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GoGrid and Tap In Systems Partner to Bring Cloud Management Services to GoGrid’s Cloud Infrastructure

GoGrid customers enjoy enterprise-level monitoring for their cloud and hybrid IT environments GoGrid, the cloud computing division of ServePath, LLC, and Tap In Systems, developers of a new cloud-based systems management service, announce a partnership to implement Tap In’s Cloud Management Service (CMS) into the GoGrid cloud infrastructure. Using Tap In Systems’ technology within the […]

Cloud Computing, SaaS and the Hosting Provider – The sky is falling?

FUD!  An acronym used in industry to invoke Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt!  It’s a marketing term that is based on emotion and is very affective when placed in the right context.  FUD is used in Press Releases, Marketing collateral and even in Keynote addresses.  Its main purpose is to throw off the status quo and […]

Microsoft To Amazon: We’ll Fix Windows Licensing

In a surprising admission, Microsoft president Bob Muglia says Microsoft’s licensing arrangements with Amazon Web Services and other cloud service providers are both too complicated and too expensive. "We’ll fix that," Muglia promises. The subject came up in a recent 90-minute interview in InformationWeek’s New York offices. I asked Muglia, president of Microsoft’s Server and […]

Amazon says no to Open Cloud Computing Manifesto

Cloud computing giant Amazon Web Services has become the latest big name to say it will not be joining up to the controversial Open Cloud Manifesto set to launch this week. The manifesto, which is supported by IBM and others, is intended as “a call to action for the worldwide cloud community”, and aims to […]

Citrix Receiver for iPhone – An Analysis

Today’s enterprises are global, networked organizations comprised of employees, suppliers, partners, and customers.  Key business decisions are made everywhere within this extended enterprise – headquarters, customer sites, hotel rooms, branch offices, etc. The goals of the CEO, CFO and COO are to increase revenue and efficiency while managing risk.  The CIOs mission is to support […]

Citrix Cloud Computing Podcast with Brad Pederson, Kurt Moody, and Scott Swanburg from Citrix

In Episode 76, Douglas Brown interviews Brad Pedersen, Chief Architect and Senior Fellow, Kurt Moody, Sr. Manager Of Technical Marketing for the XenApp Product Group, and Scott Swanburg, Director – Emerging Markets At Citrix.    Scott, Kurt, and Brad discuss Citrix’s views around cloud computing, XenApp in the cloud, why Citrix thinks Cloud Computing is different […]

Amazon and Microsoft Improve Their Cloud Computing Game

Amazon has introduced EC2 Reserved Instances" which allow you to obtain a reduced hourly fee for an upfront payment that varies according to which level of EC2 server you use. So, for example, with an upfront payment of $325, the hourly fee of $.10 is reduced to $.03 for a year. With a payment of […]

Amazon Web Services Introduces “Reserved Instances” – a New Amazon EC2 Pricing Option That Lets Businesses Realize Lower Compute Costs Than Ever Before

For the past three years, Amazon Web Services LLC, a subsidiary of, Inc. has helped businesses ranging from startups to large enterprises pay for only the compute and storage capacity they actually consume. Today, AWS is introducing Reserved Instances, an additional pricing option for Amazon EC2 that extends the current On-Demand pay-as-you-go pricing by […]

Amazon Tweaks EC2 Pricing; Takes Next Step In Its Enterprise Evolution

Amazon has tweaked its Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) pricing model to be more enterprise friendly. The move is significant enough to sway IT executives to adopt more of Amazon’s Web Services–especially when they have tight budgets. Amazon on Thursday announced reserved pricing for its EC2 instances (blog, statement). Simply put, customers can reserve instances for […]

RightScale’s New Education Program Promotes Research and Innovation Through Cloud Computing

Harvard Medical School Among First to Participate in Program that Provides Free Access to RightScale’s Cloud Management Platform RightScale®, Inc., the leader in cloud computing management, today launched the RightScale Education Program, a new program that provides qualified educational institutions with the RightScale Cloud Management Platform free of charge to foster research and innovation. With […]

Incomplete Thought: Separating Virtualization From Cloud?

I was referenced in a CSO article recently titled "Four Questions On Google App Security." I wasn’t interviewed for the story directly, but Bill Brenner simply referenced our prior interviews and my skepticism for virtualization security and cloud Security as a discussion point. Google’s response was interesting and a little tricky given how they immediately […]

Moving Citrix XenApp Into The Cloud – Is Amazon Growing A Second Long Tail

Chris Fleck (Citrix VP of Solutions Development) recently published a short guide showing how to build XenApp Servers in Amazon’s EC2 cloud using a Community AMI (Amazon Machine Image) that allows anyone to be up and running with their own XenApp server in minutes. In releasing XenApp to the cloud Chris has given every IT […]

The Case Against Cloud Computing, Part Four

In the previous parts of this series, I blogged about issues commonly raised in objection to cloud computing: difficulty of migrating existing applications, managing risk, and meeting SLAs. In this post, I’d like to address an issue I’ve heard raised a number of times: that cloud computing, far from saving IT organizations money, actually costs […]

How to Install Citrix XenApp in the Amazon EC2 Cloud

Citrix VP Chris Fleck just posted an amazing video detailing how use the Amazon EC2 cloud to host a Citrix XenApp server.    Chris walks you from signing up for your Amazon account  to installing and configuring the Amazon cloud to run your XenApp servers. Very cool stuff and all for around 12.5 cents per hour! Amazing.. On […]

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