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Expanding BYOD demands refocused IT efforts

Regardless of any doubts regarding the security or stability of the trend, bring your own device (BYOD) adoption is continuing to grow. As IT experts debate the merits and risks associated with the trend, employees are bringing their devices into the workplace and CEOs are demanding support for their iPads even as new devices hit […]

VMware Security Blog: vSphere 5.1 Hardening Guide goes mobile!

It has been a couple of weeks since the release of the vSphere 5.1 Hardening Guide. Right around that time there was a call for updated content for the VMware Mobile Knowledge Portal app Well, I really wanted to see the updated Hardening Guide available on that  platform. That presented a challenge. For most customers, […]

IT Manager: An IT dashboard for the iPad

IT Manager is an app that offers IT managers another option for using an iPad as an administration tool for local network or web services. It’s a subscription-based app with a wide selection of network and web services admin tools. The growth of tablets and mobile apps in IT management means 24/7 operations go on, regardless […]

Citrix pitches cloud-based web casts with GoToWebcast

Citrix System’s GoToWebcast has become generally available in North America and Europe, offering users a cloud-based webcasting tool for up to 5,000 attendees. The subscription-based GoToWebcast allows users to broadcast unlimited audio and video presentations to live and on-demand audiences that can access them using mobile devices such as Apple’s iPhones and iPads, or Android-based […]

ThinPrint Print-to-ePaper: Offline Use of Important Documents on iPads and iPhones

Cortado, the leading provider of cloud desktop services, today announces that its ThinPrint feature, Print-to-ePaper, is now available on iOS devices, allowing users to automatically print documents to their iPhones and iPads. Important documents are made available as a PDF locally on the mobile device and can later be read or printed. All that is […]

Reports that Microsoft Plans 7-Inch Tablet

Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) is revamping its Surface tablet lineup to include a new 7-inch entry, according to a Wall Street Journal report. The move would position the company to compete in the rapidly growing small-tablet segment with Google’s (NASDAQ: GOOG) Nexus 7, Amazon’s (NASDAQ: AMZN) Kindle Fire HD, Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 2 and Apple’s (NASDAQ: AAPL) iPad Mini. As the demand for desktops and laptops continues to plummet, a […]

Apple’s Steve Jobs Kills the Netbook — is the PC Next?

Still the bells; silence the critics; let the band play on: no, I’m not talking about the UK administration’s dissociated reaction to the passing of a former Prime Minister, instead I’m discussing Apple [AAPL], the iPad and the final extinction of netbooks. Netbooks aren’t better at anything Steve Jobs saw it coming. He explicitly referred to netbooks during […]

Mobile-security startup debuts with ‘container’ and audit tech for iPad

Mobile-device security startup Averail makes its debut today with its "containerization" software and service intended to give IT managers control over mobile-device apps and their content. The product, called Averail Access, is only available as client software for the Apple iPad at present but the company plans to add support for Google Android and the Apple iPhone in the second half of the year, […]

Gary Marshall: The iPad turns three: the tablet that poisoned the PC

Twitter was full of wrong yesterday: to mark the third anniversary of the iPad going on sale, pundits reposted their initial impressions of what The Register calls Apple’s "fondleslab", a cavalcade of "big iPod"s and "nothing special"s. published a particularly big list, including such gems as "Failure, joke or fiasco? Pick one", "800 people […]

Lessons From My 6-Year-Old: Cloud Computing and Bandwith Caps

My kids have had iPads for a while now and it’s no secret I’m a big fan of the technology and the educational benefits it has to offer. Recently my daughter has discovered Netflix and the fact it streams one of her favorite shows, Disney’s Good Luck Charlie. Entertainment factor aside, when she discovered that this along with […]

What is Workshifting?

Workshifting is a strategy based on getting work done in the right place by the right people at the right time. For me, it is the ability to work from anywhere on any device.  I like to play golf, though I have not played much recently.  Workshifting gives me the ability to take my office […]

Now Citrix Receiver App for iPad iOS 5.7.1 Available on App Store

Once the Citrix Radio for the iPad tablet was basically launched, I used to be quite fired up. Nonetheless, I became rapidly annoyed featuring its employ. The Glass windows interface has not been supposed to be sailed by simply some thing because un-precise as being a little finger. Menus along with small control keys were […]

Blazing Fast Remote Access from a PC, Mac or Mobile – Up to 10x Faster Than Regular RDP

Ericom Software
Great display performance of graphics-rich Windows applications and content, such as PDFs, PowerPoint presentations, streaming video, and more Using Ericom Blaze RDP acceleration, deliver a superior user experience especially across low bandwidth slow remote connections Reduce RDP bandwidth consumption by up to 90%     Supports Windows XP, 7, 8; Linux, iOS (iPhone, iPad), Android, […]

Enterprise Mobility Report – Lessons from the Mobile Cloud – #Citrix, #BYOD

Here is a good report done by Citrix, not that much that I didn’t expect but great to get some input! We just released our quarterly enterprise mobility cloud report. Every quarter, we look out across our enterprise mobility customers deployed in the cloud and try to understand common practices by reviewing aggregate data on deployed […]

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