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AWS Video: The Changing Landscape of Development with AWS Cloud

Amazon Web Services
Amazon Cognito lets you easily add user sign-up and sign-in to your mobile and web apps. Finding the right identity solution can often be challenging. In this session, we will look at how Cognito can support a wide range of authentication scenarios including customers, employees and systems to help you make the right choices. This […]

Configuration Management in the Cloud – 2017 AWS Online Tech Talks Video

Amazon Web Services
In order to ensure that your application operates predictably in both test and production, you must vigilantly maintain the configuration of your resources. By leveraging configuration management solutions, both Dev and Ops teams can define the state of their resources across their entire lifecycle. In this session, we will show you how to use AWS […]

Deep Dive on MySQL Databases on AWS – 2017 AWS Online Tech Talks Video

Amazon Web Services
Looking for a fast, scalable and cost-effective way deploy MySQL? Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS) makes it easy to set up, operate, and scale a MySQL database in the cloud. In this session, you’ll learn about available database engines including MySQL, MariaDB and Amazon Aurora, see how to maintain high availability and security of […]

VMware VMworld Video: Oren Root talks about VMware Cloud

Oren Root talks about VMware Cloud on AWS at VMworld 2017 Europe Learn more about VMware products and solutions: This video is from the fine folks at VMware VMworld.

AWS Video: 5 Simple Steps to Migrate to AWS

Amazon Web Services
Discover an easy five-step process for migrating virtual (VM) machines from VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V to AWS. See this through the lens of datacentre consolidation, disaster recovery to the cloud, and mass migration of VM data. Key highlights include how to replicate VMs and data without performance impact, testing the migration with no break […]

AWS Video: Robots – The Fading Line Between Real and Virtual Worlds

Amazon Web Services
By using AWS Lambda and AWS IoT, we will create bi-directional communication between moving robots that detect collisions and a virtual world rendered in Amazon’s game engine. By using AWS IoT with the Alexa Skills Kit and the Amazon Echo, we will learn how to control the physical and virtual robots through voice. This video […]

Manage AWS Cost and Performance With ControlUp

Showcasing ControlUp’s AWS EC2 integration within the real time console, providing live stats on cost and performance for your AWS EC2 instances. This video is from the fine folks at ControlUp

AWS Video: Building Complex Workloads in Cloud – Part 3: Zack Levy

Amazon Web Services
Part 3: Enterprise Cloud Solutions from Deloitte. Cloud trends – Rapid pace of development, cloud is maturing, technology is enabling, expectations are increasing. This video is from the fine folks at Amazon Web Services (AWS).

AWS Video: Building Complex Workloads in Cloud – Part 2: Aileen Gemma Smith

Amazon Web Services
Part 2: Vizalytics founder, Aileen Gemma Smith talks about their beliefs around the opportunities in data: Remove constraints, make data driven decisions, security is an enabler. This video is from the fine folks at Amazon Web Services (AWS).

AWS Video: Building Complex Workloads in Cloud – Part 1: Jason Jacobs

Amazon Web Services
Introduction: In this session we will explore technologies & solutions to deploy ever increasing complex workload like High Performance Computing, Big Data and AI seamlessly to the cloud. You will hear from two strategic partners on how they have used AWS cloud and Intel technologies to accelerate innovation for their customers. This video is from […]

What Public Cloud? New Independent Comparison launched!

WhatMatrix Community
Announcing the Preview Release of Our Latest Comparison: Public Cloud – Compute  #Google Compute vs AWS vs MS Azure vs IBM Cloud WhatMatrix is a community-based IT solutions comparison site.  Our contributing consultants are technology experts who have deep experience with the products they evaluate.  Based on the enthusiastic feedback we’re receiving from users and […]

Making AWS Performance and Cost Management Easy

The native AWS management console provides the ITOps team managing their AWS Instances the ability to see configuration and performance stats of those instances, but not without flaws. With the AWS management console it is difficult to spot an instance which is stressed unless a specific alarm has been set up. What’s more, the data […]

AWS Video: Well-Architected for Security: Advanced Session

Amazon Web Services
This advanced technical session covers architecture patterns for different workloads, IAM policy tips & tricks, and how to implement security automation and forensics. Be prepared for a technically deep session on AWS security. This video is from the fine folks at Amazon Web Services (AWS).

AWS Video: Real-World High Performance & High Throughput Computing on AWS – Part 2: Dr Matthew Berryman

Amazon Web Services
Part 2: Drone Image processing. Use case for OpenDroneMap on Alces Flight architecture. This video is from the fine folks at Amazon Web Services (AWS).

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