ICA Client, version 7.00.411.   Citrix has not updated the readme yet so I’m not sure exactly what this build adds.  I do own a Mac Pro running OS X so I installed the latest client and everything worked just fine.  If anyone can speak […]

VMware Fusion Beta is Out – Virtualization for Mac OS X

VMware has announced Fusion Friends and Family beta release. Fusion is the code name for the new VMware desktop product for Mac. VMware beta testers have begun to test the application already. Interested in becoming a VMWare beta tester? Love your Mac even more with the ability to simultaneously run any PC OS—Windows, Linux, NetWare […]

Parallels Makes Installing Windows on a Mac Easier

RENTON, WA. — November 1st, 2006 — Parallels is making installation of the Windows operating system on a Mac even easier than installation on a PC with the introduction of the Parallels Installation Assistant. The software comes included as part of Parallels Desktop for Mac, the fastest, most powerful solution for running PC operating systems […]

Mac OS X vs Windows Vista

For a company as complex and as rich as Microsoft, it’s hard to fathom why they couldn’t come up with something better than this. The eye candy, copycat features is just too strikingly similar to those of Mac OS X It’s not just about the copying. I use both Windows XP and Mac OS X […]

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